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top 10 most perplexing Pokemon evolutions

It's no secret that I think Pokemon is awesome. And for the most part, evolutions make sense, a puppy evolves into a larger dog for example. But every so often you just think 'ok, now they're just making stuff up' because some evolutions just don't seem to make a lick of sense. So here are my top 10 'how the eff does that evolve into that?' Pokemon evolutions list.

10) Gloom to Bellossom

Ok, now, Gloom to Vileplume makes sense and at least Gloom and Bellossom both look like grass types. But Gloom looks so depressed it can't even be bothered to wipe its mouth and Bellossom is all happy and cheery and wearing a lovely little skirt even.

9) Feebas to Milotic

Ok, these also both look like water Pokemon, but Feebas is just so ugly and plain, it barely even has the same color scheme as Milotic. It's supposed to evolve via beauty only prior to gen 5 (where they finally introduced a trade item for this pain in the neck), but really, can one Feebas look any better than another? I put in Feebas over Magikarp because I think Gyarados looks at least kinda fishy, Milotic looks more snakey.

8 ) Shroomish to Breloom

Also both look like grass, but just look at them! The only thing they have in common is the color scheme but they don't have anything else in common. Totally different expression, feet, and Breloom actually has the whole mushroom thing going on more. And it's human shape, that's a bit odd.

7) Carvahna to Sharpedo

Back when Gen 3 was new, I honestly though these were two distinctly unevolving Pokemon. Heck, I had to double check with bulbapedia just to make sure Carvahna really does turn into Sharpedo. But yes, it turns out the pirahna-thing turns into a shark without half a body. Except for the bottom fin being a bit similar and both having a blue top half, they have totally different: fish body types, teeth, eyes, fins, lower colors, and top fins. These look like two totally different water Pokemon to me that aren't at all related.

6) Karrablast to Escavalier

Karrablast will only evolve when traded for another specific Pokemon, Shelmet (and no, they're not even next to each other's family in the 'dex). The idea is supposed to be that Karrablast takes Shelmet's armor in the trade which is the only way that this kinda sorta makes sense. That sad, it still grows some arms and looks a lot more like Shelmet's evolution than Karrablast's. Guess it does still have that blue with yellow belly under there, but the jousting theme is really odd for it.

5) Kabuto to Kabutops

You'd think Gen 1 would have pretty much all logical evolutions (to be fair there's less gen 1 entries on this list), but then you get Kabuto and Kabutops. Sure, fellow fossil Pokemon Omanyte to Omastar makes sense, but man, Kabuto is a little shell like thing with little grabby claws and two sets of eyes and it turns into this humanoid sickle monster with a completely different shaped head and talon-like feet. I just don't see how that turns into that. On a side note, Kabutops has an awful lot of creepy fan art for it.

4) Snorunt to Glalie or Froslass

We've got this cut little thing with cute little button hands and feet that looks like its shivering in its snowhat and it turns into this giant floating head with no limbs whatsoever and now it has horns too. Riiight. Froslass isn't much better, it still doesn't resemble Snorunt in the least, legs are still gone and much like Glalie also has the mask-looking thing over its face. Sure, it has hands, but they look nothing like Snorunt's.

3) Trapinch to Vibrava

I'm not sure how I learned Trapinch evolved into Vibrava, after all it can't have been a guess, they don't have the same colors, the same eyes, legs, or really anything (well they're both ground). For some reason, Trapinch gains a second type of dragon of all things, but also gains wings and bug eyes. I'm sure they could have made something that bears some semblance to Vibrava in an unevolved form because Trapinch is just not it. Vibrava to Flygon though? That's pretty logical.

2) Remoraid to Octillery

A feeder fish turns into an Octopus....yeah, those aren't even in the same family of organisms in real life. Not a single thing about this makes sense.

1) Clamperl to Huntail or Gorebyss

This is just as perplexing as Remoraid to Octillery but two fold! Poor Clamperl has two evolutions and they're equally nonsensical! Now, I could see Huntail and Gorebyss being related, they're both eel looking things, one looks more masculine the other more feminine. But how in the world can either of them evolve from a freakin' clam? Once again we have animals that in real life aren't even in the same c-l-a-s-sification evolving into one another. And I don't see how adding a DeepSeaTooth or a DeepSeaScale can fix that.