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Thinking about selling my 360.

Well, to be honest, I've been using it pretty much as just a DVD player for at least 6 months now. I only have maybe 6 games for it, Eternal Sonata (kinda sucks), GTA4 (just can't get into it), Bully (great stuff except for the chemistry glitch, but it's also on PS2), Assassin's Creed (my 360 froze in the tutorial for this game), Kameo (liked this one actually, for the most part), and Tales of Vesperia (hate the characters and I feel like the combat system reacts to my commands slowly). Since I got an arcade, I have pretty much no storage space for 360 arcade games either (ironic given the name), and besides, anyone that I'd want to play Castle Crashers with already has it. I also never had an Xbox so I don't have any normal Xbox games to play on it either. So basically, I've found almost no reason to use my 360 as a gaming device for a good 6 months at this point and I barely touch the thing as a gaming device.

I don't plan to replace it with a PS3 or anything (although it is worth noting my sister got one for Blu-Ray, which is good because the only game I want to play on it is God of War 3 anyway), and I just feel like there's nothing to play on the thing because I hate shooters (or anything in first person perspective because they all make me feel motion sick to no end, and this describes about 85% of the games on the 360), and I'm kinda sick of the open world games. I had considered getting Brutal Legend except I'm not a big metal fan or RTS fan (even if I am a big Tim Schaffer fan, and it doesn't matter because it came out on PS3 too!). Heck, I actually use my Wii more than my 360 and I hate the Wii, I've got even less games for that and it's half a stand in for a Gamecube (a system with much better games if you ask me), but I still seem to like it and use it more.

I haven't been too big on RPGs this generation either, oddly enough, almost all of the RPGs I've played this generation have been on handhelds or older games on PS2 or Gamecube.

I feel like I haven't had proper time to play games anyway, what with college and using my time to watch more anime or play more handheld games instead. I use my GBASP more than my 360! I've played more GBA games since 2006 than I have 360 games! I feel like I barely notice that the 360 is even there!

So, might it really be time for me to part ways with the 360? I was sure that I'd want to sell off the Wii first, but No More Heroes 2 has made me want to actually keep it (and the next Zelda title, whenever it may be). I had gotten it so I could finally get into the next generation of gaming, but quite frankly, this generation of console gaming has been mostly a disappointment to me. I'm not really strapped for cash right now, but if I'm not going to use it, why should I keep it around? But then I also don't want to sell it and regret it later (I heard a lot of people did that with PSP). So, should I sell my 360 or keep it, at least for now?