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pretty sure this thing tells when other people add/track/wish for games, right?

If so, you may have gotten that I added somewhere like 120 to my list. Actually, this is without counting an additional 20 due to not having written down all of my N64 and PS1 games (since they're not right in front of me, I'm likely to forget about them). Since I either had them all in front of me (like for the handhelds), or a picture of the collection on photobucket that I could easily see, I wrote those all down and entered them in. I don't think I missed anything...I also did add some N64, PS1, and PC games if I remembered them due to have a later related game or something....that's way too many Pokemon was pretty quick, I think it only took be about a 1/2 hour, not bad!

So this is my PS2, PSP, GB/C, GBA, DS, GCN, Wii, and 360 collections in their current entirety. I determined the internet would serve me well in helping me keep a nice list of junk so I no longer have to remember it all. It's helped me sort out my anime collection on ANN (I'm working on the manga collection on there and no, I don't have the same username there) as well as my opinions on certain series, so I figured might as well apply to my game collection over here. Basically, I've just been lazy up to this point and this is sure to come in handy in the future unless I sell a bunch of it, which I doubt to happen all of a'd send my list into pure lies and mess.