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Yeah, I've totally known about this since october when I read about it in the "X-Button" column at Anime News Network. I went to class that day with the biggest grin on my face. I've been going insane about this for months, I've played the original and the GBA and PS2 games, but no, this will not stop me from getting the Wii-game, at all. It's my most highly anticipated game of 2009, and yet when I go over to Gamesradar and read their recent column on "9 games that could make or break the Wii this year" or something, no, no mention of Klonoa. I'm starting to question if anyone other than die-hards and Nintendo Power are even aware of its existance and likelihood to sweep away the Wii Game-of-the-Year award from right under Mad World or whoever's feet. I tend to rant about Klonoa at least once a week to several of my friends (several who haven't gotten a chance to play to PS1 game of course). There's a good reason that Klonoa has been my icon on this site since forever (other than the obvious "I'm too lazy to change it", which also applies), it is my favorite game series of all time.

I actually first heard about Klonoa at a Target kiosk (back when they had those) and convinced my mom to get me the Empire of Dreams GBA game for my b-day a few months later. I actually remember having to convince her that Klonoa wasn't evil, because she looked at the cover and thought he looked evil for some bizarre reason, but when I showed her Klonoa at the kiosk, she conceded and got me the GBA game. I can't remember if I ended up playing Klonoa 2 or Empire of Dreams first, but I played them both close together and Klonoa 2 was one of not only my first PS2 games, but since my PS2 was my first consoles, it was also one of my first console games ever. At first I wondered if maybe Empire of Dreams was a remake of the first, since it didn't have a number attached to it, but no, someone severely messed up numbering and a few years later I got a used copy of the PS1 game for X-mas off the internets. And got Dream Champ Tournament when it came out too. Every one of those games are one of my top 5 games for that system (the GBA ones fell lower since it has to compete with Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga & Wario Ware Inc.) and as a series still ranks as my #1 series to this day.

Yeah, everyone should totally get the wiimake in hopes of them making another and to get a game for the wii by a 3rd party company that's actually good (haven't seen a family friendly one since Zak & Wiki). Just my little Klonoa rant;) and I'm likely to do more later of Klonoa rants!

*I jsut remembered something days later, I've only ever purchased 4 video game soundtracks, and two of them were from Klonoa (Door to Phantomile and Lunatea's Veil, obviously). The other two I got were Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest 8, but the Klonoa ones were something stupid like $40 each and the other two were $20. yeah, it was totally worth it, I love Klonoa!