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My videogame darlings!

What I mean here exactly by "darling" is the game I most associate with the system as soon as you say the system or I hear its mention. It's not necessarily the first game I played for it or the one I liked the most, it's just the one that always goes hand in hand in my mind whenever you mention that system. It's mostly which game has the biggest nostalgia factor for me. Systems that I do not have darlings for, but I have the system and games for it include: Gamecube, Wii, Xbox 360.

Sega Genesis: Columns

To be fair, i shouldn't even have a darling for this console, since I've never owned it. I just played this game at a friends house and totally loved it. There's not much more to it, I played Sonic but was in the Mario camp. Also, I played this sometime after 2002ish.

Nintendo: Gameboy: Pokemon Blue (runners up: Revenge of the Gator Pinball and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)

Pokemon Blue was my first true outing into video games. Before this, I had played Super Mario Land 2, 6 Golden Coins and Revenge of the Gator Pinball, but was never really any good at them. One day, my mom brought home the game as a gift for me I suppose, getting the latest toy (which she rarely did) and before that point I had avoided the Pokemon craze like the plague. I don't remember, but I might've even been slightly mad at her, but I decided to play it...maybe to prove that it was bad? Well it wasn't and I poured many hours into it when my parents were away and on the weekends. Also, until I got a GBC, I had to play it on a grey brick GameBoy, since my sister wouldn't let me use her Pocket, even though she was never using it. It was a tempermental beast at me to be sure, didn't always like to work or display it's screen well, was getting on in years, but I still loved it.

Gameboy Color: Magi Nation

Late comer to be sure, I just played this game last summer, but it's one of the most unforgettable experiences on the Gameboy Color, even if I haven't beaten it yet

Gameboy Advance: Wario Ware Inc. Mega Micro Game$ (runners up Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Pokemon RSE, Astro Boy: Omega Factor)

The amount of hours I've poured into this game is staggering. I can't remember a day in High School, I didn't have my GBASP or DS with me, and more often than not the game inside the GBA slot was Wario Ware Inc. It's still the mainstay inside my phat DS' GBA slot. Some of my high scores are ridiculous: 99 (Dribble & Spitz), 92 (Orbulon), and 86 (Kat & Ana) are my three highest, but I also restarted that game so I could get everything again.

Nintendo DS: Meteos

I got a DS at launch and after Meteos came out, it became my crack. It kept me up regularly in high school until 3 in the morning and it was the type of game that I kept seeing even after I closed me eyes. Good times, well worth being tired in ****most days.

N64: Pokemon Snap

I got an N64 after I got a Gamecube and my experience with it is limited but man, Pokemon Snap. I seem to like quite a few stoner games on Nintendo systems for some reason.

Sony: Playstation 1: Spyro Year of the Dragon

Ok, so, 8th grade, spring break. This was after I had gotten a PS2 (my first home console, before that I just had gameboy) and I asked someone in a game store if I could use a PS1 memory card in a PS2 for use with PS1 games, and apparantly I had asked someone more incompetent than me at the time (thankfully, one of my friends eventually corrected me), and they told me that I couldn't and that there were no other options. So for a while I played my PS1 games on marathon mode and this time I played Spyro YoD, I got 149 eggs, all the gems, and got to Super Bonus World (couldn't beat those yetis) all in less than 48 hours. First gaming binge indeed. Since then I've reaccomplished getting to Super Bonus World, but still can't beat those stupid yeti. At least this time it's all on memory card. I only had a bowl of Rice Krispies and a large glass of water those entire two days, I was too transfixed on the game otherwise.

Playstation 2: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Ok, yes it helps here that this was one of the earlier games I'd played, but it's still my favorite game on the console to this day, even more so than games I love like God of War. Considering that this was my first console, it carries even more weight. Tony Hawk 3 was my first game for the console, but I probably played Klonoa 2 within my first year or so of having it.

Playstation Portable: Crush

The system I've had for the shortest, I've had this maybe a month as of this writing. I've got 5 games for it and got it for God of War (indeed, the hot looking red God of War edition one too!), but I can just tell already that it's my first darling of the PSP and will probably remain so even after I've played other games. Just think back on it every so often and go "aww man, yeah, Crush was great".

PC: Roller Coaster Tycoon 1&2+ Expansion packs. (Runner up: Monkey Island 1 & 2)

Bit of backstory here: I used PC up until 2004 when I switched to Mac. Before 2004 I have Windows '98 and it was all horribly glitchy and buggy and full of viruses, it had to go. Before it broke itself into oblivion, Roller Coaster Tycoon was my game of choice, I'd lose hours in it back in elementary school and could win just about every level except Desert Dunes (which I usually lost). It taught me what I know about Roller Coasters today and is still the best micro managing type game, it's a ****c for me and one of my favorite games of all time (and certainly one of the most nostalgic). I liked making loop coasters so they'd blow up and it's the origin of 113, my lucky number. Basically, I made a small deserted island in the middle of Leafy Lake and covered it with pathway and decided to trap a single guest there (it became known as "Deserted Barf Island", for I'd take sick guests there until they puked. the unlucky guest would be forever trapped with the puke). The one I happened to pick up? Guest 113. That number has followed me everywhere since. And I made one of these in every single level since that initial level. I was a weird kid, they'd probably put a kid who did that today in therapy or something. Man, good times, good memories.