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Just one month to go!

I've got about a month to go until Otakon (July 17-19), an anime convention in Baltimore city. This'll be my first time going because I suck and haven't ever gone before. Still, I'll probably be eating abnormally high amounts of sushi that entire weekend and hopefully I won't run into any weeaboo (let you ubran dictionary that yourself, but basically, it's the type of fan who gives all anime fans a bad name and they're not enjoyable to be around *shudder*). Part of the fun for me is that I already know quite a lot of people going, since I live in the state so I'm sure to see a good amount of people I know there. A lot of people from my college are going too, so that's even more people. Hopefully no one will want to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in the Inner Harbor, I hate that place.

Still, here's to the one month to go mark! Still haven't decided if I want to cosplay, but if I did, I'd go as Sami from Advance Wars, her outfit is simple and I could pull her off.