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It's gonna be a busy week + another card game review!

Yeah, still got those two tests coming up, haven't studied much for the one since it's Biology and I'm good at remember that sorta stuff and doing lab techniques and whatnot. On Thursday though, after the test is over (it starts at 5pm), I'm going to just come back here and relax and odds are that I'll start watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which including spinoffs and movies, is 162 episodes and 3 or 4 movies. I've seen the first season and I can tell that this is going to be well worth it!

So, onto the game review! I'm not just well versed in video games, I'll gladly partake in card and board games as well!Last time I talked about Fluxx, well this is a game by the same people called:

The rules are a bit more complicated than Fluxx's, but there are certainly some similarities. For example, the "hidden rule" in Fluxx was to be as much of a jerk as possible, right? Well that hidden rule returns as well, but there's another unspoken rule that says if you want to win that it is beneficial to you to also be as much of a liar as possible. While in Fluxx you can never be quite sure what will happen next, it is more than possible to guess what your opponent wants done based on what cards they play, strategy is much more important this time around then in Fluxx. In Chrononauts, you play as a time traveler who needs to get back to their correct time by matching the three requirements on your id card. The game comes with a special set of cards that are spread out in an 8x4 pattern that serve as the "time map" so to speak for the game. some of the cards are purple on one side and red on the other and serve as lynchpins of time that affect other point, called ripple points, and cause temporary time holes that require patches to fix. Your id card always has two of the patches conditions on it and 1 normal ripple point condition that need to be met in order to win. Like Fluxx, there are a few type of cards in the deck: Reverse Fates (which only work on the lynchpins), Patches (which can only be played on a ripple point paradox side up), Timewarp, Action, and Artifacts (which work just like Fluxx's Keepers). If your chief complaint in Fluxx was that it didn't require enough strategy to win, then Chrononauts should fulfill that want nicely. The link I provided last time for Looney Labs is also where you can buy Chrononauts. There's also an Early American History Chrononauts that I haven't gotten a chance to play yet. The normal Chrononauts covers some of the world history from Lincoln's Assassination through WWII up to the Columbine shooting (although I'll admit that the history is skewed toward America quite a bit from the 1980's or so onwards). Although the game deals with history, you do not need to be familiar with it to enjoy the game. While I think Fluxx is definitely a good game for the whole family, I'd suggest Chrononauts for older people with better attention spans.

Chrononauts also won an Origins award for "Best Traditional Card Game of 2000"