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I was so sick this weekend!

I was going to play more Persona 4 this weekend (I plan to do a rant on 3 vs 4 at the appropriate time), but on thursday night, I got really sick, ended up puking 6 times (more like bouts), was all weak and exhausted for 2 days, missed classes on friday, missed one of my friend's birthday party saturday that I really wanted to go to (not that inaguration and super bowl can't be used as party time excuses, and they probably shall be), but more to the point, it really really sucked. I haven't been sick like this in years, at least its finally over and I'm back at the dorm. Had to go back home so I'd have access to a stove and toaster, it was kinda sad...Luckily it's a three day weekend, I still have tomorrow to let my eyes bleed to Persona 4! Mwahaha! So yeah, not all is lost.

Lesson: beware of campus viruses, even during winter session when only a fraction of people are here! They make you pay student health fees for a reason, don't be afraid to use them!

#edit: didn't realise i had disabled user comments, now it's been...abled, so comment on!