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i dunno, update?

So, first, I started replaying Ape Escape 3. The story in that game is so bad it's genius, and it's one of the funniest games I've ever played.

More importantly, over at my friends dorm yesterday, I got to play Castle Crashers and wow was it ever awesome! I played as the Poison knight and both times I won the princess. My friends were Fire and Lightning knights, and I put most of my skill points into magic, defense, and agility and none into attack because they were and I'm patient. Seriously, well worth the points, I'll get it during the summer when I get a chance.

My hunt for original non-waggle-fest Wii games goes on, but I think I might get a couple. First, Deadly Creatures in which you play as a tarantula and a scorpion and wow does that idea sound incredibly awesome to me. I saw some gameplay vids, it's solid and should be worth my time. But for $50, gotta wait for price to come down. And then second, Klonoa, the remake of the PS1 game that I already own and am debating the need to wait on it, after all, I have the ps1 version, but if sales are good, they're likely to make a Klonoa 3 at long last!

And my allergies have been bothering me to no end today, sheesh!