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I don't think that went too well...

Well, the test Wednesday night went pretty well. I forgot a couple of minor things, but I think I got somewhere between an A and a B on it. The TA was funny, we had to do a tube to tube transfer (which I got 100% on that part) while she observed to make sure we were doing to techniques correct, and sometimes she just kept giggling in a way that you knew she was holding back so much laughter. Of course, the one girl closed her eyes during her tube to tube transfer and I think she was laughing in general at how much shaking everyone was doing because they were so nervous during it. Seriously, that was quite possibly the easiest part of the test, once you took a deep breath, it wasn't that big a deal. Still, I have to say, that was the most enjoyable final I think I've ever had. The NA plate streaking gave me some problems though. Well, first, these plates were good, the agar wasn't all soft like they were a couple weeks ago where any attempt at innoculating resulted in half tearing the agar apart, but my loop was kinda "cut" at the top, so it dug into the plate. New plate, new loop. The problem with the new loop was that it was so nice and smooth, I couldn't see where I had streaked on the plate. New plate, found a "new" old loop, and finally, all was ok.

But then, we have the Chem test tonight. Sadly, I still have a final in chem, but at least it's all multiple choice, so I can but down C for anything I can't guess at. But, ok, well first problems first: I studied for the bio final since I knew I could get a good grade on it if I did. Since that was the night before, I didn't exactly study a lot for this test. And this is the second time this has happened. And then during the test, I had two mental breakdowns, which was a new experience for me but not a whole lot of fun. And not being able to use TI-83s on the test doesn't help much either, because people like me who can program TI-83s will program them. Yeah, I'll find out on maybe Wednesday how badly I did. And I skipped my favorite class this morning too, that upset me (well, I was up til 3 and that class is at 8am, so...), but oh well. Hopefully, my chem lab grade and BS homework stuff and her curving of the grades will still help me pass (I hear this course is notorious for people passing who failed all of the tests, so here's hoping, since I barely passed the first two).

Been thinking about cutting my hair shorter, it's down to my shoulders, but it's thick and it's always too long and difficult to deal with. Yeah, my one friend has really long hair like down to almost his waist, but his is a lot thinner and more manageable. And my other friend's hair is about my length, but his is also much thinner and more manageable. So I guess I'll debate that for the time being. Not sure how well I could pull it off is the problem...