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Hmm, what to do this summer...

I can't decide, I'd really like to get a summer job and some spending money, but I also want to just relax,tough choice! For now relax seems to be working just fine though.

My finger has gotten a bit better, but put it in a splint to keep it from moving. Whole nail is still blue, it'll look weird all summer most likely. Still hurts and is bruised all over, probably still hurts because the fingers have more nerve ending and feeling in them then say the leg or the arm. I can still drive and whatnot, some of my typing is off though. It's been very annoying, I got a few games in the Gamestop buy 2 get 1 free, but I haven't been able to try them out :cry:

So, in the meantime, I've been watching anime and reading manga. I've been reading Please Save My Earth out of joy of finally getting a hold of the last two books I needed (1 and 13) to fully enjoy the series! I've also gotten my friend addicted to it, she'll get to read more on Tuesday. And then I've been watching Reboot (not anime, but w/e). I'm in the middle of third season, at first it starts off as a "game of the week" series for the first season and a half, but then towards the end of the 2nd season it starts to get an overall and completely awesome plot, I can see why it's so favored now because I can't stop watching it! It's the first CGI TV show, it was made in Canada and has an English voice track only, but it certainly grows on ya.

I love having a car though, it means I can go to the grocery store whenever I want to and get as much fruit as I anticipate I'll eat in the next 3-4 days! It's probably odd that I've lived in America my whole life, but I'm oddly unfamiliar with the stuff that everyone assumes most Americans eat, I haven't had a hamburger or hot dog (or any red meat) in over 12 years I'd say and all forms of fast food just disgust me and I don't eat them (Subway is ok though). I really don't like sodas that much either, a glass of nice cold water is fine if not refreshing and delicious. I got me a bag of cherries yesterday, not the type they put on ice cream, but the real cherries, the type that are dark red and have the pit in them. One of my favorites for sure!

So yeah, what I'm going to do this summer is still up in the air, probably a few trips and enjoying whatever fresh fruits I can get my hands on for sure, I craved fresh fruit so much at college and all they had were apples and occasional bananas, oranges, and grapefruit. I know what I'm doing this winter though: study abroad in Germany!