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Fun day!

I picked blueberries with my sister! But she insisted on keeping a lot of them for cooking, which I think will just ruin them, she kept like 2/3rds for cooking, wtf? But I got quite a lot to take back with me to eat them.

And then on the way back, we stopped at my favorite snow-cone stand ever! I got my favorite combination of skylite mixed with spearmint and with marshmellow on top! I swear no one else can do it quite right but them :D

Also, I got bored and made a cake last night, chocolate cake w/ cream cheese icing and I sliced up some strawberries to put in the middle. I am incredibly bad at icing cakes though, it always looks hideous, but eh, who cares? I've yet to try it though, I don't like to be the first one to take a slice from a cake :roll:

But hey! Got blueberries! Yum!