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Favorite Cult Classic Video Games of Last Generation

Haven't done a blog post in a while, I'm just gonna go with some of my favorite cult classic games of the last gaming generation! I'll just go in alphabetical order.

Aggressive Inline

If you were into extreme sports games back in the early days of the PS2, this game was where you needed to be, not Tony Hawk, not SSX, but Aggressive Inline. The levels were huge, the tricks were gravity defying yet awesome, and the levels were chock full of goals to complete, new areas to unlock, and all without a pesky timer that Tony Hawk 3 still had. Attributes on your character would also level up based on how often you used that skill and not just pouring points into a random bar. I can't think of any other extreme sports game that I had as much fun with as I did with this game. If you want to go back for a time travel and check out the best extreme sports game at a time before they became kinda stupid, go for this one.

Amplitude (PS2)

Before a little game known as Guitar Hero came out, the developers of Guitar Hero, Harmonix, had made two music games called Frequency and Amplitude. While lacking a guitar peripheral, I preferred these games to Guitar Hero enormously for having more techno music and making me feel like I was more into the music.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

When the 2003 Astro Boy anime came out, two games were made as a tie in, this one, which was developed by Treasure, and some god-awful PS2 game made by Sonic Team (could it be any surprise that that one sucked?). Anyway, this game was a great beat-em up for GBA, and sometimes so many things were shooting at me that the gameplay slowed down. And it helped me survive. The story was also pretty decent, not using any other Astro Boy storyline and stuffing cameos out of every orifice both for the sake of entertainment and gameplay. Go check this out if you haven't already.

Killer 7

Suda 51 is known as a weird developer. I can see why, yet this game didn't scare me away from him, it made me totally embrace him and I've played a few other equally awesome games by him since (like No More Heroes on Wii and Contact on DS). This is also the first time I've really enjoyed symbolism in a game or really any media and I didn't even notice I was almost at the end of the game that everything was symbolic since I also enjoyed the odd quirky gameplay, even if it does have a pretty steep learning curve.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Now, I'm pretty sure this game has a cult following it, at the very least I am willing to make my own cult dedicated to following it. It's just, oh my god, the gameplay and music in this game are amazing, it's worth playing for that alone. It's not a particularly long nor difficult game, but it's just so incredibly charming that I can't help but recommend it to everyone! There are other games in the series too, like the first game which just got remade for the Wii, so at least play that one even if I think this game is better than the Wiimake of the first game.


Man, this game is awesome! Now, it's a bit lacking in the gameplay department by being average, and if you played the PS2 version even a bit glitchy at times, but I can forgive it for being imaginative, creative, and fun, as well as have amazing dialogue and being one of the funniest games I've ever played. It bounced around publishers for a bit, but then it finally came out after a pretty long development time of around 4 years I believe. Still, this is a game you play for the humor and originality.