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Dear Domino's, I still hate you

So, had a friend over yesterday, she wanted to order from Dominos, we did.

What can I say? They still massively suck. It's like they coat the pizza in crappy seasonings, including crappy garlic powder, to try and distract you that their cheese is still tasteless and their sauce is still weak. Their crust is still crap, it's not chewy or thick enough, and it's like they threw some toppings on a piece of cardboard circle. Cheese is neither melty nor gives a nice pull and it tastes just like the seasonings thrown on top of it.

So yeah, great new recipe you've got there, Domino's, the solution seems to be "throw on spices to distract ppl" instead of making a solid pizza like all of your competitors can. F*** you and your crappy pizza Domino's.