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Back at the dorm and Fav manga pt 4

Well, back at the form, I'm a bit sad, I only got about two weeks off because I had finals the last day and it just wasn't long enough :cry: but I did get tons of anime for Bday and Xmas :P so at least I have some way to entertain myself for the long haul. So glad I don't have a roommate right now because she moved out for good at the end of fall for reasons I don't particularly care about, so at least my dorm will be a place of epic.

Onto more of manga favorites:

#7) Kekkaishi

I'm not into shonen as much anymore because they tend to run on forever, but Kekkaishi is special in that it's good and not half as generic as I find most shonen. sure, we've got the spunky boy and the childhood friend but not common to convention is that the childhood friend is both older than him and a lot meaner and less compassionate (which gives her a damn awesome line at one point). I also question if women simply make better shonen, just look at FMA and Hikaru no Go, these series are both done by women (only written by in the case of Hikaru no Go) and they're all among the best shonen ever made. It's a lot more slowly paced than the stuff you'd expect from shonen jump though, a lot of Shonen Sunday titles tend to be like that, but it's drawn beautifully and has a really good story, it's great stuff

#6) Phoniex: Resurrection

While it might not be the best best in the series, it's my personal favorite. It attacks a particular timeline from two different directions and places and all connects at the end to explain why a single robot alone by itself on the moon in the year 3344AD relates to a boy killed in a car accident over 300 years earlier. It's not quite his strongest of the series emotionally, but for me it's the strongest one story-wise and my favorite of the series.

#5) Liar Game

It starts with an annoying and stupidly optimistic girl (who does get a few moments of awesome later on to be fair and becomes less annoying) accidentally pulled into the Liar Game. Finding herself hopeless screwed over by her inherent kindness, she finds Shinichi Akiyama, a chess master of epic proportions to help her out of the massive mess she's got herself in or face a huge amount of debt. But the game doesn't stop there, oh no, it's still ongoing, teasing us with anxious waits for updates as the games continue on with Nao sure she can win the games over the LGT by having it all break even with the help (or strategies entirely planned by) Akiyama in which we get to see chess master against chess master with every moment enthralling to read. It's usually compared the Death Note because of copious usage of chess masters, but I think Akiyama's got them beat :)

#4) Cromartie High School

Probably my favorite purely comedy series of all time, anime or manga. It makes sense while not making sense, it's brilliant while being stupid and it's just a riot to read. Not only that, but it delivers any and all punch lines at the perfect moment, you can't accidentally spoil it by looking to the left because it's on the next page. You'll just have to try it because it's so damn difficult to describe!