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Persona 3 vs Persona 4 part 1 *MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR BOTH*

Yes, just to reiterate again, the following will contain massive spoilers for both Persona 3 and Persona 4. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Yes, my long awaited (by me) rant on P3 vs P4! I've finally finished P4, so which camp do I fall into? Well, I'm going to compare a few random points between the series. For the record, I'm in the "Persona 3 is better" camp.

Persona 3 FES (The Journey):Finish time: 86 hr 1 min Final Level for MC: 85 Difficulty level: normal

Persona 4: Finish time: 68hr 47 min Final Level for MC: 83 Difficulty level: normal

Point 1: Final Boss: Winner: P3

I did not overly enjoy either final boss terribly, Persona 3's was way too long. It took me 1.5 hours (at least) to beat it, except I died and had to face it again! So, more like 3 hours. On the flip side, Persona 4's was way too short, it only took me 1 attempt and about a 1/2 hour. So, I'm stuck being annoyed by P3 for being too long although pleased with it being challenging and being annoyed at P4's for being neither long nor challenging. In that regard, slight every so slight nod to P3.

Point 2: Tartarus vs TV: Winner: Tartarus (P3)

The problem I had with Tartarus was Death's appearances, not being able to deny shuffles, and having the floors be small. The problem with TV world was that it was all you could do that day/night (unless Nanako or Dojima were available), you couldn't work on an S. Link and go to the dungeon like you could in 3. Next problem is not having your HP/MP restored for free back at the base. My next complaint is trying to hit enemies, in P3, I found it pretty clear that i was hitting them from behind, but in 4, i'd be almost on top of their shadow and swing and somehow miss, it made very little sense as to what the hit detection was. I also didn't like the floor layouts, which were way too big for my liking and had those annoying doors. Having different colors in Tartarus pleased me more than having different backgrounds in TV world. It's not that I didn't have qualms about Tartarus, but I have less problems with Tartarus.

Point 3: Shuffle: Winner: P3

Tough call, the shuffles were entirely different, the cards shuffled differently and choices were different. In P3, you can get a persona, more exp, more gold, a weapon, or some HP back from a shuffle. Shuffles were very common, seemed to be at least 1 out of every 3 battles for me. The problem was that you couldn't ignore them, but if you didn't care the results, you could just hit X a few times a breeze through it. In P4, you could get a persona, nothing, or a penalty that took away all EXP and gold from that battle. In addition, but only if you got a persona or nothing card, you could get a bonus spin of a random major arcana card sometimes, but these never appeared as often as I felt they should've either (both the shuffles themselves and the bonus cards). The plus side was that you could refuse either the shuffle or the bonus card. Still, I liked being able to get more EXP, so I have to give the nod to P3.

Point 4: Social Links: Winner: P4

Yep, P4 wins this one. In P3, it sometimes felt like your S.Links were in separate bubbles and didn't know each other whatsoever, but in 4, they would sometimes all hang out with you on the weekends, giving you points towards the next level for everyone you hung out with. The one problem with 4 was that since building up teammate S. Links gave you benefits, you were more likely to ignore everyone else, of the 4 other non party S. Links I completed, 3 of them were night only S. Links (Nanako, Dojima, and Sayoko) and only 1 (Yumi/Sun) was daytime, since I had to spend time with the teammates to get the full benefits and their S. Links occurred during the day, I had to sacrifice the other daytime links for the sake of the party. My favorite P4 S. Link was Sayoko (Devil), who worked at the hospital at night. My favorite P3 one was Maya (Hermit), the online player who turned out to be your teacher. But, since P4's actually had an effect on the team and people knew each other (schoolmates+Nanako at least), I'd have to say I liked 4's S. Links more. be continued!

pretty sure this thing tells when other people add/track/wish for games, right?

If so, you may have gotten that I added somewhere like 120 to my list. Actually, this is without counting an additional 20 due to not having written down all of my N64 and PS1 games (since they're not right in front of me, I'm likely to forget about them). Since I either had them all in front of me (like for the handhelds), or a picture of the collection on photobucket that I could easily see, I wrote those all down and entered them in. I don't think I missed anything...I also did add some N64, PS1, and PC games if I remembered them due to have a later related game or something....that's way too many Pokemon was pretty quick, I think it only took be about a 1/2 hour, not bad!

So this is my PS2, PSP, GB/C, GBA, DS, GCN, Wii, and 360 collections in their current entirety. I determined the internet would serve me well in helping me keep a nice list of junk so I no longer have to remember it all. It's helped me sort out my anime collection on ANN (I'm working on the manga collection on there and no, I don't have the same username there) as well as my opinions on certain series, so I figured might as well apply to my game collection over here. Basically, I've just been lazy up to this point and this is sure to come in handy in the future unless I sell a bunch of it, which I doubt to happen all of a'd send my list into pure lies and mess.


My videogame darlings!

What I mean here exactly by "darling" is the game I most associate with the system as soon as you say the system or I hear its mention. It's not necessarily the first game I played for it or the one I liked the most, it's just the one that always goes hand in hand in my mind whenever you mention that system. It's mostly which game has the biggest nostalgia factor for me. Systems that I do not have darlings for, but I have the system and games for it include: Gamecube, Wii, Xbox 360.

Sega Genesis: Columns

To be fair, i shouldn't even have a darling for this console, since I've never owned it. I just played this game at a friends house and totally loved it. There's not much more to it, I played Sonic but was in the Mario camp. Also, I played this sometime after 2002ish.

Nintendo: Gameboy: Pokemon Blue (runners up: Revenge of the Gator Pinball and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)

Pokemon Blue was my first true outing into video games. Before this, I had played Super Mario Land 2, 6 Golden Coins and Revenge of the Gator Pinball, but was never really any good at them. One day, my mom brought home the game as a gift for me I suppose, getting the latest toy (which she rarely did) and before that point I had avoided the Pokemon craze like the plague. I don't remember, but I might've even been slightly mad at her, but I decided to play it...maybe to prove that it was bad? Well it wasn't and I poured many hours into it when my parents were away and on the weekends. Also, until I got a GBC, I had to play it on a grey brick GameBoy, since my sister wouldn't let me use her Pocket, even though she was never using it. It was a tempermental beast at me to be sure, didn't always like to work or display it's screen well, was getting on in years, but I still loved it.

Gameboy Color: Magi Nation

Late comer to be sure, I just played this game last summer, but it's one of the most unforgettable experiences on the Gameboy Color, even if I haven't beaten it yet

Gameboy Advance: Wario Ware Inc. Mega Micro Game$ (runners up Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Pokemon RSE, Astro Boy: Omega Factor)

The amount of hours I've poured into this game is staggering. I can't remember a day in High School, I didn't have my GBASP or DS with me, and more often than not the game inside the GBA slot was Wario Ware Inc. It's still the mainstay inside my phat DS' GBA slot. Some of my high scores are ridiculous: 99 (Dribble & Spitz), 92 (Orbulon), and 86 (Kat & Ana) are my three highest, but I also restarted that game so I could get everything again.

Nintendo DS: Meteos

I got a DS at launch and after Meteos came out, it became my crack. It kept me up regularly in high school until 3 in the morning and it was the type of game that I kept seeing even after I closed me eyes. Good times, well worth being tired in ****most days.

N64: Pokemon Snap

I got an N64 after I got a Gamecube and my experience with it is limited but man, Pokemon Snap. I seem to like quite a few stoner games on Nintendo systems for some reason.

Sony: Playstation 1: Spyro Year of the Dragon

Ok, so, 8th grade, spring break. This was after I had gotten a PS2 (my first home console, before that I just had gameboy) and I asked someone in a game store if I could use a PS1 memory card in a PS2 for use with PS1 games, and apparantly I had asked someone more incompetent than me at the time (thankfully, one of my friends eventually corrected me), and they told me that I couldn't and that there were no other options. So for a while I played my PS1 games on marathon mode and this time I played Spyro YoD, I got 149 eggs, all the gems, and got to Super Bonus World (couldn't beat those yetis) all in less than 48 hours. First gaming binge indeed. Since then I've reaccomplished getting to Super Bonus World, but still can't beat those stupid yeti. At least this time it's all on memory card. I only had a bowl of Rice Krispies and a large glass of water those entire two days, I was too transfixed on the game otherwise.

Playstation 2: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Ok, yes it helps here that this was one of the earlier games I'd played, but it's still my favorite game on the console to this day, even more so than games I love like God of War. Considering that this was my first console, it carries even more weight. Tony Hawk 3 was my first game for the console, but I probably played Klonoa 2 within my first year or so of having it.

Playstation Portable: Crush

The system I've had for the shortest, I've had this maybe a month as of this writing. I've got 5 games for it and got it for God of War (indeed, the hot looking red God of War edition one too!), but I can just tell already that it's my first darling of the PSP and will probably remain so even after I've played other games. Just think back on it every so often and go "aww man, yeah, Crush was great".

PC: Roller Coaster Tycoon 1&2+ Expansion packs. (Runner up: Monkey Island 1 & 2)

Bit of backstory here: I used PC up until 2004 when I switched to Mac. Before 2004 I have Windows '98 and it was all horribly glitchy and buggy and full of viruses, it had to go. Before it broke itself into oblivion, Roller Coaster Tycoon was my game of choice, I'd lose hours in it back in elementary school and could win just about every level except Desert Dunes (which I usually lost). It taught me what I know about Roller Coasters today and is still the best micro managing type game, it's a ****c for me and one of my favorite games of all time (and certainly one of the most nostalgic). I liked making loop coasters so they'd blow up and it's the origin of 113, my lucky number. Basically, I made a small deserted island in the middle of Leafy Lake and covered it with pathway and decided to trap a single guest there (it became known as "Deserted Barf Island", for I'd take sick guests there until they puked. the unlucky guest would be forever trapped with the puke). The one I happened to pick up? Guest 113. That number has followed me everywhere since. And I made one of these in every single level since that initial level. I was a weird kid, they'd probably put a kid who did that today in therapy or something. Man, good times, good memories.

Nope, doesn't like Okami

Yep, been meaning to do one on this too, since it's been bugging me lately. Meaning as of last night, I decided to put Okami into the PS2 again cus I wanted a break from the (almost beaten) Persona 4. It's like every time I put in Okami, I remember why it's never there for more than one sitting, and even then it's only in there for less than 3 hours. Basically, I think I've finally figured it out, I friggin HATE Okami, it's the only explination for why I wished I was playing Sly Cooper the entire time and now I've just decided to give up on Okami and replay Klonoa, or Sly Cooper, or the PS1 Spyro games or something less horrible. Maybe I'd enjoy Kung Fu Panda more, but I don't particularly care to play it either,so never mind. So, as I played I tried to think "Ok, what is so bad about Okami that Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Sly Cooper did right?". Anyway, I'm going to sell Okami at my next convenience.

First, graphics. Okami has pretty good graphics, but while they're unique, I don't think they're highly functional. It should best be compared to other cel shaded games here and not Twilight Princess, so I'll go with Wind Waker, Sly Cooper, and Klonoa. Klonoa has simple graphics, but the colors are so bright and the backgrounds so rich that it just puts Okami to shame. Wind Waker is a bit more stylized (what with the bomb clouds), but the style never makes it feel like you're not playing a Zelda game (once you've gotten past the first 20 minutes anyway). Then Sly Cooper, which was probably the least graphically impressive of the group, but like I said, the whole thing functioned and it actually acheived (for me at least) the comic-cartoon feel a lot better than Okami got its living picture feel

Sound, although I really mean voice acting. Here's the best opportunity for Klonoa to be compared as they both use non-existant language in a type of gibberish speech. But in Klonoa, you could actually pick up on words having distinct meanings, it wasn't actually as random as it seemed and I rate it highly among fakie languages used for games. Okami was just a bunch of Animal Crossing-esque gibberish junk that had pretty much no emotion. Once again, a game at least 4 years older putting Okami to shame.

Gameplay style is a huge biggie, this includes exploring worlds, doing things of actual importance, etc. Here I'm going to pick Jak & Daxter and Zelda Twilight Princess. For Jak & Daxter comparison, I mean world exploration. Okami practically shoves exactly what and how to do it in front of your face, Jak & Daxter says "see, power cell. but I won't tell you more, have fun, bye!". Okami was way too easy in that sense, not to mention all the random items you'd find in those stupid chests, at least the precursor orbs were useful. For dungeon exploration and fights I compare to Twilight Princess. Pretty much all of the enemies in Okami were easily defeated bore fests. Granted, the eyes or the tail are always the weaknesses in Zelda which isn't original either, but it gives you a better sense of accomplishment at the same time. And the dungeons in Okami are pretty linear in that if you just follow around, you'll end up at the boss. Zelda requires you to look at one room, then another, and figure out how to connect a bigger picture, making for epic fun dungeons (except for the water temples, obviously, and perhaps SnowHead in TP)

To conclude, I hate Okami, it's overrated as heck, and if you can't find a better PS2 platformer for 1/4 of the price, you aren't looking for one. I can name at least 10 action/adventure platforming or action RPG games off the top of my head not even including sequels: Klonoa, Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter, Zelda, Ape Escape, Dual Hearts, Kingdom Hearts, Tales games, Alundra, Astro Boy: Omega Factor. Go play those instead, except for Alundra, you can get them all at half the price of friggin Okami. I don't like overrated stuff.


Yeah, I've totally known about this since october when I read about it in the "X-Button" column at Anime News Network. I went to class that day with the biggest grin on my face. I've been going insane about this for months, I've played the original and the GBA and PS2 games, but no, this will not stop me from getting the Wii-game, at all. It's my most highly anticipated game of 2009, and yet when I go over to Gamesradar and read their recent column on "9 games that could make or break the Wii this year" or something, no, no mention of Klonoa. I'm starting to question if anyone other than die-hards and Nintendo Power are even aware of its existance and likelihood to sweep away the Wii Game-of-the-Year award from right under Mad World or whoever's feet. I tend to rant about Klonoa at least once a week to several of my friends (several who haven't gotten a chance to play to PS1 game of course). There's a good reason that Klonoa has been my icon on this site since forever (other than the obvious "I'm too lazy to change it", which also applies), it is my favorite game series of all time.

I actually first heard about Klonoa at a Target kiosk (back when they had those) and convinced my mom to get me the Empire of Dreams GBA game for my b-day a few months later. I actually remember having to convince her that Klonoa wasn't evil, because she looked at the cover and thought he looked evil for some bizarre reason, but when I showed her Klonoa at the kiosk, she conceded and got me the GBA game. I can't remember if I ended up playing Klonoa 2 or Empire of Dreams first, but I played them both close together and Klonoa 2 was one of not only my first PS2 games, but since my PS2 was my first consoles, it was also one of my first console games ever. At first I wondered if maybe Empire of Dreams was a remake of the first, since it didn't have a number attached to it, but no, someone severely messed up numbering and a few years later I got a used copy of the PS1 game for X-mas off the internets. And got Dream Champ Tournament when it came out too. Every one of those games are one of my top 5 games for that system (the GBA ones fell lower since it has to compete with Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga & Wario Ware Inc.) and as a series still ranks as my #1 series to this day.

Yeah, everyone should totally get the wiimake in hopes of them making another and to get a game for the wii by a 3rd party company that's actually good (haven't seen a family friendly one since Zak & Wiki). Just my little Klonoa rant;) and I'm likely to do more later of Klonoa rants!

*I jsut remembered something days later, I've only ever purchased 4 video game soundtracks, and two of them were from Klonoa (Door to Phantomile and Lunatea's Veil, obviously). The other two I got were Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest 8, but the Klonoa ones were something stupid like $40 each and the other two were $20. yeah, it was totally worth it, I love Klonoa!

I was so sick this weekend!

I was going to play more Persona 4 this weekend (I plan to do a rant on 3 vs 4 at the appropriate time), but on thursday night, I got really sick, ended up puking 6 times (more like bouts), was all weak and exhausted for 2 days, missed classes on friday, missed one of my friend's birthday party saturday that I really wanted to go to (not that inaguration and super bowl can't be used as party time excuses, and they probably shall be), but more to the point, it really really sucked. I haven't been sick like this in years, at least its finally over and I'm back at the dorm. Had to go back home so I'd have access to a stove and toaster, it was kinda sad...Luckily it's a three day weekend, I still have tomorrow to let my eyes bleed to Persona 4! Mwahaha! So yeah, not all is lost.

Lesson: beware of campus viruses, even during winter session when only a fraction of people are here! They make you pay student health fees for a reason, don't be afraid to use them!

#edit: didn't realise i had disabled user comments, now it's been...abled, so comment on!

Top puzzle games

Ah yes, puzzle games, always good for time on the go! I enjoy playing puzzle games immensely sometimes, but some are better than others. Which ones reign on top? These are my top puzzle games that I've played so far, not adding any top numbers here (it'd be too difficult). These are the best mind-bender puzzlers around, special and unique games that should not have been overlooked like they were. Want some brain busters? Well, here ya go!

Game: Enigmo

Platform: PC/Mac/various downloadable things like iPhones

Publisher: Mumbo Jumbo

A puzzle with a simple goal, to get the dripping water into the water jug. Later on, some levels require water to set off oil or lava, which also need to go into their respective jugs. Using a variety of objects, including; trampolines (low, medium, high), triangle dividers, super shooters, sponges, and short and long platforms. Certain enviornmental blocks will affect how the water, lava, or oil bounces off of them (and a sponge wall absorbs them). It's scored based on how fast you solve the puzzle, but any unused pieces also give you more points, encouraging you to try to complete the puzzle with as few pieces as possible. Given the few amounts of constraints (it gives you a set number of parts to use and the basic set-up) and that the game never holds your hands or gives you any hints, 40 levels is a lot for these tough mind benders that encourage you to mess around until it works.

Game: Crush

Platform: Sony PSP

Publisher: Sega Developer: Zoe-Mode

A puzzle game with an interesting story, Crush involves Danny, the main character plagued with insomnia, "crushing" and "un-crushing" the world around him to get the goal. This means that the world is crushed between 2D and 3d, with different blocks having different properties between the dimensions. The direction of your camera (one of 5 preset angles that you can change) determines which way the world will crush. You have to collect some marbles to open up the door, but the game doesn't require you to collect all of them for any given level. This is the type of game that you may actually dream about at night, with the crushing and un-crushing aspects (I did). The puzzles will start off simple, but as with any good puzzle game, once you understand the basics, the difficulty level quickly ramps up. There are other things to get in the level, a trophy and puzzle piece, but neither are required to complete the level and are just there for personal challenge. Add in an interesting story, and you have a winner.

Game: Prism: Light the Way

Platform: Nintendo DS

Publisher: Eidos Interactive Developer: Game Sauce, Morpheme

Simple in controls and concept (like many great puzzle games), you simply need to use Bulboids to feed light to the light starved Glowbos. Well, story isn't a strong suite, but puzzles are, in order to properly deliver the light, you need to use a variety of splitters, mirrors, color changing blocks and other items in order to achieve this. You cannot rotate any pieces or move any Glowbos or change the environment. Presentation is simple, but you'll hardly care when you're playing the game. You have to move the Bulboids, the mirrors and other light affecting objects in order to satisfy all the Glowbos in the level at the same time. Starts off easy, but gets difficult around puzzle set 5 or so. In order to move on to the next set, you need to complete 8 out of 10 puzzles in each set. In short bursts, solving puzzles gives you great satisfaction (unless you use gameFAQs!) and the feeling of finally getting that one tough puzzle without any assistance feels so good, it's almost like a small buzz you get out of getting pure satisfaction that is so hard to find in games these days.

Year-in opinion: 2008

*sigh*, well, first blog on the plus side! Been meaning to start one of these for a while, seems to be the trend on the internet! But this is just my thoughts on 2008 in the year in gaming! Sorry it's so long, I've divided it into sections!

First: what I got this year: 360 Arcade (January), Wii (March), PSP (December). The grand total of games I have for these 3 systems combine (not including games that came with them, like Wii Sports): 10. yes, 10, for 3 systems. To give you a better idea, I have almost 50 PS2 games, 20 GCN games, and 20 each (at least) for DS, GBA, and GB/C. Now, the PSP has an excuse, I got it during December and it has 4 games (with plans to get several more): God of War, Lemmings, Jeanne D'Arc, and Lumines. But the biggest loser is the Wii, with only 1 game: Zak & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure.

The Wii: I got it in march, when Brawl came out. To see just how much Brawl disappointed me, just read my review. So, I sold it and ended up with just Zak & Wiki. I gave it until the end of the TGS to show off one game that would make me keep the Wii, and guess what! It succeeded. Much to my dismay, because the winning game was: Klonoa. A wiimake of a PS1 game that I already own and love. Luckily, Squenix followed things up by announcing Dragon Quest X as a Wii exclusive. So, now there are 3 games on my to get list: those 2 and No More Heroes. Looks like next year will be better for my Wii, I rented several games only to find that their GCN counterparts were superior (not counting Twilight Princess, which I already have for GCN), which is why the Wii has been such a big disappointment for me.

The 360: Instead of getting Prince of Persia, I got a used copy of Assassin's Creed for cheaper and could appreciate its similarities to the trilogy of the last console generation. Well, the system I got the 360 for was Portal, but I'm not really a fan of FPS games, the only exceptions have been on the GCN for some odd reason (Metroid, Killer7, StarFox assault) and Rez (on PS2). They tend to make me motion sick for the most part and they really don't entertain me. I also got GTA4, but didn't get a good chance to play it. If I learned anything, it's just wait a year for the games I want to become really cheap used. I'll be getting Tales of Vesperia next year!

The PS2: This might really be its last year, which makes me really truly sad. It was my first console system and to think that Persona 4 and Persona 3 FES would be the last new games I ever buy for it makes me sad. Despite shiny new systems, the PS2 console gets to heaviest use to me still. Kudos to Sony on one of the best consoles ever made. I also got a lot of used games this year, so my backlog is getting pretty full. I pretty much have something to play in every genre that I like and it's usually a fantastic game, tons of AAA games everywhere you look. R.I.P. PS2, I'll still be playing you for years to come!

The PS1: yep, I played PS1 games this year too! Namely: Dragon Warrior 7 and Alundra. The way I played them, you'd think that they were brand new games released this week! Of course, I play them on my PS2 now, but a good game is a good game!

The DS: great year, got lots of good games! And two disappointments: Phantom Hourglass and Professor Layton. PL get huge +s for enviornment, in-game cutscenes, and story, but then failed me on puzzles, many of which I'd seen before and most of which I found ludicrously easy or stale. Presentation was flawless, gameplay, lacking. Phourglass was just sorta gimmicky to me, only Zelda game I've ever resold. Maybe if they let me use standard controls with the next one, I'll be ok. Oh, not to mention that stupid temple where you had to go back through all the previous rooms. Boring!

The older Game Boys: Well, Gamestop decided to start eliminating the GC/C section, and I found a true gem for only $3: Magi Nation! I haven't beaten it, probably not even half through it, but it's good enough to be in my top 3 GBC games of all time, a true gem if I ever saw one! And one of the funniest games I've ever played! I also got several GBA games in the anticipation and will probably get more, more on that at another time I suppose

Worst Trends: winner: DLC. I don't have good enough internet to hook these things up, thanks to Comcast being stupid and Verizon not putting FIOS near me! This let companies like Rockstar release Bully on 360 with glitches that I couldn't fix. It's letting Wii get by on Virtual Console being a main selling point when I can't use it. I can't get Braid, Bomberman '93, Xbox originals, old N64 games, etc, etc, etc. DLC is terrible for me, since I have no access to it and now everyone is relying almost entirely on it, it's alienating me from gaming. It's horrible for me, it feels like no one cares and no one wants me to be a gamer anymore, Hopefully this'll just be a phase and it'll pass within a couple years.

runner up: disappointing games. Tons of disappointing games that I might've played this year, Too Human, Phourglass, more crappy Sonic games!

runner up: shooters. shooters shooters everywhere! They're bleeding into RPGs to the point where action, adventure, RPGs, music games, they can all be shooters at the same time! Sure, Portal=good idea, but most WRPG console RPGs are bled into shooters. Maybe I'm being unfair, I haven't played Fallout 3 to be fair, but I don't like shooters, they make me feel sick, and putting "RPG" next to it is not going to make me anymore willing to try it out right now. Just call it shooter so I won't be mad at it!

runner up: Nintendo's lack of game weeding out. Tons of crap makes it easier to overlook some actually decent titles like Prism. And most of these games somehow involve "Petz". And the sheer volume of crappy party games on Wii does nothing for me. Yuck.

In conclusion: I've been feeling alienated as a gamer for the first time ever. I'm already looking forward to next generation. The handhelds have been kind to me though, and I'll be remembering this genre for the DS and PSP, not the 360, PS3, and Wii. PS3 is finally coming into it's own as they say, I might just sell my 360 next year and get one if it comes to it (which, so far, it might), especially if it gets a price drop. God of War 3 would help that along for me. For now, I feel forced to live in the past of gaming, and the PS2's final year (I actually think that this time, although Atlus is sure to still pump stuff out on it, and a few kid's movie games that'll hardly count), but the bygone days of AAA games ends with Persona 4 for right now. Not that it's going to stop me from playing, after 8 years, it's still the head console, followed by the GCN.

Well, Happy New Year to all, and here's to the next year of gaming! (Let's hope it's better for me than this year was!)