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Finished killer7!

*epilogue* I plan to borrow No More Heroes off a friend later this week

*prologue* I've had this game for a while, but back when I first wanted to start it, my mom complained that it sounded too violent and made me turn it off. Now that I'm at college in my dorm, no one's gonna stop me! And when I first went to play it, I was already 19 (20 now), my mom wasn't stopping me because it was an M-rated game or anything. Anyhow, this was one of my college gaming promises to myself was that I was going to play killer7 and now it has been fulfilled!

*the story*

It was really weird, had a pretty good plot twist though. But my god, I went over to GameFAQs because someone had pretty written up a sparknotes on it, and if a game has ever needed on, it's this one.

I'll be playing it through on new game+ (aka killer8 ) eventually, because this game is likely to make more sense the second time through, kinda like watching Donnie Darko. And then the whole thing is drenched in symbolism, etc, it's like the type of plot you analyze for a senior English research paper or something.

The gameplay I liked though, my main player was Con, I liked his speed. I just liked the gameplay as a whole, at first I thought this was a shooter game, but it felt action-adventure game, rail shooter, puzzler, difficult to classify as one, but I'd put it under action-adventure first most. After you get used to the controls, the game is fun to play and it becomes a synch to know how you want to do what you want to do. The straight path thing might seem annoying at first, but I'd rather not be surrounded by random rooms with only one of them having any meaning *cough* Tales of Symphonia *cough*.

I'd totally recommend this to anyone simply because I haven't played anything else quite like it. It's a great game if you have an open mind to unusual stuff.

well, a bit of a rough week ahead...2 tests, 2 labs, 1 quiz

first off, schedule for tomorrow (tuesday): 8am microbiology test followed directly by 9:30 am chem lab on a lab that i already did in chem 101 for the second week in a row. My lab TA's general lack on understanding and speaking English will mean i have to do this damn lab AGAIN as I had to do for a different one last week. german class @ 2, done by 3.

wednesday: classes start @ 12:20: music-chem-german. quiz in german. classes end @ 3:30ish. 6pm bio lab that i have to buy slides for on tuesday after german class and have to write flow charts out for the instructions (as opposed to just a list that proves that i know what i'm doing)

thursday: 8 am, no lab afterwards, german @ 2, chemistry test at 5pm that i will spend every waking moment not in class tuesday studying for because unlike biology, i do not have natural understanding talent in chemistry, especially not when the professor shoves a bunch of formulas in your face with the expectation that we will automatically be able to apply them to whatever random problems she immediately uses to quiz on us with the said information she gave us less than 3 minutes ago. Also we cannot use graphing calculators, because people like me can indeed program them. The most useful thing for studying chem? the internet, and not the horrible homework programs forced onto us or those BS workshops on non-test night thursdays which are the equivalent of sitting in a room while pretending to do work or the book. Nope, it's the internet, just random problems and info you get from typing into google. if this test is anything like her quizzes, i am screwed soooo badly because they are always horrible random applications of those formulas with no explanations as to why you'd use it other then "because you're supposed to". I hate chem...

friday: two classes @ 12:20 (no German, class day ends early), will come back here and watch anime or play games and then go juggling! For the first wave of tests are over :)

movies i paid to see in theaters this year (yeah, got back from Watchmen)

I'm pretty much going from the start of my winter break to now, I think I've seen 3: Bolt (although that might've been earlier), Coraline, and Watchmen!! Goes to prove you can't trust RottenTomatoes, Bolt and Coraline both got above 85%, Watchmen is at 65% or so.

Yeah, Bolt was pretty much as average as you'd expect, not a damn thing special about it honestly, 2.5/5

Coraline was pretty to be sure, but it's animations failed to be half as smooth as Corpse Bride's were and it looked choppy half the time. Great imagination went into the setting, but the story not as much, you could kinda guess it. Better than Bolt for sure, Red Box worthy at best, 3/5

And tonight, I saw WATCHMEN!! And it was awesome and has immediatly become my second favorite movie based on a comic book after 300 (although it is partly due it's meme status too honestly). I've heard that people who were disappointed by it were because 1) it's not their type of movie to begin with and 2) they thought it would have more action based on the trailers. Not that I don't like action (in particular, I liked Rorschach's action parts the most), but I'd gladly sacrifice some action any day to get a better story with more information on the characters, which is what Watchmen did easily. I haven't read the comic, let's just be honest, I haven't read any of the comics that these movies are based on and I couldn't give a damn about Marvel vs DC. But this has quickly prompted me to borrow the book off one of the guys I saw the movie with (I saw it with 6 other people, 2 had read the comic, all of them liked it, 5 more so than the one guy who has something to complain about for everything of course, but he liked it, just not as much). As long as you don't go into this expecting God of War blood bath but instead expecting something milder like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (with some more impressive action), you should prepare to enjoy yourself, 4.5/5 *also, Rorschach was my fav character*

classes cancelled!

this is nice, i've been here since winter session and during the only 3 day weekend of the whole thing, i got horribly sick with one of the worst things i've had in years (it was some sort of horrible vomit inducing stomach flu and i was pure sick and puking one day and my rib cage hurt for the rest of the weekend cus it was so violent).

now we get some snow (it's still snowing too!) and it sticks well to the roads and we have classes cancelled! it's my first real 3 day weekend in ages! and so far my bio lab on wednesday night got cancelled too because there are 2 bio labs each day M-R, so to just even out everything, all the bio labs for 300 got cancelled, yay! i can only hope my chem lab got struck too. and my music 101 test got shoved to friday!

now, what i plan to do with my brief enjoyment time? sleep and play more killer7, peace out!

Oh MAN! That was heavenly! (also changed icon)

A while back I got some chocolate lava cakes from Trader Joe's (if you live near one and like chocolate, go get one now!). They come in packs of two and I finally decided to try one out. Wow is all I can say, it's probably the best dessert item I've had in a while from any source. You simply remove the plastic wrap, place on a plate upside down and pre-push the thing out (but leave on it's plastic container for reasons I'm not 100% sure of) and just nuke it for about 52 seconds. The whole thing comes out perfectly hot all around and moist with a delicious gooey center that goes so well with the cake. It didn't look quite as pretty as the box (fair enough), the gooey fudge inside kinda came out the top of mine a bit, the center was just filled with the fudge goo! And it added to the already existent moisture of the cake itself while going well with it in taste and texture. The thing didn't burn my tongue either. If I remember correctly, I got two of those things for less than $5, most desserts at higher end places would cost at least $7 for something not quite as heavenly. You can't even complain about the price on this one.

Betty Crocker has had those microwave brownie things for a while where you drizzle chocolate or caramel over top of them and then nuke em', but they almost always come out with a weird texture, too hot in some places and not hot enough in others, dry tasting on the edges or any part not coated in whatever goo it comes in, and just overall pretty average really. Or just way too hot overall, average one taste, etc. After having the Trader Joe's Chocolate Lava Cake, the patheticness of the other microwave cake/brownie like treats is just so obviously inferior that it's practically a joke.

This is easily one of the best chocolate desserts I've ever had in my life and one of the best microwavable things you can get (especially in the dessert category). Sure, I like desserts as much as the next guy, but it's rare when you find a food in any category so good that it makes you go "what have I been eating all these years!?".

Other things from Trader Joe's dessert section that are awesome: New York Style Cheesecake and Peach & Blueberry Panna Cotta (it's a fruit tart with no crust).

Go there if you can!!!! GO THERE!!!

Also, I changed my icon of Klonoa, which I've had pretty much since I signed up in 2005 until now. Now it's Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a pose I really like with the negative type color thing. Figured it was about time for something new, sadly.

Oh Pokemon! You're so philiosophical!

Can Pokemon die or eat each other? And some other random questions about Pokemon that bug me and prove I play it too much.

Ok, back in RBY, they had the tower/graveyard in Lavender Town, but after that they hushed it up as to wether Pokemon die or not. Heck, it was even turned into a radio station in GSC.And then there's ghost types, you'd think that when a Pokemon died, they might all evolve into ghost types (or zombies!). Things seem even more questionable when it is established that Pokemon can breed with eachother to make more pokemon (I presume Ditto undergo mitosis), but then the question beyond the RBY series is why everyone isn't up to their knees in Pokemon, there's simply no way the environment would be able to support an infinite number of species without a predator/prey situation (and if it could for some reason, resources would be used up and cause many of the Pokemon to just plain starve to death).

But then Pokemon subsist on berries and poke food, you never see a Gayrados chomping down a Seel, Goldeen, or Magikarp (although they said it has incredibly tough scales, so I'll let that one slide), they're never noted as "eating other pokemon". Obviously, I'd assume there to be vegetarian ones (in the case of grass types, would it be cannibalism? or would they just photosynthesize?), but some of them have lovely fangs for biting stuff, could a Pokemon die this way? It could explain some things that annoy me. There are no other animal in the world, there's no fields of normal cows (just Miltank), so you couldn't argue that they all go eat the normal cows and non-Pokemon fish, they just aren't there.

And then, doesn't Ash, like eat burgers and stuff in the show? WTF are those things made out of? Come to think of it, he eats rice all the time, but I don't see any places growing rice anywhere. I suppose there are areas where it could be possible to irrigate a fresh water source to grow rice (like up at the red Gyarados' lake in GSC), but it's too full of trees otherwise. The three lakes in DPPt are too full of rocks to successuflly irrigate either, how do they grow their rice and food? We never see any like potato chips and soda factories anywhere, or in the game any restauraunts anywhere.

I'll let the game stuff slide though, but seriously, they have everything for Pokemon and like no hospitals for people anywhere. Do people simply not break limbs or get sick? The entire world there just caters to Pokemon, I suppose since everyone and their mum runs off at the age of 11 to start a Pokemon adventure that no one would train to be doctors or lawyers, etc. Heck, the only schools in the realm are still Pokemon related, how twisted is that?

Some of my friends said that there was more than one Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres sorta thing(not in the game of course, they meant in the TV show). They're supposed to reside in the Seafoam Islands, Power Plant and Victory Road (or one of the Sevii Islands), but in the movie 2000, they're over in Kanto putzing around with Lugia. So, except for the Mewtwo legendaries that exist because science only made one, are the trio type Pokemon just very few in numbers, but with the possibility of there being more? It could especially be argued for Entei/Raikou/Suicune, Latios/Latias, Mesperit/Azelf/Uxie, and perhaps Cresselia. Sure, we saw one on the island, but then they fled and roam around. There's several people in battle tower type places in Emerald that have a Raikou, Entei, or Suicune and use them in battle against you, even if you're using one. Clearly a time paradox doesn't occur, the only logical conclusion is that in an NPC battler is using one in game (obviously we know how it works again a real life friend), that there must be an additional (if not several) copies of that legendary. It would seem that the starters were far more difficult to obtain by that logic (until you can breed them to no end of course). I could argue a better likelihood of there being 1 Ho-oh, since Ash sees it in like ep 1 and in GSC, it's supported by saying that Ho-oh is generally traveling the world and almost never bothers to come back, but the rest could easily be more than 1, just not Bidoof common clearly. I just see too many inconsistences in most of their stories to say that there's only 1.

Arecus is generally considered "the creator Pokemon of everything", but then did species deviation lead to more Pokemon? Species IRL are generally grouped on if they can reproduce with each other (among other things), but the breeding groups clearly go against this with every fiber of its being. Shellos/Gastrodon have some minor variations due to region, but are clearly considered same species pretty obviosuly. But I couldn't quite argue two different things, like Pikachu and Clefairy (both fairy group) can possibly and logically breed together. They don't evolve into eachother, they don't like near eachother, they're not even the same type, biologically, it makes no sense. I can see baby Pokemon not breeding, that's pretty logical really, but the rest of it is clearly just a game mechanic that is completely impossible when held to real life standards.

Oho man, do I love Pokemon! Half the people I know (#1) have the 2.B.A. Master soundtrack and enjoyed the first season on Pokemon (possibly cried at the "Pikachu's Goodbye" episode) and (#2) totally join me (if not start some) of these odd Pokemon topics. It's fun, try it sometime with a group who has most likely done part of #1 and played several o the game series. Ah, I spent way too much time thinking about this....

I would very much like to kill Aris...

For those who do not know, Aris is an online homework program that I am being forced to use for my Chemistry 104 class this semester. Basically, it has been angering me. It asked me to write out the electron configuration for P^3-. Ok, fair enough, I enter in: 1s2 2s3 2p6 3s2 3p6. But no, first it wanted the 2nd number to be superscripted. Ok, fine, so I do that, it still won't accept it. Maybe it wants a wrong answer? I change 3p6 to 3p3, which is what it would be without the charge. Nope, it definatly wants a correct answer. So, I mull over it, come back the next day and figured out it wanted it short hand. Ok, I enter [Ne] 3s2 3p6 (with the 2 & 6 super scripted). It still won't accept it? WTF? The correct answer was: [Ne]3s23p6, the same exact thing, only without the spaces. You have got to be kidding me, the system was already hassling me for not writing 5d1 before 4f13 on one element while complaining that I didn't write it 4f14 5d1 on the one just before it. Whenever I copy and pasted, the thing made me re-super script the numbers in a manner scientifically designed to infuriate me, so I couldn't save any time or effort with copy & paste in the long run. And then, on every problem except the P^3- problem, it accepted spaces just fine but suddenly it's "oh no, spaces are evil!".

So, the semester will continue and I will continue to question if this is quizzing me on syntax or chemistry. What a load of BS.

That's the second worst marshmellow I've ever had!

Yeah, ok, so, after V-day sales candys are up everywhere and against my obvious judgement, I got a marshmellow rose. It was only $.25 and I was sure it was going to taste horrible, and I was right. Not only did it not look the slightest bit appetizing, in terms of taste or as an actual V-day gift (it's a joke, a novelty gift at best), it didn't look the slightest bit romantic. It was a white slightly rose shaped blob, it was pretty thoroughly ugly and coasted in white sugar, clearly establishing itself as a joke "gift" (although if you are reading this and are German, gift means exactly that).

Yep, I've had one marshmellow worse, the marshmellow mix that came with the Peeps Marshmellow Maker toy that I got many a year ago as like some Easter gift or something. I like Peeps, I think they're the best marshmellows ever, but dear LORD! The marshmellows from it tasted like poison or something, they were kinda bitter and didn't taste like the beloved Peeps (or even normal marshmellows for that matter) at ALL!

So, the marshmellow rose was slightly better than the Peeps Poison Maker. Second worst marshmellow ever.

My favorite Pokemon is.....

Wobbuffet! Yes, really, without a doubt, I like it both aesthetically and usefulness in battle. I liked this one before I even tried to use it ever in battle, I just really really like Wobbuffet, not sure why. Yep, totally my fav Pokemon ever!

Runners up:

from RBY: Marrowak and Slowbro were always my favorites for some reason

from GSC: Skarmory, Kingdra I've enjoyed them both in many playthroughs (Kingdra on my most recent DP playthrough with my first time using Kindgra)

from RSE: Spinda, Sableye, Mawile, Zangoose, Seviper must've been a "non-evolving" type phase or something, I didn't like most of them too well battle wise to be fair.

from DPP: Honckrow, Togekiss yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of most of the additions to the pokedex, but I still liked some of the evolutions of the older ones.

Who the hell do you think I am? GURREN LAGANN!

Wow, finished Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, that was SOOOO epic awesome that words cannot describe it! The series just constantly 1up-ed itself, defied the laws of physics and anime to do whatever. The mecha were quite literally powered by determination and fighting spirit (unlike other mech shows where they really are, but they try to deny it for some arbitrary reason).

To get an idea of how awesome, if I didn't know that it was a 27 episode series, I would've thought the series could've ended in two places because they were epic enough for a finale scene all on their own. They then went on to become more epic.

And the epic is what makes it so good! I climbed the epic scale at a staggering rate, it reminded me the Schloss Katamari where it starts of small but kinda cool and by the end of it you're plugging up a black hole. Except TTGL was even more epic than the Schloss Katamari. Or the 16th colossi. The only thing close is Kratos in God of War who climbs his way out of hell no less than twice, except the entire cast is pretty much Kratos epic cool (just not as Kratos stab happy).

Pick a series, it is nowhere near as epic awesome as TTGL, it is a much watch by all means. Even the mecha has awesome glasses. There's a smaller mecha that controls a larger mecha that controls a larger mecha that controls yet another mecha and one more for good measure. All of which use drills roughly three times their size if not more and have lots of drills everywhere. Ok, well Firefly is a contender for most awesome show ever to be sure (shame it was cancelled), but there are very few shows and no mecha anime that can compare to TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN!!! when it comes to sheer epic win (and awesomeness).

Seriously, go watch this.