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slow boring weekend and a game review

Normally, I spend at least one day during the weekend hanging out with my other nerd friends on the floor, but this weekend, two of them are gone! I played some Brawl (we did all of the two player event matches) with the one who's still here though. Sadly, he still seems to be asleep or just not there (we were up til almost 3am doing that, then I stayed up til 4:30am playing God of War: Chains of Olympus), I'm betting on asleep though.

I certainly don't want to go play outside, I'm very pale and burn easily and that wouldn't be much fun, and I hear all sorta of idiotic things from my window as is.

I've got about three weeks of school left (including finals) and I think there's only two more weekends left after this one (although one of them is in finals week).

So, here's the game review! I normally write them up where you review games, but this isn't a video game, it's a card game:

The game starts off with a simple rule: Draw 1, Play 1. You try to win by matching the Goal by playing Keepers that will match it. But, the cards that you play can change the Rules, the Goals, or perform an Action in hopes of irritating everyone else. And that brings me to the hidden goal of the game that quickly forms when any group of friends it playing it: to be a complete and total jerk. It takes a couple rounds to get the hang of how to play, but once you do, games are quick and easy to play and easy to teach others how to play. Games have a tendency to last 2 minutes or 20 minutes and while the back of the box says 2-6 players, I've played with maybe 10-12 people before with three different decks combined. There's also different versions of Fluxx (although it's best to start off with the original version IMO), Eco Fluxx, Stoner Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, and Monty Python Fluxx and there are add on packs of 6 cards (including a blank pack that lets you add your own Rules!). It's crazy and fun and it's a blast to play around lunch tables.

You can buy Fluxx and other games from Looney Labs, although you can also find Fluxx in some comic book and game stores (not video game stores, mind you), and they do have releases of it it foreign languages. I highly recommend the normal Fluxx for a starter version, probably one before 4.0, since 4.0 has creepers (as do Zombie and Monty Python), which are best not to put in the game while still learning sometimes.


here's a note to anyone who hasn't entered college yet: sign up for classes as early as you possibly can! I didn't and almost didn't get into a chem class i needed for the fall (the only other time interfered with taking German 2, which would interfere with me taking German 3 during the January in Bayreuth Germany for study abroad, which I'm dying to do!), luckily, I've been watching it like a hawk and a spot opened up! Sadly, the open lab spot is for Friday at 3:30, worst lab time ever, but beggars can't be choosers. Finally only have 1 lab next semester though (I've had two per week the past two semesters), but hey, bad lab time is what happens in this scenario. It's possible that I'll be able to change lab times when the semester comes though, so it's not a big deal right now, it's just on a FRIDAY!! So, meet with your guidance person sometime the week before class sign ups begin so you'll be better prepared. Now my morning schedule is like the last fall where I had a 9am MWF and a 9:30 TR (the class I temporarily had in it's place was an 8am TR). Now I just hope that the housing thing pulls through, they did something similar to my friend, but he's lucky, his potential roommate hasn't tried to contact him yet.

I actually like being on the higher up floor, sure stairs are annoying, but it's quite peaceful IMO. The place I want to get into has an elevator anyway.

Next week will be busy, I have my microbiology lab final on wednesday @ 6pm, which is half practical half written (good thing I'm a fiend at finding microscopic organisms under the microscope and doing lab techniques!) and then the next day I have my 3rd test for chemistry 104, a class that I, nor anyone else for that matter, does particularly well on. The professor, she has this hilarious habit of asking us questions that she's never gone over or given us examples of, I think she hates us all. She's a nice person and all, but man, she's a terribly teacher. The week after that, I have my last test for music 101, which should go well if I listen to the pieces he picked out for us and actually study my notes a bit more.

it has been raining. A lot.

Seriously, mushrooms have started growing out of the mulch all around campus. And the rain ain't done ;)

*sigh*, I have suddenly determined that I am easier to get a hold of IRL than I want to be, I need to fix this right away. Really, I ignore my cell phone 24/7 and I talk with most everyone entirely through aim. I'm mad, housing seriously messed up my housing assignment for next year, I really do need a single, they're far too nice not to have, and if I'm going to be in a double, it better be with someone who is a massive nerd or an already existing friend whom I could stand living with.

My favorite anime and manga series pt 7: 2007-present

Well, this has been pretty fun for me, not sure how entertaining it was for everyone else, but maybe I brought up some totally unknown to you series that you've considered watching or reading. I still need to write a Tezuka section, which I didn't add in before because it would've taken up way too much room :P.

Yep, I saw this all of 6 weeks or so ago, but it's must watch and I can only hope the light novels it's based off of get translated over here too. This is the type of series that needs to be watched in one huge chunk, since it simultaneously is telling three stories at once, the 1930, 1931, and 1932 stories, all of which are interrelated to eachother in some major way. It has plenty of violent moments too, the 1931 story involves a crazed person killing a lot of people on a train. The cast is huge, especially for a 13 episode series, it's almost unheard of. There's also a 3 ep OVA that I need to get around to. It's an adventure series to be sure, but it's quite captivating. 2007-13 episode (+3 OVA)-Funimation (R1)

The opening to this show is actually quite well know, and rather bizarre. This is most definitely a school comedy as far off the beaten path as humanly possible, the teacher is always trying to make everybody feel bad and commit suicide (his emergency kit is suicide material) and the entire cla$$ is inhabited by unusual trope characters (like immigrant girl, perfection girl, stalker girl, banaged up for attention girl, foreign girl, talks only through cell phone girl, normal girl, overly cheery/creepy girl, hikikomori girl, is actually evil but looks to evil to be called evil, overly apoligetic girl, etc). I couldn't really call this a slice of life, it's definitely a comedy and a parody type at that, but there's pretty much nothing life-like about it, it's just hilarious. 2007-12 eps, has two sequels: Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (12 eps) and Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (3 eps) and a 4th, Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was announced recently.

Didn't think I'd forget this one, did you? How could I forget the show that's my avatar after all! This is Awesome, Action-pakced, Epic, Robot fighting at its best. I wasn't expecting much out of it at first honestly, I'm not big into giant robots, but this series took just about trope you'd think it'd have within the first 8 episodes and then just flips them all. It's not the only series I mentioned over the course of the blogs to take the genre then flip it on it's head, Princess Tutu was the other one. But this was one of the few anime I cried at the end of, out of appreciation for just how good an anime I had just seen and that it was over. Way to go Gainax! 2007-27 episodes-Bandai (R1)

What initially made me check out Kaiba was a mix of wondering how far from Yugioh Abridged it could possibly be, word of mouth, the opening song, and the character designs (I do have a thing for old-school character designs). Much like Fantastic Children, don't think that the character designs are a reason that this is kid friendly, if anything, it's even less kid friendly than Fantastic Children is. In the first half of the series, we follow around Kaiba, out protagonist, and learn about his rather bizarre world in which you can transfer bodies and memories like and everyday thing. Then during the last half of the series, we get more to the actual story and learn who Kaiba really is (since yeah, he got amnesia first episode in for a mostly plausable reason). There are some really sad moments and some really touching ones, but the whole thing is just unforgettable, even if I do feel the ending was a bit rushed. It's sci-fi/adventure. 2008-12 episodes.

My favorite anime and manga pt 6: 2005-2006

I have a presentation to give entirely in german today, wish me luck! Here's the next segment:

My god, talk about a series I'm always trying to get people to watch! The character designs makes this series an easy dismissle as a children's anime, but it's really not, it's clearly intended for older audiences. Good sci-fi drama series in all actuality. The group known as the Children of Befort are searching for a girl who has been reincarnated on Earth whose real name is Tina. They'll be able to recognize her by the artwork that she does. Thoma is a young boy living in a group of tropical islands somewhere (that wasn't too specefic) always eager for adventure and ends up helping the Children of Befort in their quest. Still, there's plenty of weird stuff, sci-fi stuff, blood (one character loses an arm, several others are killed) and other stuff that makes this a must watch for me. The soundtrack is a real treat to listen too as well.

Entirely episodic drama series, I think this is a like it or hate it type honestly. You'll like it if you like drama series and don't mind some slower paced stuff, you might like it if you like great artwork and music, you'll hate it if you always want super action happening all the time. If you're in the former, consider watching a few episodes in pretty much any order. 2005-2006-26 episodes-Funimation (R1). Has a manga, 10 volumes, new material not in the show starts at volume 6

I feel like everyone forgot to watch this series and now Manga Ent. is nice enough to give us the complete series for an MRSP of only $40 which routinely sells for $20 on The Right Stuf International and everyone is still clueless about the thing. This is just a really well put together show, once again sci-fi (I do have a thing for sci-fi quite noticably) with incredibly production values and one of the best soundtracks I've heard. The story is a bit too lengthy and confusing to explain here, it involves other dimensions though quite heavily. 2005-2006-24 episodes-Manga Ent (R1)

Ha! I love this manga, everytime I see a new chapter on OM, I drop everything to read it. This is the type of smart people vs smart people shows, except this one deals with a lot of money and games that involve trying to get the money. It's always going in unexpected directions and it actually explains things out very well in a way that makes you feel smarter for just having read it. If you want something new to read, this is a must, don't hesitate, not even for a moment! I wouldn't dare spoil it for you, you'll just have to find out yourself! It's not lisenced so scanlations only here. 2005-ongoing.

My favorite anime and manga pt 5: 2001-2004 pt 2

Heh, I have a presentation to do entirely in spoken German on Thursday with my partner (who is very bad at German, but we're being graded individually so all is good). My stuff's about 80% memorized, I'm fast at that.

But onto anime! Sorry if this is boring anyone, but I've never talked about anime and I know a lot of other people do, so I wanna just get what I like out there.

I have a feeling some of you may have seen part of this back on Toonami's Midnight run, but it's actually an entire movie too (and it's all on youtube). Basically, Daft Punk took their entire Discovery album over to Leiji Matsumoto and they made a music video with an overall connecting story out of it that is, of course, about space musicians. Simplistic story, yes, but it's great fun to watch. And I know it's on youtube, it's just one of those series that makes you go "wow, they can do this with anime too?" type moments. 2003-movie

Rather weird show, in cla$$ic Satoshi Kon cla$$ic because while Tokyo Godfathers proves he's perfectly capable of normal, he clearly prefers really really weird. I'm still 100% sure what the story was and I'm sure a lot of people have probably seen the odd opening of the people laughing in incredibly random places, and it's from this show. Still, it's the type of show that leaves you questioning not what happened in the show at the end, but just life in general. Good thinking show really. 2004, 13 eps-Geneon (aired on Adult Swim).

Yeah, I thought this sounded boring too: garbage collectors in space. So, it's really not about the job being interesting, but the characters (I feel like I go for good characters a lot, but it's true) are all fleshed out, even the secretary of debris section. I'm not one for slice-of-life series, I generally can't stand them, but the last 6 episodes or so are a clearly connecting story to be fair, although most of it is just really really good character development. This was the type of show that I'd heard about and dismissed a few times before finally giving in and I ended up loving it. From what I've read of the manga, it follows some of the same basic stories, but in a completely different order. 2003-2004, 26 epidose- Bandai (R1)

Not sure wtf is up with this series, but it's great deadpan humor through and through. This is a case where I feel like the anime is a companion to the manga (after having read the first 12 volumes of it). It may be called "high school", but you'd have to question that, no one goes to cla$$ even when they're at school, they never learn anything because there don't appear to be any teacher there, it's just a fest of stupid guys saying things that might sound smart under strange conditions. And forming a baseball team out in the woods and getting lost. The cast includes, but is not limited to: guy with a purple mowhawk, a robot who doesn't know he's a robot, a guy who wears a mask and is immediatly accepted as a subsititue for another character whom he looks nothing like, Freddie Mercury look alike, several Gorillas whom are smarter than the students, a lacky of another character, Maeda's Mom. It's a crazy cast and a good watch. Possibly the stupidest show I've ever seen, but I totally like it that way. 2003,2004- 26 episodes (11 min each)-ADV (anime) & 2001-2006-17 volumes-ADV (for first 12, no idea on the others)

My favorite anime and manga pt 4: 2001-2004 pt 1

This will have some pretty obscure stuff in it honestly, I know almost no one has watched two of these.

First up, we have quite possibly my favorite anime of all time, Princess Tutu. Yes, I know, titles can be deceiving, I'll probably never reccomend or like another magical girl type show in my life, but maybe Princess Tutu succeeds because the magic isn't a big deal here, it's a means to acheive, but nothing to go "OMFG! MAGIC!" over. So, instead of being a legit magical girl series, it's instead a very very good romance drama type show and one of the only series to successfully make me cry. I wouldn't let the title nor the first few episodes in any way stop you from watching this, like I said earlier, a lot of my uber favorite titles are in genres I don't even like (here being magic girl and really girly stuff), but good stuff is good stuff, I insist that this is a must watch series. 2002-2003, 26 episodes-ADV. There is a manga that is a horror of mish-mashed ideas that should be avoided at all costs and burned at the stake.

Another bizarre thing that I found for free on, it's a weird CGI show that has plenty of dark humor. I found it entertaining to say the least. Mr. Stain lives in the junk alley and every episode is about something interesting that he finds there. There's not much to it, and there's no voice acting at all, the story is told entirely through actions on screen, but it really works. If you something a bit off the beaten path, go for it. Free on -14 episodes (most 11 minutes)- Funimation

This is the best Christmas movie I've seen in any media personally. Three homeless people (not the most likely of heroes) help an abandoned baby back to its family while remembering their own families, how they ended up on the streets, and reminiscing on their own lives in general. It's quite touching and unlike other Satoshi Kon stuff, it's completely *gasp* normal! 2003-movie

This is one of the more popular non-liscened in America shows that I've seen. It's a bit of a daunting task at first, being 74 episodes, but I was addicted and ended up marathoning the things over the course of 8 days or so. Great mystery, great characters, this is most certainly a cla$$ic anime in all sense, even if it's not too old yet. Brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Tenma saves the life of a boy with a bullet in his brain over the life of the city mayor. The mayor dies but the boy lives as a result. But it turns out that the boy he saved may just be the anti-christ, so 10 years later, he goes off to track down the boy, now 20, and attempt to fix his mistake. 2004-2005-74 episodes (anime) 1994-2001, 18 volumes (manga)-manga in America by Viz.

My favorite anime and manga pt 3: late 90s

Finally, some familiar things should show up this time around.

If you're thinking the artwork looks familar, it's because it is, Naoki Urasawa worked on this too. You can probably still pick up the DVDs for cheap from The Right Stuf International. Master Keaton follows around Taichi Keaton, who is very smart and very entertaining to watch do whatever he does that episode. It's almost entirely episodic in a good way and was so popular that it came back in an OVA form by popular demand. 1998-1999, 39 episodes (TV + OVA) combined published by Geneon

Uzumaki is a weird horror manga that totally totally freaked me out and scared me. Everything is about spirals and the artwork of all the spirals is just breathtaking and only adds to the series being successfully creepy. The spirals are the cause of everything, they're driving the whole town insane, killing people, and generally freaking me out. I wouldn't dare spoil it, it's only 3 volumes, but a very worthy read. 1998-3 volumes- Viz

This one should be familiar to someone! Sometimes called the "poor man's Cowboy Bebop", this is a great show unto itself. Perhaps not wildly original in most aspects, but you can't fault it for being action packed, interesting, suspenseful at times, etc. I first saw this when it aired back on Cartoon Network, it was my gateway anime and the first series I ever bought on DVD. I still re-watch it every other year or so since then. I also think it has one of the better dubs I've heard. 1998-26 eps-Bandai

This one might also be familiar or at least heard of before. Let's be honest, I had no idea wtf to expect when I decided to try out this series. What I got was a winner, great characters, great humor, great all around show. Former bike gang member turned high school teacher is Onizuka, the main character. Part of his goal is to reform the cla$$ he's been assigned by use of his sheer awesomeness. This is a must watch for comedy anime. 1999-2000 (anime)-43 eps, 1997-2002 (manga) 25 volumes.

My favorite anime and manga Pt 2 Early 90s

Early 90s and one forgotten 80s series! I guess I'm kinda going chronologically here. Comment if you think I should keep posting these, I always like to get people to try out new anime and manga. Things will start to look more familiar and recent as time comes closer to the present. Familiar things should probably pop up next installment if it is so desired. Also, while it was almost clear that I did no proof reading on my first one, I've most likely written this one better. And what do you mean "titles can't contain ASCII"? Stupid system

Talk about a manga that did whatever it wanted to! Characters would routinely use the panels themselves and the page layout for humor. This may also explain why Dragon Ball was rather fun loving and filled with animal characters, Toriyama had just finished Dr. Slump. The story is basically a robot girl does weird things, there's not much more to it. Lots of random things happen, but the whole thing is just an immense joyride to say the least. It makes very little sense most of the time, but you honestly don't care when you're smiling ear to ear and when Toriyama inserts himself as a robotic author character and his editor as an evil bad guy. Manga went from 1980-1985, 18 volumes, released by Viz in America

An OVA! Seriously, I have met no one else IRL who has even heard of this series, but it's really good sci-fi. The simple story of "Key is a robot who needs 30,000 friends to become human" easily masks that this is one of the more violent series I've seen, plenty of death in entertaining ways to go around! The whole series has a deliciously dark feeling about it that I feel in love with, a good mystery side, great sci-fi and story, it'll keep you glued til it's done. 1994-OVA-15 episodes, released by Viz R1

Petshop of Horrors! It's a horror type manga that successfully freaked me out a couple of times to be honest. It also has a 4 ep OVA attached with it that pretty much follow 4 stories exactly, I'd just go for the manga here. There's also a recent title called Tokyo Petshop of Horrors which is also pretty good. Count D sells pets with gremlin-like conditions attached to them and horror ensues in each chapter is the basic plot for each episode, but we also see a decent amount of a couple of side characters, mostly detective Leon Orcot and his younger half brother, Chris. 1995 10 volumes, OVA 1999 4 eps, Tokyo Petshop of Horrors, 2005-ongoing

I'll admit, this is a pretty rare movie and you're not likely to find it for cheap now that Geneon went under and Funimation didn't rescue it. This is one of the weirdest most surreal movies I think I've ever seen, I watched it last semester with a bunch of friends over at so and so's house with about 7 other people and we could not get over how funny-wrong it is to older people. It's a pretty basic story, but there's nothing else quite like it. Your best bet is the internet, I saw it going for upwards of $70 USD on ebay, although the VHS copies are much cheaper. 1995-movie

Some of my favorite anime and manga

I'm most certainly a bit of an otaku, but I've never actually talked about my anime watching and manga reading habits, which are quite prevalent for me, on here. I guess I'll make this a "Part 1" in all technicality, just whatever I can type up before I decide to go to sleep. I think I'll start with earlier times (80's) and work my way up. Think I'll probably cover all of my 80's series today, there's not too many. I won't cover any Tezuka stuff, I'll shove that all on some other day.

I've read this series so many times I've almost lost count (it's been at least 4). Yeah, it's a romantic comedy and it's an old one but a good one. You'd have to wonder why other series seem content to shout "pervert" every 5 seconds in place of actual comedy. This is the type of series where you know how it's going to end from chapter 1, but the journey is so good, you can't help but stay glued to each page or episode. It's a cla$$ic love story to be sure, and despite the picture which would imply the woman in the foreground is the main character, it's actually the guy with his hand behind his head in the background. I personally found this manga incredibly easy to relate to for some reason, even back in high school. I still haven't been able to find a manga where I feel so genuinely sorry for how bad a character's life is. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll just love it. Unlike many other series, Maison Ikkoku takes place over several years and actually has their characters grow up (some of the younger ones at least noticably), graduate, find a job, etc. Yusaku Godai is fed up with living in Maison Ikkoku, an apartment house inhabited by comic relief characters that drink in his room all the time as he's trying to study to get into college. Just as he's about to leave, the beautiful new manager, Kyoko Otonashi, announces that from now on, she's the new manager of the apartments, which thus prompts Yusaku to end up staying. Manga ran 1980-1987, 15 volumes, anime ran 1968-1988, 96 episodes.

First up is Banana Fish, a criminally under looked manga. For some reason, I find a lot of my favorite series to sit as far away as possible from my normal likes as humanly possible, and this is no exception. I hate bishonen characters, don't care about semi-life like gun fights, don't care about NYC, don't care about mild gay undertones, etc. and yet the way this story is told with non-stop action, drama, and moving the plot and character development forward is just astounding. I still don't care about gangs in NYC in the 1980s, but this is still one of the most unforgettable thing I've ever read. Ash Lynx is a pretty boy genius who obtains a phial of a mysterious drug that had caused his older brother to go mad over in Vietnam. It turns out this phial is incredibly important to the Corsican Mafia, whom Ash Lynx has been under the wing of for years, but when he refuses to hand over the drug, he's suddenly got half the city against him. Over in Japan it's one of the most favored manga of all time. Went from 1985-1994, 19 volumes

Yet another anime cla$$ic! This aired in 1985 (initially), which was not when I watched the series on the basis that I hadn't been born yet! I actually watching this around 2004-2005 area and it's still one of my favorites. Sure, it had robots, but it also had great characters and character development (except for Minmei, of course, I think she annoyed us all). Lupin the 3rd Tony Oliver even does Rick Hunter's voice, it's actually quite a good cast. Really, this is a must see (the Macross Saga at least, not the other ones aren't bad, but they don't quite compare). It just goes to prove that some things are considered cla$$ic for a very good reason. First aired 1985, 85 episodes total (36 for Macross, 24 for Masters, and 25 for New Generation).

Things I hate: Tree huggers, hippies, environmentalists, shojos. So why did I like this you ask? Because it's hardly any of the preceeding at all! It's one awesome sci-fi fest of brilliance with almost nothing earth friendly tree-hugging hippie about it, despite it's obvious turn off to me title. Seriously, I'll read a good sci-fi no matter what genre it's in and this is one of the finest to be sure. Odd premise, there's 7 teenagers on Earth who used to be scientists from another planet who were working on the moon before they became reincarnated on Earth. They see the memories of their past lives through their dreams and all 7 of the scientists refind each other. But not all memories are pleasant ones, which is especially true of our two mains Rin and Alice (or *spoiler* and Mokuren). The past lives of all the character affect the current lives that everyone is living with a major impact to everyone involved. Manga went from 1987-1994, 21 volumes, OVA went from 1993-1994, 6 episodes. I highly recommend the manga on this one, it's well worth it.