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Wow, do I really move out tomorrow?

Last final is at 1. At lot of people are already done finals though, so it's kinda annoying. Well, today I have to take a final at 3:30 (3 hours from typing this now), pack up almost everything in my room, and manage to study for the final tomorrow. I can't wait to go back and just have the whole semester be over, but some of my friends are graduating or going to different schools next year so it'll be kinda sad. Even then, I won't be seeing a lot of my friends until Otakon. Still, can't believe I really move out tomorrow! I can hear people moving out today as is (which is why I'm not still asleep!) So here's to one good year of school and here's hoping the next will be good too!

So, back from final, that went rather badly, but in order to get at least a C in the class, I don't have to do spectacularly well on this final. Which is good because I didn't. the whole thing felt like it was written in another language, and not like in German class where it was supposed to be. And she told us a different room at the last minute, and ugh...tomorrow's should go better.

Yeah, my university started 1-2 weeks after everyone else due to our winter session's length, so logically we also started our finals 1-2 weeks after everyone else.

My Favorite Anime and Manga: Osamu Tezuka Pt 1

Feels like I've been putting out a lot of these lately...anyway,I near forgot to write up some things about Osamu Tezuka anime/manga! As you can well tell, he's quite possibly my favorite mangaka of all time, he's the one to beat in my book. This is all about Astro though, I'll explore non-Astro love next time! Am I at all pleased about the American currently-being-made CGI film? No, not really, but I might see it anyway. If we're lucky, whoever is doing it bothered to watch the shows.

Astro Boy-23 volumes-Dark Horse (R1)

Let's start with the Astro Boy manga! Yes, I am such a big fan of Astro Boy, but I've only had the pleasure of reading 14 out of 23 of the volumes of the fantastic manga. In the dark Horse publications, I think that volumes 6-9 or somewhere are standout, which shows another possibility to Astro's origin (I swear, the entire collective has like 4 or so at least). I plan to get the remaining volumes ASAP, but these aren't published in sequence, so when Cobalt, who looks exactly like Astro, shows up in volume 2, I was so confused for a while, he's not introduced until vol 11...but it's fairly episodic, so it's not a deal breaking issue.

Astro Boy: 1980's series-52 episodes-Manga Ent (R1)

This is based pretty heavily on the manga, some things are basically direct rips. Also, the dub for this series is horrendously bad, but Manga ent. is nice enough to give us subs. I'd probably call this one the least deep of the series in terms of thought provoking issues brought up, but it's a good series nontheless. One major difference between this and the manga is the lack of Cobalt, who was in the 1963 version which I've yet to see, but I will in due time! Osamu Tezuka had a direct hand in this one, he wanted to make this instead of Jetter Mars back in the 70's, but was forced to make Jetter Mars due to copyrighting issues, and it was essentially a clone of the Astro series. Should also note: some idiot in America smashed the first two eps together to eliminate the telling of the origin of Astro's nemesis Atlas. Luckily, these episode are on youtube.

Astro Boy: 2003 series-51 episode-Sony (R1)

Actually, one episode of this never made it to America due to copyright issues but I saw it thanks to the internet, not missing much. In Japan, this series aired on Astro's birthdate (4-7-2003), so it was partly a celebration, but it's also a good series in it's own right. I'd probably call this the darkest version of Astro Boy, there's more anti-robotism and themes of rejection than in any of the other series and it's certainly more politically charged, which the other series most certainly lacked. At the same time, I'm a little mad that the 1980 series allowed Astro to fail a bit more often, but the 2003 series didn't quite as much. I can't say which series I prefer, but I wish Sony had given us subs on this one too, the dub is much better than the 1980 series, could use some improvement.

Ok, clearly not an anime, but this is what got me into Astro Boy and Osamu Tezuka in general and it came out due to the 2003 series. We're going to say that the PS2 version of this game doesn't exist, because quite frankly, it shouldn't. This game was made by Treasure, so the developers clearly had brains, but man! It's just so awesome! And in cla$$ic Treasure styl3 this game is not a cakewalk, not even on medium (it's easy is like normal difficulty on any other game). It's cameo infused, but not worthlessly so, since all the people you meet contribute to your inappropriatly named "Omega Factor" (I say innappropriate because in the 1980 series, it turns robots evil). But for $5 used at any GameStop, at least play this game, espcially for side-scrolling beat 'em up fans. Go play this, it's one of the best GBA games on its own merits and one of the best videogames based off an anime.

well, that finishes off my pizza! fun stuff

Played Brawl and got a pizza a few days ago with my friends in a Domino's 5-5-5 deal (for those unaware, it's 3 medium 1 topping pizzas for $5 each), and we each got our own, now mine's done cus I put it in my mini fridge for later.

But no, the fun news is that earlier today, all of the power all over campus went off! It hit almost all of campus except for my dorm building and the one next to it! So we could still play Brawl, but the internet was sacrificed. But now it's back on, but hey, at least we had power! Take that, other dorms and street lights!

My opinion on what are some of the most overrated games ever

What can I say? I'm in a bad mood today and I'm determined to spread it around :twisted: And what better way to do that than with a list in which someone is sure to disagree on at least 1 entry on said list? After all, positive lists just aren't as much fun to make when you're already in a bad mood. 4 is the first number that came to mind, so I'm doing 4. This is a temporary therapy for me, so don't get too angry, it's just my personal opinion, there's nothing more fun than complaining about things you hate when you're already upset. Oh yes am I a negative person! I revel in it! I'm like the teacher in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei!

Seriously, please don't get overly annoyed with this.

#4: The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Oh yes do I mean it too.

what ruined it for me:clearly it could only be that I played both Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN version) and Zelda: Windwaker before it. I loved both of those games and Ocarina hardly compared.

chief complaints:the water temple (obviously), not being able to quick assign the boots, Link's wanting to move in only 8 directions, minor camera complaints, Navi

do i still think people should play it?in short yes, it's a good game that aged better than most, but it's nowhere near as good as the recent endeavors. Don't expect as much from it and i'll still call it worth a play. I think it's still good, I just think it's highly overrated.

#3: Kingdom Hearts 2

what ruined it for me:I dunno, probably playing the first one? The pre-game hype that I was totally a part of? How incredibly easy the game was?

chief complaints:incredibly easy gameplay, Atlantic, arbitrary hours of gameplay shoved in, the story making just about no sense whatsoever, gummi ship, needing to have played the GBA game to get most of the story (I didn't like that game either), 4 hour tutorial

do I still think people should play it?I dunno, maybe. There were a couple of truly shining moments in the game that occurred during the Steamboat Willie and Tron worlds that at $20, almost makes it worth playing. Soundtrack and pre-rendered CGI scenes are good. It's not something that I'd imagine ever playing again though, but a once-through might be ok.

#2: Final Fantasy 7

what ruined it for me:I was expecting it to cure cancer, played FF 1&2 Dawn of Souls first, played Dragon Quest 8 first, played FF9 afterwards and preferred it immensely

chief complaints: story and characters (not all, just most of the playables), logic flaws (uh, we have a soft y'know), the One-Winged Angel song, that one random glitch I got in which the game refused to allow me to climb ladders (although exiting, saving, turning off, restarting seemed to work), gameplay difficulty

do I still think people should play it?no quite frankly, but a slight yes if only to understand what everyone's talking about and to understand why Square is still milking it.

#1: Okami

I was pretty close to swapping this with FF7, but I'd also have to argue that if I were drunk that I could enjoy FF7, but not this. I'd also have to argue that most of the basic gameplay elements in FF7 are not half-broken and for that reason, I'd feel bad putting FF7 here.

what ruined it for me:Having played most all of the Zelda games (except Majora's Mask and some of the older ones) before this, having played tons of platformers on PS2 before this

chief complaints:other than everything? well sound, writing, gameplay, Issun, copious amounts of backtracking, brush recognition and controls, controls in general, camera, trying to use pretty graphics to cover up above flaws. The fact that this got ported to the Wii to try and get people to recognize it again (although the IGN watermark is hilarious), it has a 93 on Metacritic (90 for Wii version).

do I still think people should play this?No, not at all, not even to get why everyone else adores it. It can stay in the bargain bin for all eternity for all I care and join ET in the landfill.

i dunno, update?

So, first, I started replaying Ape Escape 3. The story in that game is so bad it's genius, and it's one of the funniest games I've ever played.

More importantly, over at my friends dorm yesterday, I got to play Castle Crashers and wow was it ever awesome! I played as the Poison knight and both times I won the princess. My friends were Fire and Lightning knights, and I put most of my skill points into magic, defense, and agility and none into attack because they were and I'm patient. Seriously, well worth the points, I'll get it during the summer when I get a chance.

My hunt for original non-waggle-fest Wii games goes on, but I think I might get a couple. First, Deadly Creatures in which you play as a tarantula and a scorpion and wow does that idea sound incredibly awesome to me. I saw some gameplay vids, it's solid and should be worth my time. But for $50, gotta wait for price to come down. And then second, Klonoa, the remake of the PS1 game that I already own and am debating the need to wait on it, after all, I have the ps1 version, but if sales are good, they're likely to make a Klonoa 3 at long last!

And my allergies have been bothering me to no end today, sheesh!

classes over and Pandora

First off, classes are over for me, yay! I just have three finals all next week.

Yesterday, my friend showed me a site called that works as a radio that plays selections based on a favored band or song you put into the system. It's free to sign up and you get an ad every so often, but when it plays a song you don't like, you can click it thumbs down and it immediately stops playing the song, apologizes, then tries something else. It's pretty cool, consider checking it out, good to find new music. Check it out if you have time.

Y'know what I sometimes realize on and off?

Those place, on my upper jaw, ever since I got my wisdom teeth taken out, they just feel so weird! It's like tooth, tooth, tooth, smooth flat fleshy gum surface with a slight indent.

Where I got my bottom teeth out, they were impacted (meaning stuck in the jaw bone), which took more effort to get out, but more gum grew back in their place, so I'm sorta trying to make some of that gum stretch a little or something so I can fit my toothbrush there easier.

This is the kinda of random stuff that I notice when I only have three days of classes this week and don't have my first final until next Tuesday. Ahhh yeah!!

almost semester's end!

I have two weeks left, classes until Thursday this week then final exams week starts. My finals are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the week after next. And on Friday I need to move out of my dorm, so that's gonna be a busy day. i have a test this wednesday but no final for that course, so that's awesome! Speaking of which I need to remember to get my notes back from my friend this weekend...

It's going to be sad though, one of my friends is moving to a different school in Georgia and two more are going to live off campus at their home. But the summer will finally be here and I won't have to go to that cla$$ that I hate, Chem 104 anymore! I should know how badly I did on the test on Monday and how much she curves the grade by!

I don't think that went too well...

Well, the test Wednesday night went pretty well. I forgot a couple of minor things, but I think I got somewhere between an A and a B on it. The TA was funny, we had to do a tube to tube transfer (which I got 100% on that part) while she observed to make sure we were doing to techniques correct, and sometimes she just kept giggling in a way that you knew she was holding back so much laughter. Of course, the one girl closed her eyes during her tube to tube transfer and I think she was laughing in general at how much shaking everyone was doing because they were so nervous during it. Seriously, that was quite possibly the easiest part of the test, once you took a deep breath, it wasn't that big a deal. Still, I have to say, that was the most enjoyable final I think I've ever had. The NA plate streaking gave me some problems though. Well, first, these plates were good, the agar wasn't all soft like they were a couple weeks ago where any attempt at innoculating resulted in half tearing the agar apart, but my loop was kinda "cut" at the top, so it dug into the plate. New plate, new loop. The problem with the new loop was that it was so nice and smooth, I couldn't see where I had streaked on the plate. New plate, found a "new" old loop, and finally, all was ok.

But then, we have the Chem test tonight. Sadly, I still have a final in chem, but at least it's all multiple choice, so I can but down C for anything I can't guess at. But, ok, well first problems first: I studied for the bio final since I knew I could get a good grade on it if I did. Since that was the night before, I didn't exactly study a lot for this test. And this is the second time this has happened. And then during the test, I had two mental breakdowns, which was a new experience for me but not a whole lot of fun. And not being able to use TI-83s on the test doesn't help much either, because people like me who can program TI-83s will program them. Yeah, I'll find out on maybe Wednesday how badly I did. And I skipped my favorite class this morning too, that upset me (well, I was up til 3 and that class is at 8am, so...), but oh well. Hopefully, my chem lab grade and BS homework stuff and her curving of the grades will still help me pass (I hear this course is notorious for people passing who failed all of the tests, so here's hoping, since I barely passed the first two).

Been thinking about cutting my hair shorter, it's down to my shoulders, but it's thick and it's always too long and difficult to deal with. Yeah, my one friend has really long hair like down to almost his waist, but his is a lot thinner and more manageable. And my other friend's hair is about my length, but his is also much thinner and more manageable. So I guess I'll debate that for the time being. Not sure how well I could pull it off is the problem...

It's gonna be a busy week + another card game review!

Yeah, still got those two tests coming up, haven't studied much for the one since it's Biology and I'm good at remember that sorta stuff and doing lab techniques and whatnot. On Thursday though, after the test is over (it starts at 5pm), I'm going to just come back here and relax and odds are that I'll start watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which including spinoffs and movies, is 162 episodes and 3 or 4 movies. I've seen the first season and I can tell that this is going to be well worth it!

So, onto the game review! I'm not just well versed in video games, I'll gladly partake in card and board games as well!Last time I talked about Fluxx, well this is a game by the same people called:

The rules are a bit more complicated than Fluxx's, but there are certainly some similarities. For example, the "hidden rule" in Fluxx was to be as much of a jerk as possible, right? Well that hidden rule returns as well, but there's another unspoken rule that says if you want to win that it is beneficial to you to also be as much of a liar as possible. While in Fluxx you can never be quite sure what will happen next, it is more than possible to guess what your opponent wants done based on what cards they play, strategy is much more important this time around then in Fluxx. In Chrononauts, you play as a time traveler who needs to get back to their correct time by matching the three requirements on your id card. The game comes with a special set of cards that are spread out in an 8x4 pattern that serve as the "time map" so to speak for the game. some of the cards are purple on one side and red on the other and serve as lynchpins of time that affect other point, called ripple points, and cause temporary time holes that require patches to fix. Your id card always has two of the patches conditions on it and 1 normal ripple point condition that need to be met in order to win. Like Fluxx, there are a few type of cards in the deck: Reverse Fates (which only work on the lynchpins), Patches (which can only be played on a ripple point paradox side up), Timewarp, Action, and Artifacts (which work just like Fluxx's Keepers). If your chief complaint in Fluxx was that it didn't require enough strategy to win, then Chrononauts should fulfill that want nicely. The link I provided last time for Looney Labs is also where you can buy Chrononauts. There's also an Early American History Chrononauts that I haven't gotten a chance to play yet. The normal Chrononauts covers some of the world history from Lincoln's Assassination through WWII up to the Columbine shooting (although I'll admit that the history is skewed toward America quite a bit from the 1980's or so onwards). Although the game deals with history, you do not need to be familiar with it to enjoy the game. While I think Fluxx is definitely a good game for the whole family, I'd suggest Chrononauts for older people with better attention spans.

Chrononauts also won an Origins award for "Best Traditional Card Game of 2000"