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Fun day!

I picked blueberries with my sister! But she insisted on keeping a lot of them for cooking, which I think will just ruin them, she kept like 2/3rds for cooking, wtf? But I got quite a lot to take back with me to eat them.

And then on the way back, we stopped at my favorite snow-cone stand ever! I got my favorite combination of skylite mixed with spearmint and with marshmellow on top! I swear no one else can do it quite right but them :D

Also, I got bored and made a cake last night, chocolate cake w/ cream cheese icing and I sliced up some strawberries to put in the middle. I am incredibly bad at icing cakes though, it always looks hideous, but eh, who cares? I've yet to try it though, I don't like to be the first one to take a slice from a cake :roll:

But hey! Got blueberries! Yum!

Klonoa vs Klonoa

So, ships at lightning speed and I got my Klonoa Wii game already! I'm in a bit of an odd situation here in that I've already played the PS1 game before this (as well as both of the GBA ones and the Klonoa 2 PS2 game) so I didn't enter this without knowing. So, I'm going to have a Klonoa vs Klonoa here!

So, here are the two games, let's start with the cover! The first thing I noticed was the logo change, the Phantomile logo is what all the other ones look like, but the new one seems like it's to appeal to whoever's parents small kids rely on to buy Wii games for them. Still, I'll let it slide, I can always just print out the Japanese cover version. But you might also notice that Huepow had Rayman-like hands and a ring below him originally, and I don't really see why that needed to go away. And the last major thing to notice is Klonoa himself, who now has a jacket in the remake, but just a strange red collar in the original and had more yellow eyes initially. The gloves are a bit different too, new Klonoa has white on the bottom of the gloves and yellow on the top while old Klonoa's gloves are completely yellow (although you can't tell from the cover).

Now, let's move onto to the first scene: Original game. The original game had special made cutscenes a few times in the game. It also had an intro that played before you turned it on that also disappeared for the Wiimake. There are normally words there, not sure why they're not. Wii opener The words and audio are in Japanese, but Klonoa has the same voice actor that he did from the very first game for the Japanese and Phantomile language versions. But more notable is that all the cutscenes in the Wii game are made using the graphics engine present throughout the game and not a new one just for those scenes. While this helped scenes that were previously done with sprites, it hurt scenes that were done with graphics similar to the original's first scene.

When I played the Wii game, I played it with the Phantomile language soundtrack, simply because all the other Klonoa games have this and I'm used to it. I would have to say that the Phantomile soundtrack is the weakest between Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, the original, and the wiimake. The first thing I noticed was that very few lines felt like they were spoken long enough to match the text appearing on the screen, something that rarely happened in either of the other two games. I'd often question why the dialogue stopped less than halfway through the text appearing on the screen. I'm pretty sure this would've been fixed in the English language track, but this didn't happen in any other game, why now? While you're never sure what they're saying in the Phantomile, you can always feel the emotion, and that was something that wasn't quite here either, in part due to the short lines. I think Klonoa 2 probably hit this the best, but the finale scene for the original was very good as well.

Some of the major dialogue also changed. For the most part, this worked to the benefit of bit scenes, like when Klonoa meets with the guard, but worked against the game during the major scenes in which I feel the original worded things more clearly. I also purposely hit Grannie during the one boss fight due to her original line complaining that you hit her with a Moo (if you did), but that line was gone here. Another thing that I rather missed was the Forlock greeting of "Yipee!" that got some new thing I'm not really sure what it was, but "Yipee!" was more ridiculous and sucked me in quite a bit more. Another major thing is that they changed the names of two of the major characters, Huepow -->Hewpoe and Joka-->Joker. I'd have to question why they did that, considering that both characters appear with the original spellings on the GBA games, unless they got a new localization team that had never played a Klonoa game before, but that would be one of the things that you'd think they should leave well enough alone, the original names weren't hard to pronounce.

Onto the character designs: I'd say Klonoa himself depends on personal taste, considering that they ripped the new Klonoa's model straight off of Klonoa 2, which is probably why I switched to that character model when I could, it feels more right. Original klonoa was much shorter and different, which made some people not like K2's Klonoa as much either. I think Huepow's design was better in the original, namely his second, slightly spoiler design, it was just more elegant looking and didn't look as...chunky. Joka originally had Rayman like hands and legs that weren't connected to him, but now he's got thin black arms and legs. I'd prefer for them to not be there, but it's not a big deal. Ghadius is much improved in the Wiimake, he probably had the best design change of any of them. Lephise is a mixed bag, not really sure how to feel about her, I personally liked the original one better, and new Lephise looks better in motion than in screen shots, but her eyes don't sit well with me. All bit characters look better in the Wiimake, mostly because some of them were barely legible sprites in the original.

The level designs were largely the same, but the Wiimake has some very worthy extras, the reverse stages mess with your mind a bit and also have extra near impossible challenges within them and certainly add some replay value to the game. The new levels look a lot better for the most part, everything is much crisper and prettier without being overly pretty and I'd say the level graphics are much better. Needless to say, I noticed a few small things here and there which mostly annoyed me, but didn't really take away from the level either. My one problem was the collision detection, which took me some getting used to because it worked neither like the original nor like Klonoa 2's. Someone new to the series through this game wouldn't notice it, but it sure annoyed me and it's the main reason why I think the original is still better. It's actually how I lost most of my health, trying to grab something but running into it by mistake.

Boss fights were made easier here, originally, most of the bosses took 6 hits, now they took 4. One boss took 9 hits, now it took 6. Except for the final boss (which even got a new attack which I liked), all of the bosses were made way too easy.

The music is the same in both games, but it sounded a little softer in the new game. Music is still the same goodness, and they're both pretty much equal. I did notice in the new game, which make me give it the edge, is that it looped better, in some cases much more similarly to the 2nd game (which I'd say still has the best sound design of the three console ones).

So, which one do I think you should get? The original if you can, but if you can't, you should still pick up the Wii version without a doubt. It's a great game and most of the complainers are likely to be people like me who find the original to be better still. Also, they might make a Klonoa 3 if the Wii version sells enough, that alone is worth supporting the Woo version for.

I ordered new equipment!

Juggling equipment to be exact. After I came back from the University, I had my juggling bean bags for a while, but then when everything got put away, for some reason they just seem to have disappeared into thin air. So, I've been meaning to order new ones for a while now anyway so I figured this was a good opportunity. I got 5, the ones in the 2nd row (except the purple/blacntil k one), and they won't ship until Monday sadly, but I'm excited anyway! They were $8 each, I'm debating on wether or not I want to get balls, which you juggle the same way, but feel totally different, they're usually more for stage presence.

Back on Wednesday, I was watching Discovery Channel on that new show at 8 whose name I can't remember, but anyway, they showed someone juggling clubs in slo-motion and I suddenly was able to see what I couldn't see at normal speeds. So when I went to juggle clubs a bit earlier, I finally figured out the secret! For one, I was juggling them at the wrong angle, like you would beanbags yes, but not clubs, I was throwing them too high, I wasn't making my throw-catch movement blend to be the same, wasn't throwing them at the right angle, etc. but now I've sorted it out! I'll be practicing during the summer, I want to get better and I plan to eventually get better clubs (mine are semi-cheap learners clubs that were $17 each, got them at a convention. If I get good enough with club juggling, then next summer, I'll try to apply for a part-time job as a juggler for events (since I live near a major city, they're sure to have party places that hire people out), I'd get money and juggling time! And get some new clubs to celebrate then! I wanna learn how to unicycle too, but for the most part, I think that basic 3 club juggling and whatever I can do with bean bags already should suffice, but club juggling is a must I'd think.

Just one month to go!

I've got about a month to go until Otakon (July 17-19), an anime convention in Baltimore city. This'll be my first time going because I suck and haven't ever gone before. Still, I'll probably be eating abnormally high amounts of sushi that entire weekend and hopefully I won't run into any weeaboo (let you ubran dictionary that yourself, but basically, it's the type of fan who gives all anime fans a bad name and they're not enjoyable to be around *shudder*). Part of the fun for me is that I already know quite a lot of people going, since I live in the state so I'm sure to see a good amount of people I know there. A lot of people from my college are going too, so that's even more people. Hopefully no one will want to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in the Inner Harbor, I hate that place.

Still, here's to the one month to go mark! Still haven't decided if I want to cosplay, but if I did, I'd go as Sami from Advance Wars, her outfit is simple and I could pull her off.

Top anime (and manga) badasses

10. The entire cast of Cromartie High School

For being so badass, they totally aren't. They brag it all the time, but they never smoke real cigarettes, fight each other, or really do much of anything. But when you have scenes like this one, I have to give them some credit. Also, Freddie Mercury look-a-like is a main character.

9. Alex Rowe-Last Exile

Two words: The finale. He single handedly leads to the most satisfying villain death ever, I wouldn't dare spoil it more than that.

8. Eikichi Onizuka-Great Teacher Onizuka

Former gang member turned teacher, he gives his students tough love all the way. His methods are pretty extreme too, but he's willing to go all out to help his students and he's pretty badass while doing it.

7. Karasu-Noein

He's one of the kids in the series who took a lesson in future badass in the line that lead to his future. He protects Haruka in his past time with powers he received from the future time which are awesome black thread like things that can destroy most anything he wants it to. He also uses these powers to fight against people with equally awesome powers.

6. D/Sergei-Key the Metal Idol

This guy gets rock salt needles stuck in his hand and just brushes them off. He controls mechs as well with his sheer willpower and when he's stuck up in the hospital after using all his energy, his awesomeness doesn't keep him there for long.

5. Spike Spiegel-Cowboy Bebop

He's a pickpocket, gambling, fighting badass who hunts bounties. His fluid fighting styl3 makes it difficult to hit him in a fight, but he's also laid back and relaxed. He's pretty awesome overall. Bang.

4. Gene Starwind-Outlaw Star

His ship is the same color as his hair by his request. Well, he uses one of the most awesome guns ever, the caster which uses magic bullets, he has an awesome crew, and fights with a ship with grappling arms in space. Even without his toys, he has plenty of muscle power to get things done and his styl3 is just awesome. One of the reasons I put him above Spike? Gene is a lot more direct and that red hair is nice too.

3. Rail Tracer-Baccano!

He likes to cover himself in blood, acrobat all around the train, and do it all with a smile that just shows how much he's enjoying himself. How deliciously sick and twsited! I'm using a small pic here to try and avoid spoilers, but in a series filled with other badasses, he's still above them all.

2.Ash Lynx-Banana Fish

He has an IQ of over 200 and he's a certainly pretty boy, but he can shoot a guy square between the eyes even when he can't see. He's one of the best shots in all of anime and manga and one of the most charismatic, he can use his brains and charm alone to control all of the street gangs in NYC. The lynx in his namesake serves him well, beware of Ash, he's one badass killer who can pass as a rich banker's song any day, all behind a lovely smile.

1. The entire cast of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The Gurren Lagann itself is quite possibly the most badass robot ever, everything is grabs will automatically recolor itself to fit the awesome red color scheme, it's piloted by two of the most badass characters ever, Kamina and Simon, and when it appears on one battlefield, every enemy in the surrounding area blows up in honor of it. Not to mention it takes the whole show to get to the mech the show is named after; the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Seriously, it has the most badass pilots, it runs on the power of the awesome of the pilots, and it can throw galaxies. Not to mention that just about every character in that show gets a crowning moment of awesome at one point or another (some more awesome than others) and "spiral energy" is just another term for "the more badass you are, the more awesome your mech will be".

Red hair...

I was at Borders and saw a book (probably based off the website) of "stuff white people like" and one of them was red hair. It said things along the line of "it's natural, but not main stream, two other things white people also like". It also suggested something interesting to me, that if you ask most white women, they'll be likely to tell you how they've either dyed their hair red in the past or plan to at some point in the future. I know that's true of my mom, but I don't think that's true of my sister. But I'm totally going to be trying this out with more people. I can tell you right now that my mom's hair looked obviously dyed next to mine.

Still, I have red hair naturally, so maybe I just don't see the desire or attraction because I'm just so used to it. I also think it's overused in anime and games, probably because each series seems to want one. Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star and Sami from Advance Wars are probably my favorite red-heads though.

Ugh, commercials, so annoying! pet peeve

Maybe it's just me, maybe it's because of the channels i watch (Discovery, History, stuff like that), but I feel like I see a commercial within ever half hour about some already perfectly thin woman who is supposedly on a diet or some animated over-reacting woman who is supposedly on a diet who exercises just enough to gorge on a chocolate cake or something later. Really, I don't know anyone on a diet or drinking diet drinks, etc. in some desperate struggle to hit a 17 BMI, who are these commercials for? They all have skinny people in them! And these commercials always make me horrible and stupid for being thin and in shape (although I feel a tad bad since I haven't been able to practice my club juggling or any juggling since last week). I can't tell if it's because I'm still young (20) or if it's because I'm sane, but these commercials are just annoying me to no end. And then they go "OMG! Calories!" or should I say kilacalories, a calorie is a measure of the amount of energy needed to raise 1 ml of water by 1 degree Celsius or Kelvin (a kcal is the same but with a Liter), and technically all the things that say "calories" on the nutrition mean "kilacalories", and then it's about the balance of where the calories are used and yeah I took basic nutrition back in the fall.

But I guess this is my pet peeve of the week! Unnecessary diet commercials.

Hmm, what to do this summer...

I can't decide, I'd really like to get a summer job and some spending money, but I also want to just relax,tough choice! For now relax seems to be working just fine though.

My finger has gotten a bit better, but put it in a splint to keep it from moving. Whole nail is still blue, it'll look weird all summer most likely. Still hurts and is bruised all over, probably still hurts because the fingers have more nerve ending and feeling in them then say the leg or the arm. I can still drive and whatnot, some of my typing is off though. It's been very annoying, I got a few games in the Gamestop buy 2 get 1 free, but I haven't been able to try them out :cry:

So, in the meantime, I've been watching anime and reading manga. I've been reading Please Save My Earth out of joy of finally getting a hold of the last two books I needed (1 and 13) to fully enjoy the series! I've also gotten my friend addicted to it, she'll get to read more on Tuesday. And then I've been watching Reboot (not anime, but w/e). I'm in the middle of third season, at first it starts off as a "game of the week" series for the first season and a half, but then towards the end of the 2nd season it starts to get an overall and completely awesome plot, I can see why it's so favored now because I can't stop watching it! It's the first CGI TV show, it was made in Canada and has an English voice track only, but it certainly grows on ya.

I love having a car though, it means I can go to the grocery store whenever I want to and get as much fruit as I anticipate I'll eat in the next 3-4 days! It's probably odd that I've lived in America my whole life, but I'm oddly unfamiliar with the stuff that everyone assumes most Americans eat, I haven't had a hamburger or hot dog (or any red meat) in over 12 years I'd say and all forms of fast food just disgust me and I don't eat them (Subway is ok though). I really don't like sodas that much either, a glass of nice cold water is fine if not refreshing and delicious. I got me a bag of cherries yesterday, not the type they put on ice cream, but the real cherries, the type that are dark red and have the pit in them. One of my favorites for sure!

So yeah, what I'm going to do this summer is still up in the air, probably a few trips and enjoying whatever fresh fruits I can get my hands on for sure, I craved fresh fruit so much at college and all they had were apples and occasional bananas, oranges, and grapefruit. I know what I'm doing this winter though: study abroad in Germany!

Owww, son of gaming this week

Earlier, I went to go return a movie, but I accidentally smashed my right middle finger in the big house door (didn't shut on, kinda hit it and bounced back off it). Ok, at first I figured it was just one of those things where you smashed you finger a tad and it hurts for a good 10-15 minutes then goes away, but when I looked at it, I saw it was bleeding, guess it got smashed more than I thought. I had to get my mom's friends to help me because she still had anethesia issues from her tooth surgery this morning (one of them told her, then she woke up and came down right away). Yeah, the nail kinda cracked horizontally a bit, hence the bleeding. I'll look at it tomorrow, I'm not in the mood today, it hurts a ton, I think I need some more light painkillers. It'll probably make me fall asleep again. Had to type this left handed. So I think most gaming and heavy internet/computer usage is out for most of the week.

limbs! falling asleep!

My right arm fell asleep at some point when I was sleeping, it was funny because when I woke up, i couldn't feel it, and that entertained me. So I kinda threw it around a bit, I couldn't feel anything from it and it certainly couldn't move at the time. Then I threw it in a direction that I didn't like and was somehow afraid I injured it, but that's never happened,it always flings into some position it can go into naturally. Maybe I was creeped out it landed on me with a deadening "thud" and I kinda flung it off me. Tried best I could to move it, but I guess the nervous signal had to get re-established by telling my fingers to move (which they couldn't at first). About two minutes later it was fine, and the fun ended :cry:

Well, I'm back at my house and enjoying my cat again. And fresh fruit, I wish my college had more than just apples and the occasional banana at the dining hall and had more variety with their fresh fruit. Oh well, it's been fixed now, I got some blueberries and a pineapple last night to start.