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My top 9 Pokemon Evil Team battle themes

So as I browsed youtube, I quickly discovered that old RBY didn't really give them a separate battle theme for Team Rocket or Giovanni (not counting Giovanni's gym battle) they both just used the normal battle themes, so yeah, couldn't include them.

9) Team Plasma-Ghetsis battle

8 ) Team Rocket-grunt (GSC)

7) Team Plasma-N Final

6) Team Galactic-grunt

5) Team Galactic-Admin

4) Team Aqua/Magma-grunt

3) Team Aqua/Magma-admin/leader

2) Team Galactic-Cyrus

1) Team Plasma-grunt

Why must the Plasma grunts suck so much when they have the best theme?! Best theme, shortest battle :(

top 10 most perplexing Pokemon evolutions

It's no secret that I think Pokemon is awesome. And for the most part, evolutions make sense, a puppy evolves into a larger dog for example. But every so often you just think 'ok, now they're just making stuff up' because some evolutions just don't seem to make a lick of sense. So here are my top 10 'how the eff does that evolve into that?' Pokemon evolutions list.

10) Gloom to Bellossom

Ok, now, Gloom to Vileplume makes sense and at least Gloom and Bellossom both look like grass types. But Gloom looks so depressed it can't even be bothered to wipe its mouth and Bellossom is all happy and cheery and wearing a lovely little skirt even.

9) Feebas to Milotic

Ok, these also both look like water Pokemon, but Feebas is just so ugly and plain, it barely even has the same color scheme as Milotic. It's supposed to evolve via beauty only prior to gen 5 (where they finally introduced a trade item for this pain in the neck), but really, can one Feebas look any better than another? I put in Feebas over Magikarp because I think Gyarados looks at least kinda fishy, Milotic looks more snakey.

8 ) Shroomish to Breloom

Also both look like grass, but just look at them! The only thing they have in common is the color scheme but they don't have anything else in common. Totally different expression, feet, and Breloom actually has the whole mushroom thing going on more. And it's human shape, that's a bit odd.

7) Carvahna to Sharpedo

Back when Gen 3 was new, I honestly though these were two distinctly unevolving Pokemon. Heck, I had to double check with bulbapedia just to make sure Carvahna really does turn into Sharpedo. But yes, it turns out the pirahna-thing turns into a shark without half a body. Except for the bottom fin being a bit similar and both having a blue top half, they have totally different: fish body types, teeth, eyes, fins, lower colors, and top fins. These look like two totally different water Pokemon to me that aren't at all related.

6) Karrablast to Escavalier

Karrablast will only evolve when traded for another specific Pokemon, Shelmet (and no, they're not even next to each other's family in the 'dex). The idea is supposed to be that Karrablast takes Shelmet's armor in the trade which is the only way that this kinda sorta makes sense. That sad, it still grows some arms and looks a lot more like Shelmet's evolution than Karrablast's. Guess it does still have that blue with yellow belly under there, but the jousting theme is really odd for it.

5) Kabuto to Kabutops

You'd think Gen 1 would have pretty much all logical evolutions (to be fair there's less gen 1 entries on this list), but then you get Kabuto and Kabutops. Sure, fellow fossil Pokemon Omanyte to Omastar makes sense, but man, Kabuto is a little shell like thing with little grabby claws and two sets of eyes and it turns into this humanoid sickle monster with a completely different shaped head and talon-like feet. I just don't see how that turns into that. On a side note, Kabutops has an awful lot of creepy fan art for it.

4) Snorunt to Glalie or Froslass

We've got this cut little thing with cute little button hands and feet that looks like its shivering in its snowhat and it turns into this giant floating head with no limbs whatsoever and now it has horns too. Riiight. Froslass isn't much better, it still doesn't resemble Snorunt in the least, legs are still gone and much like Glalie also has the mask-looking thing over its face. Sure, it has hands, but they look nothing like Snorunt's.

3) Trapinch to Vibrava

I'm not sure how I learned Trapinch evolved into Vibrava, after all it can't have been a guess, they don't have the same colors, the same eyes, legs, or really anything (well they're both ground). For some reason, Trapinch gains a second type of dragon of all things, but also gains wings and bug eyes. I'm sure they could have made something that bears some semblance to Vibrava in an unevolved form because Trapinch is just not it. Vibrava to Flygon though? That's pretty logical.

2) Remoraid to Octillery

A feeder fish turns into an Octopus....yeah, those aren't even in the same family of organisms in real life. Not a single thing about this makes sense.

1) Clamperl to Huntail or Gorebyss

This is just as perplexing as Remoraid to Octillery but two fold! Poor Clamperl has two evolutions and they're equally nonsensical! Now, I could see Huntail and Gorebyss being related, they're both eel looking things, one looks more masculine the other more feminine. But how in the world can either of them evolve from a freakin' clam? Once again we have animals that in real life aren't even in the same c-l-a-s-sification evolving into one another. And I don't see how adding a DeepSeaTooth or a DeepSeaScale can fix that.

Favorite Cult Classic Video Games of Last Generation

Haven't done a blog post in a while, I'm just gonna go with some of my favorite cult classic games of the last gaming generation! I'll just go in alphabetical order.

Aggressive Inline

If you were into extreme sports games back in the early days of the PS2, this game was where you needed to be, not Tony Hawk, not SSX, but Aggressive Inline. The levels were huge, the tricks were gravity defying yet awesome, and the levels were chock full of goals to complete, new areas to unlock, and all without a pesky timer that Tony Hawk 3 still had. Attributes on your character would also level up based on how often you used that skill and not just pouring points into a random bar. I can't think of any other extreme sports game that I had as much fun with as I did with this game. If you want to go back for a time travel and check out the best extreme sports game at a time before they became kinda stupid, go for this one.

Amplitude (PS2)

Before a little game known as Guitar Hero came out, the developers of Guitar Hero, Harmonix, had made two music games called Frequency and Amplitude. While lacking a guitar peripheral, I preferred these games to Guitar Hero enormously for having more techno music and making me feel like I was more into the music.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

When the 2003 Astro Boy anime came out, two games were made as a tie in, this one, which was developed by Treasure, and some god-awful PS2 game made by Sonic Team (could it be any surprise that that one sucked?). Anyway, this game was a great beat-em up for GBA, and sometimes so many things were shooting at me that the gameplay slowed down. And it helped me survive. The story was also pretty decent, not using any other Astro Boy storyline and stuffing cameos out of every orifice both for the sake of entertainment and gameplay. Go check this out if you haven't already.

Killer 7

Suda 51 is known as a weird developer. I can see why, yet this game didn't scare me away from him, it made me totally embrace him and I've played a few other equally awesome games by him since (like No More Heroes on Wii and Contact on DS). This is also the first time I've really enjoyed symbolism in a game or really any media and I didn't even notice I was almost at the end of the game that everything was symbolic since I also enjoyed the odd quirky gameplay, even if it does have a pretty steep learning curve.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Now, I'm pretty sure this game has a cult following it, at the very least I am willing to make my own cult dedicated to following it. It's just, oh my god, the gameplay and music in this game are amazing, it's worth playing for that alone. It's not a particularly long nor difficult game, but it's just so incredibly charming that I can't help but recommend it to everyone! There are other games in the series too, like the first game which just got remade for the Wii, so at least play that one even if I think this game is better than the Wiimake of the first game.


Man, this game is awesome! Now, it's a bit lacking in the gameplay department by being average, and if you played the PS2 version even a bit glitchy at times, but I can forgive it for being imaginative, creative, and fun, as well as have amazing dialogue and being one of the funniest games I've ever played. It bounced around publishers for a bit, but then it finally came out after a pretty long development time of around 4 years I believe. Still, this is a game you play for the humor and originality.

Dear Domino's, I still hate you

So, had a friend over yesterday, she wanted to order from Dominos, we did.

What can I say? They still massively suck. It's like they coat the pizza in crappy seasonings, including crappy garlic powder, to try and distract you that their cheese is still tasteless and their sauce is still weak. Their crust is still crap, it's not chewy or thick enough, and it's like they threw some toppings on a piece of cardboard circle. Cheese is neither melty nor gives a nice pull and it tastes just like the seasonings thrown on top of it.

So yeah, great new recipe you've got there, Domino's, the solution seems to be "throw on spices to distract ppl" instead of making a solid pizza like all of your competitors can. F*** you and your crappy pizza Domino's.

favorite manga part 5

Well, here's the last three. I'm getting to the tired stage and have this god-awful test tomorrow in physics that I think I'm sure to fail :( He's a pretty bad professor.

#3) Please Save My Earth

Sci-fi and Shojo are two genres that rarely get to breed, which is a sad thing because when they do, the result is usually epic good as demonstrated by this series. This series was so big in Japan during its run that people believed they were the main characters and they had to put a disclaimer on every chapter and manga. Why it's so relatively unheard of in the States is beyond me, but it's an epic to the max and the longest of my top 3 series at 21 volumes. The premise is that 7 teens in Japan are all having dreams about their past lives as researchers from another planet observing Earth from a moonbase. Now, at first, this all starts off as well and fun, kinda like an RPG or something, but it quickly turns sour because their past lives weren't exactly guilt free fun and the more evil of the moon past lives is out for revenge in this one for a reason that I can only call fair. A lot of the series is spent in the present, but several volumes are devoted to the past lives of two of the characters: Mokuren and Shion who both lead very different but very interesting lives and Mokuren is such a doll, she's a great character and nothing like her current life's personality. Most of the present is spent with both the current reincarnations of Mokuren and Shion, but also of some of the other characters who didn't get or really need their own back story but are much more key to the present events (which makes sense as this is about the present and how the past is affecting them). And since this is sci-fi shojo, of course it involves psychics. In the first several volumes, the author (Saki Hiwatari) has a tendency to make some in-jokes and calls herself out on a few things, but as it gets more series, these disappear too. Really, this is a great read, bit hard to find at this point, but suuuch a good series!

#2) Maison Ikkoku

This was one of my earliest manga I ever read and collected and it's still one of my favorites. It's like now that I'm in college, this becomes ever so slightly more relevant and the main's extremely poor luck and living situation has me finding more pity for him than ever. It's genre is "romantic comedy" and it certainly has both, but this is clearly Rumiko Takahashi's (also know for Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2) masterpiece as this is the only one in which she seems to know how to balance them both perfectly. And this series has a lot of gut wrenching moments, but as painful as it is, it's very much so worth reading through. But then the actual comedy in the series is all very good and original. Considering that the entire housing unit is filled with comic relief characters, it could have easily gone out of whack at the wrong times, but it never does and the housing characters are able to remain a constant source of comedy without overusing anything like she does in her later series (for example, Kyoko, the main female love interest, doesn't respond to Yusaku, the main's nudie mags by being a juvenile and shouting "PERVERT" then slapping him, which Akane does to Ranma far too often for it to be funny anymore and usually over the smallest things. Not to say Kyoko doesn't slap quite a bit, but most of the time, Yusaku had it coming if you ask me). Later on in the series, the comic reliefs can ever get series and everyone in the universe has a great tendency to call out on certain things like character traits and potential plot holes (for example, noting how spineless Yusaku is, hoe overly jealous Kyoko gets, and what on Earth Mr. Yotsuya does for a living, which we never find out but is still proposed as a question rather frequently). This is romantic comedy done right at its finest, the funny is hilarious at all times, I don't think a single joke fell flat on its face in the entire 15 volume run, it's the right length, it has a conclusive ending, and it builds depression perfectly to make the FINALLY! moments all the more worth it. I wasn't even able to read Ranma 1/2 after this.

#1) Banana Fish

Man, how to describe this? It's always difficult to describe your favorite thing sometimes, isn't it? Especially when it's so unknown in the states but so influential in Japan. Another problem being that the strange name and artwork is an instant turn off to a lot of people who want to read pretty things only, it's such a shame because the story and dialogue is so gripping I'm not looking at the art half the time anyway. What we have here is a political thriller full of drama and action. The whole story is just a beast moving in continuous motion without pause for any silly stuff, it's all serious all the time, but it gets away with it because the ever so rare interludes of just Ash and Eiji (the two mains) is spent to build the relationship between them. I don't think a single line or scene is wasted. The plot progression feels natural, like nothing suddenly comes in or leaves without being explained well and no plot point happens after the obvious plot trigger which also gives the series its name that feels like it came out of nowhere, the story telling is just flawless. The way the characters interact just make them feel so real to me, even Ash to some degree even though finding someone like him would be incredibly unlikely and beyond belief. It's not the most realistic depiction of NYC or street gangs, but it's kinda like how we let movies get away with being incredibly inaccurate and still be entertaining. And the author doesn't know her guns too well but I honestly didn't give a damn. The story starts off with an incredibly intelligent pretty who's a super shot with a gun receiving a mysterious phial and being told to "go see Banana Fish", thus spurring the plot into motion of what exactly it is. It quickly becomes apparent that it's a drug that Papa Dino, who is technically who Ash reports to, wants for whatever reason, but Ash is no lapdog about to just hand it over if he wants it that bad. Good guys and bad guys alike are intelligent and all too often we get wars between geniuses and I've not doubt that Ash would put Light Yagami (Death Note) or even Shinichi Akiyama (Liar Game) to shame in that department. What starts off as a little spat quickly escalades into something of epic proportions and the story never stops rolling. It's hard to beat out an old favorite, but Banana Fish did this for me and anything new I saw or read for a month after just couldn't compare. This is my perfect series and without a doubt my #1 of all time for both anime and manga.

Back at the dorm and Fav manga pt 4

Well, back at the form, I'm a bit sad, I only got about two weeks off because I had finals the last day and it just wasn't long enough :cry: but I did get tons of anime for Bday and Xmas :P so at least I have some way to entertain myself for the long haul. So glad I don't have a roommate right now because she moved out for good at the end of fall for reasons I don't particularly care about, so at least my dorm will be a place of epic.

Onto more of manga favorites:

#7) Kekkaishi

I'm not into shonen as much anymore because they tend to run on forever, but Kekkaishi is special in that it's good and not half as generic as I find most shonen. sure, we've got the spunky boy and the childhood friend but not common to convention is that the childhood friend is both older than him and a lot meaner and less compassionate (which gives her a damn awesome line at one point). I also question if women simply make better shonen, just look at FMA and Hikaru no Go, these series are both done by women (only written by in the case of Hikaru no Go) and they're all among the best shonen ever made. It's a lot more slowly paced than the stuff you'd expect from shonen jump though, a lot of Shonen Sunday titles tend to be like that, but it's drawn beautifully and has a really good story, it's great stuff

#6) Phoniex: Resurrection

While it might not be the best best in the series, it's my personal favorite. It attacks a particular timeline from two different directions and places and all connects at the end to explain why a single robot alone by itself on the moon in the year 3344AD relates to a boy killed in a car accident over 300 years earlier. It's not quite his strongest of the series emotionally, but for me it's the strongest one story-wise and my favorite of the series.

#5) Liar Game

It starts with an annoying and stupidly optimistic girl (who does get a few moments of awesome later on to be fair and becomes less annoying) accidentally pulled into the Liar Game. Finding herself hopeless screwed over by her inherent kindness, she finds Shinichi Akiyama, a chess master of epic proportions to help her out of the massive mess she's got herself in or face a huge amount of debt. But the game doesn't stop there, oh no, it's still ongoing, teasing us with anxious waits for updates as the games continue on with Nao sure she can win the games over the LGT by having it all break even with the help (or strategies entirely planned by) Akiyama in which we get to see chess master against chess master with every moment enthralling to read. It's usually compared the Death Note because of copious usage of chess masters, but I think Akiyama's got them beat :)

#4) Cromartie High School

Probably my favorite purely comedy series of all time, anime or manga. It makes sense while not making sense, it's brilliant while being stupid and it's just a riot to read. Not only that, but it delivers any and all punch lines at the perfect moment, you can't accidentally spoil it by looking to the left because it's on the next page. You'll just have to try it because it's so damn difficult to describe!

Top 20 manga Part 3

#11) Ode to Kirihito

Another Tezuka manga, surprise surprise! This was made more towards the end of his career and is one of his more mature titles. Dr. Kirihito Osanai is trying to prove that a mysterious disease called Monmow is caused by something non-contagious while his boss is sure that it's caused by something contagious and refuses to believe otherwise. When Osanai challenges this, he's sent to a small village to contract the disease himself so he'll be taken "out of the picture" so to say, Osanai fights to get back to Japan to reveal the truth about what he finds out about the disease to everyone. This is definitely one of my more favored Tezuka works, it's 800 pages and mixes drama and adventure kinda for adults. It's an addicting read too!

#10) Battle Royale

Well, here's a manga that certainly won't be for everyone, it's one of the most violent and depressing manga I've ever read in which a clas$$ of 42 high schoolers are picked to play on "the program", a game in which the last one left alive wins. They're all sent off with a random weapon and a bit of basic rations and basically told "good luck!" Of course, before anyone dies, we get to look at their backstory, so they actually get a good amount of character developed before they die, even some of the lesser characters will get some after they die as other students fondly remember things. It's sad and depressing, but it's my kinda of sad and depressing!

#9) What's Michael?

By the same guy who did Club 9. If you like cats, you'll find something to like in What's Michael?, a cat comic that is actually funny (unlike how I find a lot of other cat comics). Once again, Makoto Kobayashi's facial expression really make the funny scenes funnier and his portrayal of cats is so spot on it only makes it funnier. He also parodies this series in Club 9 several times as an in-joke of sorts. Shame this series is so hard to find, I've only gotten to read 5 of the 11 volumes Dark Horse released.

#8 ) Astro Boy

Noticing a theme here, are we? This series doesn't have any nostalgic value for me, I'm too young for that (I'm only 21, sheesh!), no I really do like this as a legitimately good manga. The one complaint is that it's all out of order the way Dark Horse printed it based on a reprint of the series in Japan. But, each story contains the charm of cla$$ic Tezuka with moments of light hearted comedy, moments of sorrow, and compelling messages that still hold true today cleverly weaved into his stories in a way only he can do. It just has everything a good shonen manga should and age be damned, it's still a good manga to this day, it really is a timeless cla$$ic and Astro Boy proves how genius a man Tezuka was.

Top 20 manga part 2

#15) Phoenix: Sun

Now, Phoenix is going to be a strange series for me to put on here because all of the stories are so different, therefore, I counted each story as potential for its own entry. The first one that you're going to see is Sun, the final chapter that Tezuka made in the Phoenix saga before he died. A lot of the ones between his 6th story and this one were kinda average, but he seemed to get his spark back with this one. It takes place mostly in the past, where a young man had his face skinned and replaced with the hide of a wolf, in a battle between the local gods of an area and the push for buddhism moving in. The other part of the story takes place in the future where mankind has been divided into the light world and the dark world. The light world has a brainwashing operation going on to make everyone believe a cult-like religion and our main in this story came from the underground dark world up to the surface. Out of all of the stories in Phoenix, this one probably involves the most religion and how the basic goal of it doesn't really seem to change much over time. There's a lot of story packed into these two volumes and the linking theme of eternal life and resurrection comes back as it does in most of the Phoenix stories, but if you ask me, this is one of the better ones. The past part is probably more interesting here and when the 2004-ish anime was made, it only included the past part of the Sun chapter (a pretty good adaptation actually).

#14) Petshop of Horrors

The series is mostly an episodic "tales of horror" story in which most people are given a pet from Count D's pet shop with Gremlin-like conditions that inevitably end up being broken because people are stupid. Some of the other stories are a bit sweeter though and kind of give you an "aww!" feeling at the end. Towards the end, around volumes 9 and 10, a plot with Count D kinda pops up that is still interesting, but for the first 8 volumes, you can pretty much just pick up a book and turn to a chapter and enjoy yourself. I've read some of the Tokyo Petshop of Horrors sequel and it's good too, but seems to have evolved from popular demand.

#13) Uzumaki

Ah, now here's a truly creepy manga! The story revolves around a basic premises at first "spirals are infecting people's minds and making everyone in the town go crazy", and the whole time you're thinking to the girl "get out of the town!", but by volume 3, it's spiraled beyond control, and the spiral traps everyone within it. The art is a very strong point here, a lot of detail was given to those spirals and it only makes it an even creepier experience. If you want something scary, this is probably my favorite of Junji Ito's works.

#12) Phoenix: Karma

Another Phoenix chapter here, this one is Karma. Karma (also known as "Hou-ou") is widely considered to be quite possibly the best chapter in the saga, and while even I must admit I lean towards that, it's not quite my favorite chapter either. When I re-read it for a second time, however, I actually liked it even more than I did the first time. The choice of the word "Karma" for the title is certainly appropriate, we start off with two mains, a 1 armed bandit who regularly murders people and a virtuous sculptor who wouldn't hurt a fly. When they first meet, the bandit injures the dominant arm of the sculptor in a fit of jealously. Circumstances don't leave it at that, the bandit gradually becomes a nice person while the sculptor gradually becomes a cruel person only out for himself. The ending is very touching too and due to the way that Phoenix is set up, we get to see the bandit many years later in the Civil War story arc for a time too. As the characters change, so do your feelings about them.

Thinking about selling my 360.

Well, to be honest, I've been using it pretty much as just a DVD player for at least 6 months now. I only have maybe 6 games for it, Eternal Sonata (kinda sucks), GTA4 (just can't get into it), Bully (great stuff except for the chemistry glitch, but it's also on PS2), Assassin's Creed (my 360 froze in the tutorial for this game), Kameo (liked this one actually, for the most part), and Tales of Vesperia (hate the characters and I feel like the combat system reacts to my commands slowly). Since I got an arcade, I have pretty much no storage space for 360 arcade games either (ironic given the name), and besides, anyone that I'd want to play Castle Crashers with already has it. I also never had an Xbox so I don't have any normal Xbox games to play on it either. So basically, I've found almost no reason to use my 360 as a gaming device for a good 6 months at this point and I barely touch the thing as a gaming device.

I don't plan to replace it with a PS3 or anything (although it is worth noting my sister got one for Blu-Ray, which is good because the only game I want to play on it is God of War 3 anyway), and I just feel like there's nothing to play on the thing because I hate shooters (or anything in first person perspective because they all make me feel motion sick to no end, and this describes about 85% of the games on the 360), and I'm kinda sick of the open world games. I had considered getting Brutal Legend except I'm not a big metal fan or RTS fan (even if I am a big Tim Schaffer fan, and it doesn't matter because it came out on PS3 too!). Heck, I actually use my Wii more than my 360 and I hate the Wii, I've got even less games for that and it's half a stand in for a Gamecube (a system with much better games if you ask me), but I still seem to like it and use it more.

I haven't been too big on RPGs this generation either, oddly enough, almost all of the RPGs I've played this generation have been on handhelds or older games on PS2 or Gamecube.

I feel like I haven't had proper time to play games anyway, what with college and using my time to watch more anime or play more handheld games instead. I use my GBASP more than my 360! I've played more GBA games since 2006 than I have 360 games! I feel like I barely notice that the 360 is even there!

So, might it really be time for me to part ways with the 360? I was sure that I'd want to sell off the Wii first, but No More Heroes 2 has made me want to actually keep it (and the next Zelda title, whenever it may be). I had gotten it so I could finally get into the next generation of gaming, but quite frankly, this generation of console gaming has been mostly a disappointment to me. I'm not really strapped for cash right now, but if I'm not going to use it, why should I keep it around? But then I also don't want to sell it and regret it later (I heard a lot of people did that with PSP). So, should I sell my 360 or keep it, at least for now?