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So what are you religious zealots going to do when the pope decrees that same sex marriage is fine and they should be loved just like every other human? He has already shown support for LGBT, so are you going to defy the mouth of god? I bet all you bigots will continue to hate even tho the pope has the power to change religious scripture because God speaks to him apparently...... I'm so happy times are changing, within 5 years the church will make its decree, and then all you right wing zealots heads will explode, because you can't handle the truth.

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@iambatman7986: Yep I said the same thing about shellfish, also the bible says to kill your child/wife if they talk back, these right wing zealots pick and choose what to follow in the bible, they are a bunch of hateful hypocrite.

Not to mention Solomon had like 400 wives and 200 concubines, what happened to marriage being to 1 man and 1 woman? Bunch of hypocrites.

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@mannimarco: Sorry but the law of the land out ways religious scripture, the bible isn't law. The USA is secular country not a Christian country, it's in the founding documents of the USA, that church and state will never be integrated. Your religion shouldn't be put onto others, and there are many more religions then just Christianity.

The law is same sex marriage is legal. If they want a cake for their wedding and the baker refuses to bake the cake, then that's discrimination and the law will take care of it, as it should. If a baker didn't bake a cake for a black couple in the south they would be sued for discrimination, because that's what it is, same if they refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple, if you don't want to bake cakes for one of the minority's then just stop baking all cakes, because you can't obviously do your job.

To the rest of the posters

If marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman then why did Solomon have like 400 wives and 200 concubines, I thought it was 1 man and 1 woman?Hypocrites. The bible also says you should be executed and will go to hell if you eat shell fish, it also says you should murder your wife/child if they talk back, you religious zealots pick and choose what part of the bible you follow, you are all hypocrites if you don't murder your wife/kid if they talk back, wait that would be insane because following a book that was written thousands of years ago and by a guy who never witnessed Jesus Christ or any of his disciples Is just as crazy. You all focus on the hate because you are bigots, why not focus on the fact you can't eat shell fish, because we all know you have all had shell fish.

So many hypocrites that are closet bigots, so sad.

Do you know who also thinks their scriptures should be the law of the land and should be followed and ignore law? ISIS (The Islamic State). Right wing religious zealots are in every society and they are the most dangerous. IMO if all right wing zealots were removed from this planet then this planet would finally be at peace.

Religion is the cause for every war, religion has done more harm then good on this planet, and for any of you to doubt that, has no idea about history.

Hope none of you Christians have ever tried shrimp, because according to your bible your going to hell, and you are worried about same sex marriage?

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@Jacanuk: have you bothered to check gamespots unmoderated YouTube channel comments? Some of you are stupid enough to comment using the same names, IV seen 5 people so far who posted on the YouTube channel comments of clear bigotry, yet on the moderated forum they tuck tail and pretend to just be against gay marriage. Clearly there are bigots in this thread, same sex Marriage is legal in USA, CANADA, UK(minus Northern Ireland), it is the law of the lands that the majority of you live in, so entire definition of bigotry I used still applies.


The concept of Bigotry can have slightly different meanings in American and British English.

In British English it refers to a state of mind where a person is obstinately, irrationally, or unfairly intolerant of ideas, opinions, or beliefs that differ from their own, and intolerant of the people who hold them.[1][2]

In American English, the term can be used similarly; however, it can also be used to refer to intolerance towards a group of people in general based on their group characteristics such as race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.[3][4]

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Bigotry is as bad as racism in 2015, and there are tons of bigots on here, I'm so happy same sex is considered equal in the eye of the law.

You do know gamespot has lgbt on staff, and by visiting the site you are supporting equal rights for lgbt by getting them piad.

So much gate here

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All you Homophobic bigots should be banned from gamespot, IV been coming to gamespot since 1996, I am disgusted at some of your views, especially if you live in Canada, USA. In 2015 being a bigot is as bad as being a racist, you. Are on the wrong side of history. Your children/grand children are going to be disgusted with you and most likely disown your hateful arse.

Keep up the hate you 10 year old kids, one day your identity will be found out and you will be shamed publicly, this is 2015 there is no room for bigotry.

Amazing week for the USA, the Confederate hate flag is being lowered in the south, which stands for the biggest traitors the U.S. Has ever seen, racism,bigotry,hate. Obama care has been made legal by the Supreme Court, and same sex marriage is now legal in every state.

Y'all that are religious, you think God is a hateful God? You really think he will allow your hate in his domain? No matter how much you wish God was full of hate, he's not but he won't stand for racists and bigots, y'all are going to get a first class ticket to hell, where you will suffer for eternity.

Most of you make me sick, I wish Gamespot would just purge the cancer from our community,

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@chrismouth07: you sir have no idea what you are talking about. LOL

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Get a new n64 IMO they are dirt cheap 20-40$, I have purchased 3 mint we expansion pack for 20 $ each and my jungle teen n64 mint for 40$ if my cat pissed on my n64 id sell the n64/give it away and just get a new one and never would let my cat back into my room with gaming stuff.

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I wash my hands every time before I use any of my controllers/handheld, what you mention is not normal unless you never wash your hands,. Human hands can get very greasy, I would suggest do what I do and just wash your hands from now on before gaming, it increases the lifespan of controllers and makes 3ds systems not look like a grease fest.

What you ask is not normal but will happen eventually but the shouldn't after only 5 hours, I have used my n3ds for at least 100 hours and the buttons aren't shiny but around the buttons it's starting to get slightly shiny but this is normal wear and tear the best thing to do is just wash your hands or if your O.C.D wear gloves lol.