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Titanfall Collectors Edition Impressions Review & Unboxing

Hey everyone, I picked up the Titnfall Collectors Edition and thought I would make a post on what I think of it. For the expensive price of $250 your can be an owner of 1 of 35 000 19" Atlas Titans that was hand painted. At this price its one of the most expensive collectors edition If not the most expensive. It comes in a huge box with a slipcover with great artwork that is half the size of my couch, people at my local EBGames attempted to pick their Collectors Edition by taking it home on the bus, all of them had to call a taxi or a friend to pick them up.

You get an Atlas Titan that is around 19" tall, and is made out of plastic. You also get two Grunt figurines that you have to assemble on the base. There is an enemy Pilot that is rodeoing the Atlas that has LED lights that change from Blue to Red depending on which faction you have the Atlas Titan set to. The Atlas also has the same colour LEDs along with some broken equipment that has a white LED and can be change by pressing a hidden switch that looks like a rock. The Atlas runs on three AAA batteries that are located in a hidden compartment at the base of the Titan.

What else did I get in the box you ask? Well there is a great hard cover art book called "The Art of Titanfall" which has many great colour printed concept art and general artwork, with information detailing what is being shown n the pictures, giving us some more lore and backstory for the Titanfall universes to read up on. They also included what looked to be a rolled up poster as depicted in the artwork on the back of the box of a Atlas Blueprint Titan Poster, but sadly the poster was folded despite being shown as rolled. For the price and size of the box I expected this poster to be rolled, so I hope any other publishers looking to release an expensive collectors edition, that they put the effort in including items collectors want. Oh and I almost forgot you get a retail copy of the game.

Was is worth it he money and am I happy with the craftsmanship? I don't believe it's worth the $249.99 EA is asking for it, and it would of been a much more fair price at around $199.99 - $219.99, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy with the purchase. Yes it he Titanfall Collectors Edition is expensive but I believe the craftsmanship in the detailed paintwork makes up for this, as it must of took someone in China two days to paint. I don't collect much things in life, but lately i'v been collecting more and more collectors editions for games with figurines and statues, it can be an expensive hobby but I like it.

Should you buy If can find one? Not unless you have the spare money to burn and the room to display this beast. I am putting it into storage until my basement room is renovated, where il have a bookshelf full of collectors editions of games.

If you wish to watch my Unboxing of the Titanfall Collectors Edition follow this link -

XBOX ONE Stereo Headset First Impressions Review

The XBOX ONE Stereo Headset is a great sounding headset, others may look the other way when they find out its not a Virtual 7.1 like the new Sony PULSE Gold Headset for the PS4 and is just Stereo sound, well I own both headsets and I have concluded the XBOX ONE Stereo Headset Audio Quality is superior to the PS4 PULSE Gold Headset and it works great with my PS4 and any device that uses a 3.5mm audio jack.

How about the microphone you ask? The XBOX ONE Stereo headset uses a boom style microphone unlike the hidden microphone used on the PS4 PULSE Gold Headset, this results in far superior microphone sound quality for the XBOX ONE Stereo headset, and I dare say its possibly one of the best gaming microphones I have ever used.

The Stereo Headset Adapter will also be sold separately for $24.99USD but is included in this XBOX ONE Stereo headset. The Stereo Headset Adapter lets you adjust the game volume and chat volume separately letting the user set their ideal setting.

!!Warning!! Until March 4, 2014 the XBOX ONE Stereo Headset will be useless until the March Update for the XBOX ONE is released, if you plug it in now you will hear audio but after a few minutes the audio will become static. If you are one of the lucky ones in the March Update Beta and you purchased this headset, then you are good to go but you may need to update you controller firmware.When you purchase this headset the first will be to update the firmware of all your XBOX ONE Controllers with the provided Micro USB Cable. To read up on the full process on how to update the firmware of all your XBOX ONE Controllers, head to this link. -

Should you buy as a XBOX ONE Owner? In my opinion this was a great buy for me and it will be a great buy for you. :)

If you want to see my unboxing & microphone quality test follow this link -

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warefare - Is it worth a Purchase? First Impressions

Plant Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare for the XBOX ONE & XBOX360 is fun for all ages and Is the type of game you should give your kid as their first shooter. With a very cartoonish look it makes the action look not overly violent like other First Person Shooters/Third Person Shooters. In my opinion this game is fun for all ages, but if you have a young kid in your home then this is a must have, as there isn't many kid friendly games on the XBOX ONE yet.

Running on the Frostbite 3 Engine which is the same as Battlefield 4, gives this game an amazing look, very pleasing to the eyes. The game runs at a 60fps so the movement is very smooth. The maps are very big and they should be because they can have up to 24 players in multiplayer, but the lack of a map can get disorientating at times.

Should you buy? For me its a buy, I'm kinda burnt out on all the generic 3rdFPS/FPS from the past few years, so playing PvZ Garden Warfare is very refreshing even at my age of 26. Congrats PopCap, your first ambitious console game is a sucess, reviews are coming in. And they are decent scores 7-8.5/10

Currently the game is exclusive to the XBOX ONE & XBOX360 but most likely its a timed exclusive, and will arrive on the PlayStation3/4 sometime this year and the PC version will be released in June.

My Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Quick Look -

Titanfall Beta XBOX ONE - PC - First Impressions Review

Titanfall First Impressions

Graphics - Titanfall's graphics won't be setting any high end PC's on fire, but it looks very good in my opinion. Running on a modified version of the Source Engine it will run on pretty much anything with Windows 7 or above. As I am lucky to be in both the XBOX ONE and PC Beta and play both PC and XBOX ONE games on the same 60" HDTV, I am in a unique position to compare them. Obviously the PC wins with it being rendered at a native 1080p vs the 792p of the XBOX ONE, but it still holds its own and is not a big difference in motion .

Gameplay - Call of Duty players love how fast the game is but when they get their hands on Titanfall they will be amazed on how much faster it is. It reminds me a lot of the Quake / Unreal FPS in terms of spend, and in my opinion its very refreshing to see.

Nothing is more exciting then watching your Titan being dropped and landing directly on an enemy Titan and immediately killing it, or ejecting with a Titans Pilot after rodeoing his Titan and killing him in mid air, Titanfall has really captured the look and feel of an amazing fps.

Grunts/Spector A.I. & Player Count - Many people have been complaining that the player count of 6v6 is to small, but they fail to realize Respawn has been tweaking this for years now and feels this is the best for the size of their maps and they feel of gameplay they wanted to capture and I agree 100%.

Having A.I. Grunts/Spectors really fills out the map, making it very action packed even with only 6v6. Remember everyone can call down a Titan within 4 minutes, that's a potential 12 Titans all of which the Pilots can disembark essentially making it a crazy action packed game.

Controls - The control schemes are fine, I personally use Bumper Jumper Control set, this allows me to jump and aim at the same time. The one Issue I have been having is Controller Stick Drift, Respawn has an option called Stick Drift Guard but with it on or off my left stick on three different XBOX ONE Controllers causes my Pilot/Titan to slowly strafe to the right. This can be fixed and I hope Respawn addresses this as Titanfall is the only game zi have this problem in.

Conclusions - The game is great, Respawn Entertainment had really spent a lot of time tweaking and balancing the mechanics, and they are pretty much perfect. I experienced little to no bugs other than the controller stick drift issue. I am highly anticipating the launch of Titanfall and I do believe it is a better multiplayer game then Call of Duty but that's not saying much lately. I have my $249.99 Collectors edition preordered and the Limited Edition Titanfall XBOX ONE Controller, I also have the PC version preordered, if that doesn't tell you how much I love this game then I don't know what will.

Anyways if you don't feel like reading you are welcome to watch my Quick Look of Last Titan Standing.

Sorry I posted the wrong link , I just updated it.

SONY PS4 PULSE Gold 7.1 Stero Headset First Impressions Review & Unboxing

PULSE GOLD Impressions

Well I picked mine up today for $99.99 at ebGames in Toronto. After a painless plug and play setup, I was up and running with great audio quality. For $99.99 which is low end in terms of price for Wireless gaming headsets, these preform great, crisp audio that goes very loud without distorting.

One drawback for some people may be the lack of the PULSE Bass effect which used with the PULSE Elite headset for the PS3, which can also be used with the PS4 after Firmware Patch 1.60 which is also required for the PULSE Gold. Another drawback may be the the lack of 3.5mm jack on the USB dongle which allowed the PULSE Elites to hook up to any 3.5mm device and broadcast wirelessly, where as now you need to hook a wire directly to the PULSE Gold if you want to listen to your iPod for example.

The construction quality at a glance looks to be cheaper then the PULSE ELITES but keep in mind pretty much every PULSE Elite headset is defective and will break at its hinge eventually, its just a matter of time. Keeping the design faults of the PULSE Elites I would take these over those ticking time bombs any day, even tho the PULSE Elites look much more aesthetically pleasing.

The microphone quality is decent, you won't be recording commentaries with these but they do the job for voice chat. I was impressed on how far the headset worked in my house, I could hear and use the headset in 90% of my house, cool because I used my psvita remote play and used my headphones wirelessly from my PS4 while I was in my basement.

Should you buy? If you are a fan of the Pulse Bass feedback and the 3.5mm jack for making every device work wirelessly then no, but I would not suggest you get the Sony PULSE Elites ether. I predict they will be releasing a Sony Pulse Platinum premium headset around the summer time for an estimated price of $139.99-$159.99. If you are looking for an entry level wireless headset with great quality for its price then check these bad boys out when you have the chance.

Here is my unboxing -

Resistance Burning Skies First Impression Review - PlayStation Vita

I don't give a final score i just break the game down and review each aspect. Sory forspelling/grimmer issues, I'm writing this on my vita and don't have my glasses.

Story 7/10

Replay value 7/10od, the cinimatics are

Graphics 6/10

Sound 6/10

Presentation 8.5/10

The story is great in my opinion, growing the resistance universe lore.

The audition of 8multiplayer makes this game great especially on the go. You don't want to play an. In depth story driving game on the run, you want to enjoy it and not misanything. It only supports 8 players which is disappointing but the smaller maps give the i

Llution of a battlefield.

Graphics are a bit disappointing asits, nwherever near the graphics capabilities of the vita. The game was madeof or ps3 then ported as Sony never told them the game was for the vita let alone a handheld, where the uncharted dev had specs and dev kits a year before anyone else. It still looks great but the textures can be blurry and stuff like cars don't take bullet holes, the windows n them aren't see through or breakable. It's minor things like wishing wish could of been better. The game suffered with bad frame rate in all the vids iv seen for this game and I have a feeling they dumbed down the graphics to give it a solid minimum 30 fps but I think it's running at 60 fps. The game has great anti alysing thus nogaggles, I don't know about you but Jagger's kill immersion of games and wish every game was like this. Il take no Maggie's ovebetter textures. The game is fast passed so the graphics are fine wile playing and kooks on paryswitch the ps3 version, it's only when you stop and look will you notice.

Sound was great when it's used , for example the music is great but there are times where you will be walking and playing but with zero music. The weapons don't sound that great which is weird since they could just use the ps3 sounds. Voice acting is great but the lack of dialog from the main character or npc disappoints me as this is where the story sucks ou in.

The presentation is good, the cinimatics are the same style as the comic book style of starhawk, and infamous 1 & 2, which is great imo, others say its a cheap lazy effort but I personally like this style of story cinimatics.

If you own a vita then this game is a must buy, it's nothing amazing but at the very least it's the only fps plus the only other game with a decent console type story"

Iwill post pictires of the game and the graphical problems that bother me like the car doesn't show bullet holes and the windows are solid can't be broken or see through. Them. They should of just hand no windows instead of solid.

I wrecked my car :( **PICS** 56 k warning

Well I was going 40 kph and it was raining and the perseon in front of me decided to slam his breaks he did not skid he went into a dead stop 40 to 0 in 1 sec, I slammed my breaks and skid 15 feet into him :| ...... Anyways im not going to scrap the car im 18 and I have taken 4 years of auto mechanic classes, so I am going to rebuild her. All I damaged was the Rad Support, radiator, condesor, headlights, hood, grill, and rad fans. I paid the other guy off, I fixed the guys van so I wouldnt have to go through insurance, it cost me 700 $ and my parts for my care are 600 $ shipped from Montreal.

Anyways here pics of my car, I took stuff off of the car, the bumper and side fenders didnt fall off lol.

I will accept donations from paypal :) send to hehehehe
j/k but if you really do want to give me some money to help a student or because you feel sorry for me because im Canadian, I will accept it.

I got a psp at launch.

The PSP is amazing I got a 512 meg memory stick pro duo with it, and it's great the battery life is great unlike other people say. I bought Ridge Racer, Whipeout Pure, Lumines, Twisted Metal and it came with Gretzki's hockey game and Spider man 2 the movie. Only downside to the psp is the earpones they hurt my ear they are shaped like and egg, who the fk thought this would be a good desgine.

I recomend the psp for everyone its well worth the money.

Here is a pic of me surfing the web on my PSP

I just got my prize! :)

Well I came to my house today and on my step was my balrog statue, so im going to keep it sealed for 10 years and hope it will be worth alot in that time period, I hope there is still some phyco lord of the rings fans in 10 year only 9500 were made I have 9336.
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