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Need to form a league for the casual gamer!

I like to play online multiplayers, but the amount of time I get to play is limited to about 3-5 hours a week max because I am a father of a preschooler and have a full-time career. I consider myself a decent gamer, however not putting much time in many of the multiplayer maps on Halo: Reach or Black Ops makes me feel like a n00b when I play. Mostly because I have not had the experience of playing the maps like most of the people I play against. I consistenly carry a KD ratio of about 1.4 but I know it would be better if I had time to play on the maps.

Thus has lead me to a desire to find a casual league of gamers. In this league most players would end up being people like me: parents of young children with full time jobs and/or responisibilities that would not allow them to play hour after endless hour of video games. In this league you would not be allowed to play more then 3-10 hours a week. Video games could not be your life. Kind of like the softball league I play in. No one there is a pro and no one there puts hours upon hours into the game. We just come together weekly and play. I play video games to relieve the stress of my everyday life, but recently I have not played do to my frustration the "losers" who have nothing else going on in their life but playing video games.

I need more feel good games

I have been an avid gamer since I opened my NES Christmas Morning 1986. I have always enjoyed how video games have given us a sense of urgent optimism and epic meaning. The desire to complete tasks (levels) in an effort to save the world from evil and have a reasonable chance of doing so. Saving the pricess, defeating Mother Brain, and conquering Chaos all seemed in a effort to better the world!

In recent years however I have noticed a darker turn on games. We now have the ability to choose the darker path, much like in life. What I like most about video games is the ability to take us out of our "real world" and place us in a fantasy world. The lines however between fantasy and real have become even more blurry. Don't get me wrong, I love play games like Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2. However I need the whimsical worlds of Mario and Link. The wars of our world get me depressed, I need to feel awe of entering into a new dimension and being able to save the world!

The game I am suggesting would take the feel good world of Mario and mix it with the story type of Halo. The movie Avatar whether you like it or not seemed to capture what I need from our more modern games. I am not a fan of the video game Avatar... and I don't think there is a post movie video game out there that I have liked. I also appreciate the efforts of games like Gears of War and Halo for creating alternate dimensions and giving us the ability to save the world. However I am seeing that games about the real world and the real conflict going on around us have become more popular. Maybe I am ranting and completely wrong. I dont know.