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Why I personally prefer Xbox and Playstation over Nintendo when it comes to racing games?

Dear followers and visitors on my page.

If you want to know why I personally much more Xbox and Playstation over Nintendo when it comes to racing games?

Because Xbox and Playstation have more to do with 2 of my favorite sub-genre of racers (sim racing and standard arcade racers).

  • 1st Party IPs:
    • Forza Motorsport (Xbox) (Sim Racing)
    • Gran Turismo (Playstation) (Sim Racing)
    • Rallisport Challenge (Xbox) (Sim Racing)
    • Forza Horizon (Xbox) (Arcade Street Racer)
    • Project Gotham Racing (Xbox) (Arcade Street Racer)
    • Motorstorm (Playstation) (Arcade Off-Road Racer)
    • Driveclub (Playstation) (Arcade Street Racer)
    • Midtown Madness (Xbox) (Arcade Street Racer)
  • 3rd Party IPs: (Most of them are not on Nintendo consoles)
    • Assetto Corsa (Sim Racing)
    • Project Cars (Sim Racing)
    • DiRT (Sim Racing)
    • World Rally Championship (Sim Racing)
    • GRID (Standard Arcade Racer)
    • Test Drive (Arcade Street Racer)
    • Need For Speed (Arcade Street Racer)
    • Ridge Racer (Standard Arcade Racer)
    • Blur (Arcade Street Racer)
    • Burnout (Arcade Street Racer)
    • Gravel (Off-Road Arcade Racer)
    • Formula 1 (Sim Racing)
    • Midnight Club (Arcade Street Racer)

So what I see Nintendo consoles are pretty much mostly to do with kart racing and futuristic racers (I'm not a fan of these 2 sub-genres).

My opinion with kart racers so far: To me, I just don't really like their gameplay style so I find most of them are really boring in my opinion, and I'm not a fan of vehicular combat neither.

P.S I have nothing against Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero and Wipeout.