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What kind of fanboy am I?

For those who visit my page and wonder what type of fanboy am I?

I'm a sim racing fanboy with additional of Rally Sim, Arcade Street Racing, Arcade Off-Road Racers and Tradition Arcade-Style Racers fanboy.

Because for me in racing games, I'd always prefer to virtually drive realistic performance cars ranging from

  • Race cars ranging from:
    • GT Class race car
    • Le Mans Prototype/Hypercar
    • Touring Car
    • Rally Car
    • RallyCross car
    • Formula 1
    • Formula E
    • Stockcars
    • Indy Car
    • Desert raid truck/buggy
    • Trophy Trucks
  • Road cars ranging from:
    • Exotic car
    • Luxury sedan
    • Muscle car
    • Tuner car
    • Luxury SUV
    • High performance pick up truck

While I dislike go-karts in general plus I'm not into kart racing games too.