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The signs of why sim racing is the most complex sub-genre of racing games of all time?

Here are the reasons why? because:

  1. When it comes to racing, you require a lot of tactics when to overtake your opponents without ramming into them, using precision driving skills, monitor your engine temperature, oil, fuel tank and tire conditions to time it right when to pit in to get your virtual car's fuel tank refill, tires & brake pads changed.
  2. You need to observe your virtual car's characteristics and track conditions.
  3. Setting up your vehicle and practice before qualifying and racing.
  4. Sometimes A.I can be aggressive and they may ram into you but it's prohibited too.
  5. Sim racing cars are more slippery than any arcade racing sub-genres:
    • When turned out driving assists it will make it harder to drive and just as hard as real-world racing:
      • In the real-life of professional racing, most cars disabled off electronic assists (due to the regulations) so the computer won't able to assist the driver from pushing the gas pedal all the way down and won't help them to have easy controls.
      • Drivers must hold tight on the steering wheel to balance the car and preventing it from sliding out on straights or corners. Requiring proportion controls on corners to prevent wheel spin on corners. Examples on below:
        • When there is a tight corner coming up within next 150 metres, drivers must let go to the gas pedal, then in next 50 meters, slowly proportionally step on the brake pedal early to avoid locking rear axle (If stepped on the brake pedal too strong) plus requiring to slowly gear down while avoiding to crash into the wall or barriers.
        • When the car is turning on tight corners, the driver also must proportionally control the gas pedal before reaching back to straight to avoid wheel spin.
    • When the race event is having poor weather conditions like rain then it may affect the vehicle's handling.