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Reasons why I'm planning to switch from Nintendo Switch to Xbox Series X/PS5/PC for racing games?

Dear visitors to my page

Here are the reasons why I personally want to switch from Nintendo Switch to Xbox Series X/Playstation 5/PC for racing games?

  1. I much more prefer realistic-looking racing games (Sim racing, Simcade and Arcade Street Racers)
  2. Cartoony Kart/Hoverboard/On-foot racers are boring IMO
  3. Right now for Xbox Series X/PS5's first racing game launch title confirmed so far is WRC 9 (World Rally Championship 9) and I will prefer this way over Fast RMX.
  4. Xbox Series X and PS5's controller has 2 analogue trigger which makes it feel like real performance car's gas/brake pedals while Nintendo Switch doesn't even have analogue triggers (Making it unplayable for sim-racing).