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My theory on what caused kart racers to be more popular than sim racing?

Since Mario Kart series is a big hit and here is my theory why it outsold every Xbox/Playstation sim racing?

The target audience differences:

  • Kart racing:
    • Any kind of gamers who want to have fun in gaming.
    • Both males and females can enjoy it.
    • Meant for all ages.
    • Not necessary to love cars, motorsports, and racing games.
    • No skills required from other sub-genre of racing games.
    • Preferring to have combat racing.
  • Sim racing:
    • For Motorsport fans who wanted to virtually experience how real race cars feels like.
    • Only car enthusiasts will enjoy it.
    • The majority of sim racing fans are males.
    • Currently, most sim racing fans' age groups range from 15 to 45.
    • Requiring more skills compared to any other sub-genre of racing games.
    • Preferring to have pure racing/realistic driving physics.