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March Break...

Word, it's that time of year again. Today was my last day of school and now it's time to party like... it's 2006. ^_^.... >_>

And I just got Sims 2: Open for Business so I'll probably be playing it a lot next week. ^_^

Sick... X_X

Damn, I'm sick as hell right now...I caught a virus that's going around my school. Like 5 of my friends are sick and I know a bunch of other people that are as well. Bleh, this sucks. The only good thing about all this is that I get to have Tim Horton's chili and chicken noodle soup for the next few days. ^_^


it looks my parents are going to get divorced. They have never gotten along and they're arguing every ****ing day...pisses me off like hell. My mom left and moved into my aunt's house and my dad told her not to come back and that they should divorce. My dad's an asshat anyway since he used to beat her...what a ***ing coward.

I don't know whether to feel happy for my mom or to feel sad and depressed...this ****ing sucks.


Team Canada just lost to Russia 2-0, and now we're eliminated and are not even eligible for a medal...:evil: :cry:


I seriously feel like cutting myself now....this ****ing sucks. :( (U.S. team lost too so don't make any stupid remarks :-*)


I finally got to ask out my friend's friend Rachel today. We had lunch together today and I asked her then, and she said yes. ^_^

So we're going out this Saturday to most likely catch a movie...wish me luck. =D And she's smart AND she's definitely not a dime in a dozen.

New sig

Now it'd take something really special to replace teh Longoria, and I think I've found that special someo--


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[QUOTE="lonestarg"] [QUOTE="Kokoro360"]I wish I would've won an award. Oh, well. : /Kokoro360
You win the opportunity to spend the night at lonestar's house.

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