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WoW...if the story is half as good as the game was then it should be a hit. I just heard that they are making a sequel. It had such a good story, and I love the way it felt like you were in an action movie. I especially like the huge dance club in Tokyo. Shooting bouncers across masses of dancers and having mass hysteria break out, and sometimes accidental shooting innocent people that just got caught up in the crossfire, with Lynch cussing up a storm and playing mind games with you. It is the best visual level of the game. They can still improve on the controls and have the guns feel more like the guns in "Call of Duty 4" or even "Rainbow 6 Vegas". The cover mechanism should also be improved. The next one should involve Kane's daughter, she can be a trained mercenary who you can choose to play as. They should have a level where you go to Vegas and you shoot up The Luxor and then have the fight follow you as you make your way to the MGM diagonally across the street. Then the action can continue into the Studio 54 and then all the way to the Garden Arena during a concert. They could also include a Streets of San Francisco level where you shoot up the enemies from the back of a buddies Van. It would be pretty cool to see the hilly and curvy road behind you while the sun is setting as you drive through the Bay Bridge or Golden Gate. They really have the potential to make this game a Perfect 10. Only time will tell.