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Saga series=Underrated

I played the saga series(ff legends) on gameboy, and i have to say i feel like compared to other games, saga feels like its very underrated.

I have seen a few reviews harp on how its so difficult and complain about it, but its so interesting and different playing either as a human monster or mutants.

I actually really enjoy looking for meats to make my monster eat and transform and become more powerful.Sure it takes a lot of trial and error and testing, but if you take a while to try them all out, you will eventually find out whats good.I felt also the music was really good too, and i really enjoyed the combat.

I played saga 2 on the ds, and i thought it was really good.

What do you guys think? underrated?

Been playing around ff8 and i dont think its nearly as bad as spoony said

Sure i mean it has its downsides and leveling and grinding suck but the story is popcorn worthy because i cant believe i have seen a story in a jrpg so cringeworthy and literally make me laugh at how bad and over the top it is.

Seriously what the heck? this is so bad that she literally turned into a cartoon villain.You know what? because it is so bad i think its worth playing just to laugh at how bad it is.

I think its worth playing just to laugh at it.