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Where my life has been.

Well since the last time I was on my life has been all over the place. I was banned in nov 2009 (thats all I am going to say about it) tried posting a few other places but hated it, proving once again that the community is what makes gamespot andwhy I gethooked on the internet.

In nov of 2010 I moved in with my brother and worked with him in a carpet warehouse. It was fun, and not a bad job but sometimes things have to change. In march I moved to maine after deciding I was sick of MA especially the Worcester county area.

So now I am in maine,I live with some relatives and my life is going pretty well. I have to go to the library to use the internet and last week found out I could post so here I am. I missed people and this site and I wont do anything stupid again.

I finally got my 360 again and I get to use all my cousins games along with my own so even though I am offline (no internet at the house) I will resume blogging and reviewing.

Oh I have also become a rabid fan of eastbound and down. Otherwise I am pretty much the same,just not really aimless anymore.

So if anyone out there cares and is glad to see me back drop me a line.