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Lets try this again......

So last summer though I was keeping up with my iphone lo and behold I did end up homeless, lived in a tent for a couple months, in September got a permanent place to live. Still had a lot going on, my health issues and being disabled, my mothers health, my brothers heroin addiction and recovery and helping him as he has got back into the underground rap scene, actually releasing his first solo album this week.

We got a computer in January but had to get a wi fi adapter that we just got. one good thing is the landlords include wi fi as part of the rental. So I have some stability and peace , and a keyboard instead of touchscreen, so I really do plan on getting more involved on the non forum community side,including fulfilling what I planned on before everything shot to hell, namely two blogs a week game focused plus the occasional state of matthew address, going to start reviewing and rating things more too.

That's all and thanks,