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I want to finally start this union.

As some of you may know a while back I had an idea for a union. I am finally ready and have the time to get it started and run it properly. Following is an edited version of my last blog post on this to tell people who did not know/refresh the minds of those who did.


The idea is about blogs. I have friends who write various blogs on various topics and I enjoy reading them. And the only way to get at new blogs of non friends is sifting or the soapbox but that is always editorials about games.

It would be a place to advertise blogs, and also sort of like how to gamespot where people could ask blog related questions. we could use threads to have conversations that are hard in comments, especially if you look at the soapbox where everyone comments just because its on the front page. It could even have an annual blog awards.

I want to create and work on this new union to be more profesional andhave more content from the get go instead of the haphazard way most are done. I feel the biggest reason for union failure (my own included) is lack of content (non forum board), vision and continued participation and freshness. So If I open this it will be a complete union not just one more message board.

This is not just for games and editorials, but all blogs as long as they are good. I would like a place I can discuss both the newest community soapbox user's blog and nocoolnamejims latest political piece and samwellx's or Btalyor's latest concert blog all in one place without the hassle of comments. And yes I am using names of friends but hopefully it would be successful to the degree we could all get further immersed in blogs we had no clue about and a wider audience for our own.


That is the main idea. Now what I need is charter members. Anyone who has not been a charter member or creator of a union in the past 30 days and has no plans to be one in the next 30 please PM me if you would not mind. I will not put any demands or restrictions on you you could even not care and not participate at this moment I just need enough people to volunteer so I can get the place open and running to start work on it.

If you do you will remain an honorary officer untill I get more members and activity and start awarding the position on merit as I plan to do. Of course if you would like to participate and remain an officer thats cool too. I am just hoping that if I cannot get enough people actually interested I could get at least a couple that care less about unions untill I get this open.

Thanks beforehand,