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First Impressions: The Puppeteer.

As a member of PSPlus I usually download all the games to have access, and then delete anything I am not playing, such as this month when PES 14 is already done for me, but skullgirls is in heavy rotation. I have become used to the fact that most months have a high profile full retail release type title and 2 smaller usually digital only games ( at least on PS3 ) so I was not sure what to expect from this game when it came out as the third game, being a full retail release which is still 40 dollars for digital download.

The game is the unique tale of a boy turned puppet who has been decapitated and as the story progresses gets new usable heads with different abilities, and a pair of magic scissors which introduces some of the oddest yet satisfying mechanics I have seen in this type of game. the story is not for children having a dark fairytale vibe, however it is not needlessly gritty or forced mature either.

The unique mechanics are rather nice, and truly seperates it from other platformers, one of the most oversaturated genres in games ever, but they play well and also tie into and advance the story so they do not feel out of place or different just to be.

The graphics have an almost paper/woodcut look to them and the stages/screens are set up to look like a old school curtain stage puppet show look, once again being different fitting the theme and atmosphere versus just to set itself apart.

only being three stages in, or curtains, I am not sure exactly how I feel about the game, but it is interesting enough I know I will play it through, when I should have a more well informed opinion and probably be ready to write a real review.

Bottom line though I really do find it worth checking out, especially if you are a PSPlus member entitled to play it. just a quick first impression of a game that has not left a true impression on me yet but is intriguing enough for me to play until it does.

Until next time thanks for reading and support,