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A Gaming update.

As my blog is for the most part dedicated to games I figured before I get into any major posts I would like to update what I have been doing in the world of games in my absence.

I finally beat Marvel Ultimate Alliance (review upcoming) and finally finished all the extra work I wanted to do with the first God of War. I wrote a review on GOW but it was shorter than I expected, I found that recapping the story and giving light description of the different elements of play was all I could come up with,its a game you have to play not say. I did rec it as a buy though.

As always I have been getting my GTA fix, mostly in vice city and for the first time I did the ambulance missions. Never get tired is awesome. I have done that before in SA but the reward was life and the running system is different. I think I may finally 100% complete Vice City, something I have never took the time to do though I have beat it multiple times.

I have also seriously started playing Soul Caliber 2 again. I love the game so much,probably my favorite fighter of all time.

I am also still playing through Resi 4,I tooka break after accidently saving a new game over my other one. Only the second or third time I have done that in my life,the last time being in Oblivion.

So thats what I have been up to. I hope to start getting to more serious blog writing soon, thanks for reading,