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A rare deviation from games.(Or where I have been.)

Okay. As I have said my uncle took me in when I lost my apartment. he recently started his own business. His business online and our house tv and the house phone were charter cable. His business phone and the house online were from verizon. Because of the economic downturn and the fact that he is self employed the family needed to cut costs,so everything was moved to verizon. because of the wait for a modem,switching of lines and the fact he HAD to be online for his job I have been without internet since not last thursday but the thursday before.

It kind of stinks,but I had no choice,andI amback online to stay for now.

I also had a interview at wal-mart today,and if I pass the drug test(I will) I should be getting the job,and if I do it will be at 10.50 an hour for overnight stocking. So I have my fingers crossed.

I am glad to be back and hope people feel the same with me back,


My latest review. Fallout:Brotherhood of steel.

So as all my regular readers know by now, I am trying with my blog and the new reviews I am writing to become a somewhat stable part of the gaming contributions community at gamespot. As such, I have finally written my review of Fallout:brotherhood of steel and would like to ask you to take a moment of your time and read it.

If you like my review it would be nice if you thumbed it up,if not I hope you would not thumb it down,but do as you wish. The standards I used were my own. I am not asking for grammar lessons or how to make it more profesional. I dont ever plan to do this for anything more than my own amusement and hopefully to be somewhat helpful to my friends on the site,and maybe even the community as a whole.

I tried to keep it like my blogs,intelligent enough to make sense,but in my own voice telling you how I see it,and hopefully even if you do not agree you still find it amusing and worth a minute of your time.

So here is the link, enjoy, come back and comment and leave me your two cents,


Do we really need to define the term gamer?

It seems like some on gamespot do. I do not get this trend. While I have my iffys about it, I at least understand the hardcore vs. casual debate,but now people want to actually say that if you do not play this or own that, your not a gamer? even if you play games? Sorry,this is getting ridiculous.

So by the logic I keep seeing if you only read magazines,or bestsellers, and have not been reading since the inception of books,you must not be a "real" reader. I actually saw the argument if you never played the 2600 at least once you are not a real gamer. Well what if you had colecovision? Or were not around. Its not like the atari is just sitting on every street corner just waiting to be the holy grail of anyone that wants to define themselves by a meaningless title.

Or how about this. "you do not have to like online,but you have to at least try it to be a real gamer". What? So going back to my last example, I guess to be a real reader you have to at least once get involved with a discussion group. You do not have to like it,but you want the title you have to try it. Bull.

But enough with picking apart individual arguments, I can do that on the forum boards,this is more of an in general why I do not think the base argument makes sense. So I am going to bring out my favorite analogy for the hardcore/casual debates and broaden it a little.

Motorcycles. Yes,my analogy is that the two types of gamers are like motorcycle owners. Some people are hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts,some are people that own a motorcycle and occasionally ride it. But they both still own a motorcycle. they are motorcycle owners. Same with games. Some are major hobbyists, hardcore enthusiasts who spend vast amounts of time, energy ,resources to pursue their interest. Some just own a wii, or play flash games. They all still play games, so they are all gamers.

Plain and simple, you cannot redefine this to prove you are better than another. The only real difference is level of interest and investment in the hobby. We are all gamers. Fact. The argument is pointless,and makes the hardcore elite vs. casual arguments look like grand philosophy.

So can we all agree to just put this pointless debate behind us? It really accomplishes nothing, except maybe the worst which is push away potential newcomers to the hobby, which is the worst thing you can do. With the current economic climate we need all the gamers we can get, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum. Remember, a house divided cannot stand, and I hate seeing those most involved with the hobby being the ones to sabotage the spread and acceptance of the hobby they claim to love.

As always, that is my two cents,


And the Game that was the biggest dissapointment to me this gen was.............

Yes assassins creed. A little background. I followed this game through announcment to launch,ate up every preview,interview,image and trailer. Watched all the footage from the game trade shows. Picked it up at launch. read the manual,was psyched about the control scheme. Popped it in and....okay the much talked about but never described story that just pulled me out of the vibe to begin with. But after some meaningless cutscenes and wandering I get to the game. A nice involving tutorial style beginning,teaches me everything I need to know and....they strip it all away.

Okay,fine I guess. then I played more,and kept climbing towers,eavesdropping,pickpocketing,intimidating. Do I ever get to kill someone? This is supposed to be Assassins Creed,not street urchins Creed. But I keep playing,through the repetitive missions,horrible non-middle eastern parts of the story,get the counter attack and bam,from this point on every fight is now a one button timing based game. Yeah,thats innovation,double dragon hada move set with more variety.

so I keep numbing my brain and the thumb on my right hand. And get to the end just to go what the heck. Way to use sci-fi to completly destroy any sense of cohesive story.

I hated the story,it ruined the ancient mideast feel for me.

I loved the controls but they were wasted on fetch quests and pointless climbing objectives.

I really loved the assassination aspects,the rare few times you actually do one.

I mean this game could have been great,not just in concept,but with everything in the game that was utilized so poorly its not even funny. they should have added like 20 real assassination kills and made it open world and got rid of the junk preriquisite tasks that got old in the playstation one era.

I swear there was a ubisoft meeting where some exec said "well if we fill it with hours of repetive boring non-essental tasks before the good parts,they will really apreciate the good parts after wading through **** for two hours."

Its a travesty because this game could have been so much more. I blame myself for overhyping,but also ubisoft for delivering everything they promised but wrapping it in hours and hours of boring,repetive,needless tasks. So for this Generation,that was my biggest dissapointment.

Next up:Halo 2.


The games that dissapointed me the most.

Once again a thread in GGD has inspired me. I have decided to write some blog entrys on the most disapointing games I have ever played. Not bad games mind you,this is not about E.T. or Superman 64. And though not those two,there are bad games I have played that I did enjoy. And some of the games that will appear are "good" games. I will explain in each entry the factors from overhype,to bad game design,to the not oft admitted by most " I just did not get it".

No,these upcoming entry's will be the most disapointing games in MY opinion. To ME. Maybe you will agree with some,maybe you will curse me and argue your love for said game. The most I can hope is they make you think,or in the least laugh. The games and their entrys will be upcoming,mostly this week,so please stay tuned to my blog,and as I post each entry,feel free to let your opinion and feelings known,I have no problems discussing the finer points and details.

Well,until the first entry

thanks for reading,


An examination of the term role playing game and what it means.

I had to write this as a reply to the numerous threads in general games discussion,about whatever happened to real role-playing games and how anything that is not in the Final Fantasy-Dragon Warrior mode is not a real role-playing game or if they do aknowledge them they act as if they are somehow inferior.

First,let us examine the term Role-Playing,or role-play. Whether in a video game,pen and paper,or completely outside the world of games,in lets say therapy,to role play would be to take on a persona or role,usually self created but not always,and interact the way that persona would instead of as you would.

So in that context,the so called western RPG, actually fits the definition a lot better,though the traditional japanese RPG does fit also.Where the WRPG usually gives you more character choices,options and freedom,thereby opening the imagination of the player,the JRPG still fits,because to get the full effects of say FFVII and truly feel the game,your not supposed to look at it as controlling cloud,your supposed to BE cloud.

All the other mechanics and gameplay sytems really dont mean much. Turn based or action,level up by points or doing things,fantasy or futuristic,its all irevalent. Thats just game mechanics,the true test is do you aquire a role and fufill the desires of the gameworld based on that role you assume.

To further my point and nail it at the same time,lets talk about a true role-playing game you would never think of as role-playing game. Its called Madden all star mode. Dont believe me? Well you create a player from scratch,you train him,choose your agent,choose your events and how to respond,participate in the combine,then get drafted. From that point you must combine practice and events,plus play on gameday,all by yourself not the rest of the team,though your success points from practice can be used to help your team.

Last I checked,that is role-playing,the mechanics are different,football not fantasy turn based battles,or first person real time,but its definitley role-playing. So maybe instead of focusing on the game mechanics,people should start to realize that role-playing is based on how you relate and interact with the game world,not setting,theme,or interface.

Just my two cents,but I really had to get that out there. If you liked this blog please recommend it to others, I do not get a lot of readers,but I think this is something more gamers should think about.

Thank you,


Got me some new(at least to me,they are used but I never had them before) games.

Last night I kind of unexpectedly went to the mall with my brother. I picked up,Riddick:escape from butcher bay,Fallout:Brotherhood of steel,deus ex:the invisible war,and Full Spectrum warrior,for a grand total of 18 dollars. And all the games are in good condition,though only riddick and fallout had game manuals.

So while my overarching goals on the review thing is still intact, I may be messing up the order i was going to do these in,because unlike the other games that I am replaying, I have never played any of these games before. Last night I tried fallout,and actually quite enjoyed it so far, I love hack and slash dungeon crawlers,they are a nice change of pace. I also gave FSW a shot,but I was drinking a little at the time,so either i need to be stone cold sober,or I am glad I only payed 3 dollars for it,not full price when it came out.

But for now that is where things stand,as I have said I will keep the updates coming,it amuses me and hopefully you.

as always,


The worst part of the XBOX

My X-box needs a good cleaning,so I am going offline for a couple hours,getting out the tools and fixing her up. I have to say as mad as it gets me that microsoft made there first machine tough to mantain,it sure has tought me a lot,and I will keep This thing running forever.

I will be back on later.

I also have a question,do you think I should use the ps2 reviews to review gta 3 and vice city seperatly,or just the double pack for x-box. Because I really do not want to wait untill I have played through both,i figure I could review each seperatly,then pull together the reviews and add xbox specifics for a double pack review later,but I would like some opinions.

Thats it for now, I will be back later,


I have made a decison.

Since I needed to make a choice,and it seems no one wants to read or comment on my blogs,this is what I am going to do. I am going to play morrowind,the longest of my games while I play and review all the others and leave that for the granddaddy of all my new reviews.

I have created a breton mage,my favorite class and race in both morrowind and oblivion,and have finished a few of the easy tasks in the first village when you arrive in morrowind. I will keep updating my progress on that and in the future there will be spoilers,though I will mark them.

So the first game I am playing through for the project will be grand theft auto III. I have started,made it through the first cutscene,picked up misty and brought her to luigis. I have collected all possible packages at this point in the game,done about 15 passengers in a taxi,and did diablo car destruction and three ramapges. I plan on clearing out all the extras and side missions before doing the story progressions.

When I start again tonight its rampages,vigilante mission,hospital and fire fighter.


New Impressions of old Games.

I just deleted all the save files off my XBOX. This is to clear the way for some new saves in my overarching goal to write some reviews with a then vs. now type of theme.

I only have the XBOX at the moment,my PS3 is a paperweight,and I have to wait untill I am working again to get it fixed plus purchase a 360 which I would like to do also.

So I am going to start all my games over from this point on. I will be writing reviews,and hopefully people on GS will read them, I am excited,because it will give me a chance to get reaquainted with some of my favorite games from last gen. I will keep anyone who cares updated on my progress with updates in my blog,and will be sure to announce each time i actually do post one of the reviews.

the only question is where to start, I have it narrowed down to either Morrowind or GTAIII. I will decide by tonight,but if anyone wants to leave a comment with a vote towards one or the other, I will take that into consideration.

Thank You,


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