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First Impressions: The Puppeteer.

As a member of PSPlus I usually download all the games to have access, and then delete anything I am not playing, such as this month when PES 14 is already done for me, but skullgirls is in heavy rotation. I have become used to the fact that most months have a high profile full retail release type title and 2 smaller usually digital only games ( at least on PS3 ) so I was not sure what to expect from this game when it came out as the third game, being a full retail release which is still 40 dollars for digital download.

The game is the unique tale of a boy turned puppet who has been decapitated and as the story progresses gets new usable heads with different abilities, and a pair of magic scissors which introduces some of the oddest yet satisfying mechanics I have seen in this type of game. the story is not for children having a dark fairytale vibe, however it is not needlessly gritty or forced mature either.

The unique mechanics are rather nice, and truly seperates it from other platformers, one of the most oversaturated genres in games ever, but they play well and also tie into and advance the story so they do not feel out of place or different just to be.

The graphics have an almost paper/woodcut look to them and the stages/screens are set up to look like a old school curtain stage puppet show look, once again being different fitting the theme and atmosphere versus just to set itself apart.

only being three stages in, or curtains, I am not sure exactly how I feel about the game, but it is interesting enough I know I will play it through, when I should have a more well informed opinion and probably be ready to write a real review.

Bottom line though I really do find it worth checking out, especially if you are a PSPlus member entitled to play it. just a quick first impression of a game that has not left a true impression on me yet but is intriguing enough for me to play until it does.

Until next time thanks for reading and support,


Lets try this again......

So last summer though I was keeping up with my iphone lo and behold I did end up homeless, lived in a tent for a couple months, in September got a permanent place to live. Still had a lot going on, my health issues and being disabled, my mothers health, my brothers heroin addiction and recovery and helping him as he has got back into the underground rap scene, actually releasing his first solo album this week.

We got a computer in January but had to get a wi fi adapter that we just got. one good thing is the landlords include wi fi as part of the rental. So I have some stability and peace , and a keyboard instead of touchscreen, so I really do plan on getting more involved on the non forum community side,including fulfilling what I planned on before everything shot to hell, namely two blogs a week game focused plus the occasional state of matthew address, going to start reviewing and rating things more too.

That's all and thanks,


Odds and ends.......

So Tim Tebow was picked up the patriots,not sure how I feel about that,but cannot wait for football to start.

Liking the PS4 and its definitley going to be my first next gen system.

Mostly though now that I am back and have all kinds of free time on my hands I am really going to start contributing again,and not just in forums. Expect at least one gaming specific blog a week starting next week,probably on tuesdays. I am also going to start reviewing games again,old and new, from next gen to iOS. Also some of my retospective look back blogs not related to the tuesday editions.

just a heads up,I know some people enjoy my contributions so letting everyone know they are coming back.

Thanks as always,


In the hospital

Have not been posting much because I have beein in the hospital since 3:00 am friday morning. Just got my phone back and permission to use it. I was on heart moniters before but now am on a small unit so I can use my cell. A stress test showed blockage in my heart, so today I an undergoing a cardio catheter. If tgat confirms the blockage I will be getting a stent. The bad news is I am only thirty five, the good news it will help my disability case, though I just wish I was healthy.


Thats all just an updat, and my abrupt non posting is not disapearing again, in fact with all my health issues I will probably end up spending more time on here.


Thanks for your time,


Im back!?!?

So after another long hiatus I have returned through the awesome power of smartphones, so no matter what happens I can stay current. That is all for now.

Where my life has been.

Well since the last time I was on my life has been all over the place. I was banned in nov 2009 (thats all I am going to say about it) tried posting a few other places but hated it, proving once again that the community is what makes gamespot andwhy I gethooked on the internet.

In nov of 2010 I moved in with my brother and worked with him in a carpet warehouse. It was fun, and not a bad job but sometimes things have to change. In march I moved to maine after deciding I was sick of MA especially the Worcester county area.

So now I am in maine,I live with some relatives and my life is going pretty well. I have to go to the library to use the internet and last week found out I could post so here I am. I missed people and this site and I wont do anything stupid again.

I finally got my 360 again and I get to use all my cousins games along with my own so even though I am offline (no internet at the house) I will resume blogging and reviewing.

Oh I have also become a rabid fan of eastbound and down. Otherwise I am pretty much the same,just not really aimless anymore.

So if anyone out there cares and is glad to see me back drop me a line.


The union is open!

Just a quick update to say the union is open anyone who is interested can join up here. But even if you have too many unions(btaylor,oblivionfan I am looking at you) feel free to drop by and participate it is an open union and I hope that even non-members from across the community will participate. Hope to see you there,


I want to finally start this union.

As some of you may know a while back I had an idea for a union. I am finally ready and have the time to get it started and run it properly. Following is an edited version of my last blog post on this to tell people who did not know/refresh the minds of those who did.


The idea is about blogs. I have friends who write various blogs on various topics and I enjoy reading them. And the only way to get at new blogs of non friends is sifting or the soapbox but that is always editorials about games.

It would be a place to advertise blogs, and also sort of like how to gamespot where people could ask blog related questions. we could use threads to have conversations that are hard in comments, especially if you look at the soapbox where everyone comments just because its on the front page. It could even have an annual blog awards.

I want to create and work on this new union to be more profesional andhave more content from the get go instead of the haphazard way most are done. I feel the biggest reason for union failure (my own included) is lack of content (non forum board), vision and continued participation and freshness. So If I open this it will be a complete union not just one more message board.

This is not just for games and editorials, but all blogs as long as they are good. I would like a place I can discuss both the newest community soapbox user's blog and nocoolnamejims latest political piece and samwellx's or Btalyor's latest concert blog all in one place without the hassle of comments. And yes I am using names of friends but hopefully it would be successful to the degree we could all get further immersed in blogs we had no clue about and a wider audience for our own.


That is the main idea. Now what I need is charter members. Anyone who has not been a charter member or creator of a union in the past 30 days and has no plans to be one in the next 30 please PM me if you would not mind. I will not put any demands or restrictions on you you could even not care and not participate at this moment I just need enough people to volunteer so I can get the place open and running to start work on it.

If you do you will remain an honorary officer untill I get more members and activity and start awarding the position on merit as I plan to do. Of course if you would like to participate and remain an officer thats cool too. I am just hoping that if I cannot get enough people actually interested I could get at least a couple that care less about unions untill I get this open.

Thanks beforehand,


A Gaming update.

As my blog is for the most part dedicated to games I figured before I get into any major posts I would like to update what I have been doing in the world of games in my absence.

I finally beat Marvel Ultimate Alliance (review upcoming) and finally finished all the extra work I wanted to do with the first God of War. I wrote a review on GOW but it was shorter than I expected, I found that recapping the story and giving light description of the different elements of play was all I could come up with,its a game you have to play not say. I did rec it as a buy though.

As always I have been getting my GTA fix, mostly in vice city and for the first time I did the ambulance missions. Never get tired is awesome. I have done that before in SA but the reward was life and the running system is different. I think I may finally 100% complete Vice City, something I have never took the time to do though I have beat it multiple times.

I have also seriously started playing Soul Caliber 2 again. I love the game so much,probably my favorite fighter of all time.

I am also still playing through Resi 4,I tooka break after accidently saving a new game over my other one. Only the second or third time I have done that in my life,the last time being in Oblivion.

So thats what I have been up to. I hope to start getting to more serious blog writing soon, thanks for reading,


Im Back....Really back....

Life went chaotic....but things are settled,back on. Only in my life would things be kosher on halloween. But I would like people that would like to get into the union I was talking about,and just posting,and hell just gameplay advice.

And I would like to apolgize for the I am back but then was not but as anyone knows life off line can be crazy,so if you are glad to see me back,hit me up....

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