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P3:FES Game save?

Basicly has anyone got a game save around the date of 5/27? Any date romotly around that time Im fine with. Im not that fussed if your social links and things are like so whoever really. I just want to continue from a point that I got close to and now I dont have.Cause 16 hours is about a week, and I just dont have that much time to give it another reply.

So if you can send me a save file I'd be really grateful. Email: (dont send me spam) or post it on Cheers

Note: The other saves on are either at the very end of the game or at the start with all the unlockables from the start

Huge Sale at Game in the UK! Hello Bargin Bin

Right now there's quite a big sale going on at Game and Gamestation (there owened by the same owner now and the sale is almost identical). I only got 3 video games for chirsmas since i spend so much on music and, well, it feels extremly empty for some reason....I almost want to blow dust of my wii and by something for it. And i know it doesn't sound right about either "wii"s.

So i reckon ive got £160 to get rid of on games on my 360, if you got opionion on which games to go for that could help quite alot. Thanks


Arh Why Cant I Use Pictures

The title says it all, why cant i use pictures in my blog. Sorry to sound like someone who cant use a computer but can someone message me telling me what to do, because i keep on getting "error tag img does not contribute to title" or something like that.


Ok What A Retarted Crysis I Was Having

Ok, i got a little too upset over Jeff's leaving still about 4 months later we still dont have answers. But this is not about that this is about www.gaintbomb.comits Jeff's and Davids new website, although i bet almost every one knew this.

Gaint Bomb isn't a tribute to suicide terrorists but a new game site. I think it has a bright future ahead of it, there still editing the website and the office isn't quite up yet, although they've got the website up at the minute and doing reviews. There review system consists of the basic 5 star review system, even though i think its not deep enough, maybe Jeff is trying to provoke that it doesn't matter if one is 8 or 7.5 there not that far of each other.

They are not doing shows such as On The Spot or Start/Select at the moment but there doing episode's called "How To Build A Bomb" which shows them building up there office in progression and there plans for the office and the site (as-well as Jeff's cracking his humor every 5 seconds).

I recommend you check it out and the How To Build A Bomb series.

Jeff gone,im done

is been a tragic year for GS first rich now jeff i never thought he would leave, but the day came.

Jeff was the bread and butter of gamespot, now hes gone on the spot it probably over and Ryan Thomas is going to follow and maybe the others (aliex,brad,homer?). well iv stopped doing my reviews cya....

for full story although thing it was edioes

HaLO 3!

Ive had it since the 25th sept played though the campaign twice and an hell of a lot of multiplayer matches.

i am almost ready to give my review and i can tell you is near perfect, but what consens me most is the people on live now arnt what they were a year ago, there now ether complete dutches(jerks) or boring is made me online sick for the past three weeks if you can help me pls send me a message yer i still play with my mates in all but before is like have a game make a friend now is like play a game make an enemy this is the over load of the flood "live'ers" .


Back To Fu**ing School Smokes!

Well going back to school fu**ing sucks(unless you're a nerd or bi) so here's some really good games too take the stress thought out august to September


"Take a trip to an 50s under water utopia and unravel the mysteries in this place known as Rapture!" This is a revolutionary FPS that makes other FPS look bad!!!!!

2.Halo 3

"Finish The Fight" Take it this way, if halo 3 isnt good ill eat my fu**ing head!


"The title says it all skate!" A skateboarding game that takes on the tony hawk series with a more realistic approach and revolutionary Flicket controls.

4.Blue Dragon

"Master your shadow!" Lose your self in a vivid and beautiful world in this immersive japanese role playing game!!!!

Tony Hawk Games: Maybe Not This Year But Maybe Next Year

Well i am playing the hell out of the Skate. demo and when i first hands on it i thought Tony Hawk Series R.I.P as a skater a was so impressed with the realism from the controls to the score system it felt like i was skating unlike tony hawk games which only made me wanta skate(they got me into skating in the first place).Nail The Trick and Flicket go toe-on-toe but flicket wins since its real time and not slow-mo also grinding is a lot better more realistic than taping the grind button.

If tony hawks wants a chance at beating skate they need to slow the game-pace down (honestly crouching down doesnt make you faster if any thing it makes you slower and standing up doesnt make you as slow as walking) make nail the tricks controls better and real time make grinding realistic take out the 1,000,000 point combos and make line system then maybe just maybe.... They can beat skate and if they say well there stealing all of skates ideas, well there's a hell of a lot of things that skate have from tony hawks! so suck my ballsssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 28 Up Coming 2007

Heres the top 20 games coming up in 2007.

28.Smackdown Vs Raw 2008(360)

27.Virtua Fighter 5(360)

26.Need For Speed Pro Street

25.Jucied 2 HIN

24.Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 (wii)

23.FIFA 08

22.Two World (360)

21.Strangle Hold

20.ProEvo 7

19.Lost Odyseey

18.DragonBallZ Tikichi 3 (wii)

17.Zelda The Phantom Of The Hourglass

16.Enternal Sonata

15.UT 2007

14.Metriod 3

13.Guild Wars Eye Of The North

12.Gutiar Hero 3

11.Naruto Rise Of A Ninja

10.Devil May Cry 4(360)

9.Fable 2

top 8 coming soon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Darkness: Diffrent endings? Warning may includ spoiler

The Darkness

Here is the truth to what is going to happen next in the darkness.

Well, the truth is there is no different ending to darkness the don thing near the end doesn't change a thing.

My friends are darkness experts they read the comics of the darkness saying the darkness taking over you happens in the comics. Jakie goes back to hell to find jenny also on the side meats batman a few times(lol) and takes over the darkness, am not going to give more away on the plot of the next game or movie, that's right movie! Apparently according to the walk-though i was following. (sorry gamespot but your site is to big for my psp to handle)

But the don option is a defined opening for extra content.

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