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Hey guys!

Hey guys! Ive fallen off the horse so to speak in the last 8 months (lol), reviews, opinions and of course...GRIPES!!! will be coming up in my future blogs, i'd like to say, WELCOME BACK to anyone hwo has been coming on my page going..."wtf? where is he?", lol, well im back, more to come soon, stay tuned

Omega Dawn

warhawk omegadawn is due out tomorrow, warhawk v.12 patch comesout today wityh many bug fixes, small add ons to the lobby/server system and it includes 5 new ma layouts. Omega dawn introducces a new map and the dropship attack vehicles whihc can be played with on the existing maps as well. Dylan Jobe hinted inhis blog post found on that warhawk v1.3 is in work and it will bring in new troop related features and maps for FREE. Omega Dawn is going up worldwide on Dec 20 and can be boughtform the ps store or the in-game warhawk store being added with todays v.12 patch. See you in the skies!

Zune Software Bug Found

to any of those who has the Zune software revision 2.0, beware how many videos you have zune tryin gto load, after you pass around 30, the zune player will lag and lock up and take approz. 5 min to lod the videos, ive emialed microsft reporting hte bug, they said they are aware of it as it is due to the fact that zune over buffers the harddrive and a patch will be coming soon to fix that as well as improve overall performance and stability, but hey it is a buetiful and great piece of art anis way easier to use...itunes is less pretty and somewhat more complex...the store on itunes is better with close to 8 million songs but remeber...all zune songs are DRM free and the itunes plus songs are also DRM free, and itunes songs will play and will be sent to your zune via the software automatically!

UT3 opinions anyone?

so what are your opinions on ut3? do you agree withthe gamespotscore? is ut 2004 or any other version of unreal any better? let me know guys im trying to decide wether to get it for my PS3.....

UT3 on the ps3 in December!

congrats to Epic for making the 2007 release date, cant wait to see how the game turns out, if it gets good reviews maybe iull get it, i hope it has splitscreen online or some sort of splitscreen gameplay, great job to all the devs at epic and sony, you guys did great, also look foward to the XBOX 360 release of it later in 2008! BEST OF LUCK!

no haze demo?

once agian these prove ot be hoaxesor rumors gone totally out of control, guys no hazedemo will ocme out until sony releases one and tells us and until it GOES GOLD!

Haze Demo?

rumors from (new for gamers) quoted from the official spanish playstation site that a haze demo will be hitting the spanihs psn..umm now wouldnt that be under jurisdiction of the EU PS Store..i mean the yare part of the EU store...and SCEE would have that terrortory for sure, it is dated as coming out 11/16....odd becuase the playstation store is updated everyweek on thursday...and no announcements have been made and SCEE hasnt commented..i think its total BOGUS!

COD4 On ps3

hey its out and its great, now yes some small issues on the ps3, but it runs smooth and infinity is wokring the problems out and most are fixed by now, the game is great nad everyone should buy it.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Demo 11/8

the much anticipated tomb raider like game by naughty dog entertainment, uncharted comes out nov. 19 for ps3, but a dmeo will be released on the playstation network this thurday ( 11/8 )! So get your internet connections and tv's ready to play one of the most beautiful gmaes ive seen in a long time!
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