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blazblue (( depth, somewhat))

The name's Tim Taplin

I want to really try and help people understand some things about blazblue i am not an expert but I can say that i know a bit about each character after watching fights in the game. At first glance each character seems horriblely unbalance in terms of skill and finesse as well as power and ablity to creat and continue combos. So I will try to move quickly like explained to you before I am not an expert just a gamer putting down what i think.IT may help in the long run who knows?


Ragna=bloodedge Aka SoulEater

One the more basic chracters in the game, from what I see he is alot like soul but then in some special cases most of his attacks of a pause it can be related to Slayer from GG ( gutily gear ) in each attack giving him that pause kind of gives you a over all advantage. But what can hurt the most is not just his pause but the fact that he can regain health after every hit. I am not sure what the other ablitlties of the other characters are and how they maintain but it seems that out of everone Ragna, has a little bit of a lower defense in some special cases like Litchi for example when fighting her he can and will get thrashed.(( explain why in a moment.)) One of his most used combos, seem to be punch punch, to a down kick forward smash to special from that attack you can range into so many different combos that it is not even funny i am not sure if they have the cancel. But if they do it will make it hard to get out of certain attacks. That could lead to death pretty early almost as far as saying the beginning. but He is not alone there are others with the same types of attacks that can lead to clean and smooth combos in the air that are almost unavoidable. Like Neol he can also attack a player on the ground and hit the back into a pop up, most players resort to an uppercut back into the a popup again.

Characters most resembled from GG: Sol Badguy and Slayer.

Jin AKa Frost Bite

Of most of the other characters I have to say that i like the way jin can be played, for one he is a big improvement from Ky from GG. his attacks are more fluent, and he really does not slow down as much either. While watching him fight he does not seem to really pause at all actually his attacks have to be done quickly inorder to combo with him, He is a problem, Getting attached to him and learning how to play with him he is probably on of the most dangerous characters that I have seen. His special triggers insance cancel combos which in result in moster damage leaving the other player almost without any health. Be on guard at all times when fighting him. His favored match, Has to be Ragna. Out of every character from GG I have to say he resembles Ky the most.

Noel Vermillion Aka, Chain Revolver

Of all the characters she has to be a favorite already, her unquie fighting style and ablitity to shift the momentum of the game, makes her a dangerous character indeed. Of all the characters I observed I have to say that she is also a danger zone player, her range gives her some of axl low's features. But at the same time she shows that she can be just as effect close as she is in the mid or long range categories in the game. While in the middle of one of her combos were you are attacking almost relencely you can shift that attack into a smash move where the opponent is going to hit the ground and this is what brings up a porblem at times. She can attack you from the ground poping you up, pop ups as you will see throughout the game are alot with the game's play and how effective you are in the game if you are looking for someone with alot of ways to get there opponet into the air and moster on the other player she is it.

Iron=Tager AKa Volter Battler

Of course it is obviously he is the Tank in this game like Potkmin is to GG. Well for one it does not many attacks to actually make you regret even thinking that fighting him close quarters was even a good Idea...THE POWER!! sorry any way Iron tager by far is the strongest character physically in the game. Being hit by him is not a good for teh mind, body or soul. It hurts like hell. The best thing to do in that situation.. Well there are few but I will leave that up to you for now to figure out one of them is actually carl. The Eddie of the game if you ask my. but that will be for another day. Iron Tager if it is not already known he lost a large portion of his body in the great war, and they ended up rebuilding it. I guess his power is to drag anything into his magnetic pull.. so yea it would be kind of over when he starts to suck you in. Because as soon as he is right infront of you, it subs in for his speed not being on the best. But he still has serious reach. And with moves dealing with magnetism. One of his specials can actually take at least have your health in a instant be careful.

TaoKaka AKa Dancing Edge

Ok, a great character all the way around and one person I could think of that balances out, is Melia Rage. So what is the deal with Taokaka? well for one her harmony in strength, defense, and speed are scary, She can basically catch you into a combo as soon as she attacks you. If you are using the right attacks you almost have nothing to fear about this character except Iron.. ((Own...)), She has alot of pop-ups and smash attacks that lead right back up. Her fighting style is also all over the place. So it is hard to predict her movements. A dangerous character I think in almost any one's hands.

Arakune Aka. Crimson

Arakune is one character that has been kind of hard for me to figure out though i can say for a fact his teleporting skills give him a edge, I would like to think of him as Eddie, in some ways but with the lack of pop-ups and and ground smash moves. I am not too sure until i am really sure i can say that he has powerful attacks but it is all about timing.. Certain attacks cannot be triggered the right way unless you time it first if now... well let's just say that the beating that you will take? will be more than toothfull. Of all the people in the game he is probably one of the hardest characters to play with, and could give you the most trouble.


This little person right here is more like testament with her orginal slayer feel. She is by far one of the scariest characters in the game and one of my personal favorites. Well were to begin? She can attack from just about any way she wishes to. Her power over what seems to be the weather conditions of and use of making electircal charged poles to direct the lightning to any one of those poles. Her setting of traps also give her edge but she can fight as well, if you get caught in any of that good luck getting out it. She is very moble and will unleash combos like crazy if she sees a opening.

Shishigami= Bang Aka Burning heart

A vast improvement from Chipp from GG. He is still fast but they gave him power backing those attacks. his Ninjustu is crazy, and his pop-ups give him a edge in the air against certian enimies but the balance is alot better for him other than Chip one attack from someone like sol took a chunk from his health he is alot tougher built. and some attacks that people are use to using with im are his disappearing moves, to cancel then right back into the punch, kick, and really just trying to keep you in the air as long as possible. He is what i would call one of the best areial combatanats in the game this time around.

Litchi=faye=Ling AKa Mnntenbou

This one here, is a problem all the way around the board, based on alot of different oponions. I come to think of her as Baiken, Jam, and possiblely Axl low. Her weapon the staff that she uses can alter it's shape and form, but one other thing that brings me to think axl's character parts are in is her ablitly to attack from just about any range, between jam and baiken her specials counters and counter attacks give her alot of edge when fighting. everytime she counters that is an opening with the staff, and then her attacks, all jam swift and continuious. Making her just as dangerious being able to attack from long, mid, and short range. fighting just about anyone for her is easy money.

Carl Clover Aka. AutoMaton

From what a few of my friends think as well as myself, the eddie of the game though his biggest weakness is being left alone, then anyone will try and kill him then the best stratagies that i can think of is develop his one on one fighting and continue to delvelop attacks with the doll that he brings to battle with him, if not eddie he will be the Zappa, He is great in double team attacks, or finding a open spot to start attacking, the balance for him making him strong enough to take on the other characters, most people may try focusing on the doll or him directly using that to your advantage a character could just as easily beaten.

((well like I said this is just a few things that I came up with after watching some game play from the creators and gamers who have actually played the game. so it is not perfect if anyone has a suggestion that they would like known or think otherwise please i am open to them. I have to say that i have come to like blazblue and cannot wait for the game to be completely released for PS3. Well I hope you enjoy the short read.))