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My Band needs your help to play at this year's Benicassim festival!

I'll level with you now, this post has nothing to do with video games. Instead I'm asking a massive favour. I'm calling upon you, the GameSpot community, to vote for my band Guns to Caviar to play at this year'sBenicassim festival in Spain!

Organised by SuperJam, the competition asks bands from around Europe to submit their track to a public vote to win a gig at theBenicassim festival.From over 2000 bands we've made it into the top 40! We need your votes to help us make it into the top 5 and play at the grand final in London.

All you have to do is head to the following URL: register, and then rate our tracks (preferably highly!). Just click on the stars underneath the music player to leave a rating. You can even leave a friendly comment if you like :-)

Any votes you guys give would be really really helpful, so please vote if you can!

Many thanks,

g2c Poster