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IndieSpot UK and why indie games are AWESOME.

Let's start off with a simple fact; indie games are awesome.

Because of this, I've started a monthly feature called IndieSpot UK over on the GameSpot UK blog, where you can check out four of our top indie picks for the month. We're going to be looking at classics, new titles, and some of the more bizarre games to come from people's bedroom studios around the world.

But why indie games I hear you ask? The whole of the video games industry is based upon the work of hardworking programmers in the late 70's and early 80's who worked from their bedrooms, painstakingly keying in code on monochrome monitors and bouncy rubber ZX Spectrum keys. All games used to be indie. And it's where some of the best and most original ideas have sprung from, creating gameplay mechanics that are still used in many of our modern AAA games.

Though many modern indie games hark back to those past mechanics, others are innovating in incredibly exciting ways, with the likes of thatgamecompany's Flower and Jonathan Blow's Braid offering unique experiences that can't be had from the big development houses. Of course, they also push those development houses to re-think their own games, taking on board many of the innovations of the indie scene. They may even surpass the success of the big boys; just look at FarmVille developer Zynga's recent estimated valuation of $5 billion dollars, matching that of publishing giant EA.

So fellow gamers, please check out IndieSpot UK, and drop me a message if you have any tips of your own, or indeed if you're an indie developer with a game to show off. In the mean time, I suggest you check out Molleindustria's Everyday the same dreamif you haven't already. It's brilliant.