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When Bioshock 2 landed on my desk I was incredibly eager to get it home and fire it up. Having now completed the game, I can't help but feel a little disappointed with my experience. Yes, Bioshock 2 is a very good game, but the sheer awe I felt when diving into Rapture for the first time has gone.

This was of course inevitable, given that I've played in the city before. There's no denying creating a sequel to Bioshock was a big ask, especially as the first game felt entirely self-contained, with little room for a sequel. The new story feels like it's been shoe-horned into place, and often makes you wonder what these all-powerful people were doing during the first game. Perhaps they were just taking an long nap.

I also felt the story also raised more questions than it did answers, and just when I thought I was going to uncover the truth, the game ended.This is not to say I didn't have a great time with Bioshock 2, the combat is much improved, playing as a big daddy is just plain awesome, and the big sister battles were a lot of fun.

I think that my expectations were perhaps set too high, and after the brilliance of the first game, it was never going to live up to them. Bioshock 2 is evidence of the dreaded "second album syndrome" that blights so many bands today, releasing a stonking debut, followed by a so-so follow up.