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Create your own House of the Dead Overkill Poster!

In case you haven't heard by now, there is a new House of The Dead about to hit the Wii complete with a full on B movie cheese storyline (we're talking full on Edam here), and gratuitous zombie killing action.

To accompany the launch the lovely chaps at SEGA have put up a poster creator where you can create your own B-Movie inspired work of art, here's my rather lame attempt:


Unfortunately you can't upload your own pictures, but hey it kills 5 minutes right?

Stupid Name, Great Game

Ah the iPhone, possibly the single greatest device ever made, I don't actually know what I'd do without the thing. Having said that since the launch of the app store we've been told that the iPhone is a viable game platform, even being referred to as a "games console" by Apple themselves. The problem is, there just haven been that many great games for it, fortunately that is changing rapidly, with amazing games like Rolando and Fieldrunners leading the way.

I was fortunate to come across a game in the appstore called "SpaceDeadBeef" (I have absolutely no idea why!), would love to say I spent hours scouring the wasteland of the appstore to find it but the guys at Penny Arcade pointed me in the right direction!

Title Screen

SpaceDeadBeef is a side scrolling shooter similar to the classic R-Type games, so lots of explosions, pattern learning and immense frustration:) The controls are as simple as they get, tap to where you want to shoot and drag your finger to move the ship.


It's pretty addictive, and although there is only one level at the moment (the stage just repeats after you complete it with more enemies) it's easy to see potential here. Ok so it's not going to be any Thunderforce IV (best shooter ever I promise) and it would be nice to keep the movement control seperate from the shooting as your finger tends to cover up the oncoming enemies but for an early version its definately playable and lots of fun.

Best of all its the best kind of price, FREE! So you've no excuse not to check this one out8)

Pushy salespeople + technologically inept girlfriend = Free 3G Modem for me :)

Last week I arrived home to find my girlfriend had just been sold a Mobile 3G Modem Dongle, or as she happened to call it at the time a "doogle." Now bless her, she had absolutely no idea what she had bought, the phone company just phoned her up, said it was free and cost just a fiver a month, and being the nice person she is couldn't no!

Aside from not really knowing what it was she also uttered the immortal words "you can use it any time you like, I probably won't use it much" and so it's pretty much never left my bag since, I doubt she'll ever get it back 8)

Macbook and Dongle

It's only now however, that I've come to appreciate the pure awesomeness of the dongle. I'm sat on a train enduring the painfully dull 3 hour journey home from London to visit the folks, and with the power of 3G, I can feed my rather disturbing internet addiction and listen to primus the whole way home.

Macbook and Train

Of course I could just take in the scenery flashing by the window, but my train goes past Swindon and frankly I don't want to depress myself...

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