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US SFIV National Tournament

In the world of Street Fighter, being the best means undertaking hours of painstaking practice, shunning all loved ones, and having the desire "to be the best."

I don't have the time, or indeed the patience for that (guitar practice takes up far too much time as it is), but these guys at the US SFIV National Tournament certainly do, proving that even though it's just a computer game, it can still be an amazing thing to watch.

Justin Wong - US National Tournament Winner

After regional tournaments, the finals came down to just 16 players from across the US, all using a variety of players and techniques -- which just goes to show you don't have to play as frikkin Ken all the time to be good (I'm looking at you Xbox live players).

Current world champion Daigo takes on Wong

Pick of the matches for the night has to go to this match up between Daigo and Poongko, both playing as Ryu. I won't bore you with the details, the fight pretty much just speaks for itself:

Of course there could only be one winner on the night and Wong took the US title. There was then the anticipated match between Wong and Daigo, and for the uneducated among you, their previous match up is something of gaming legend:

Despite pwning all his US colleagues, it wasn't enough to see off the world champion Daigo, who absolutely thrashed him, 5 rounds to nothing - which didn't make for the most interesting match, though those that want to watch can find all the matches and coverage HERE.

I've just resigned myself to the fact that I will never be that good, and have given up playing SFIV entirely -- though that's down to the frikkin Ken players on live...

Host Master and the Conquest of Humor

Point and clicks are awesome. End of. But if you're wondering where to get a point and click fix from you could do a lot worse than checking out this free online game; Host Master and the Conquest of Humor.


You'll take the role of Tim Schafer, creator of such great games as Monkey Island, Day of The Tentacle, and Psychonaughts as he prepares for his GDC Speech. But oh noes! He doesn't have any jokes to tell! Your job is to point and click your way around the room to find jokes, using the traditional use, pull, look at etc. It's actually got some great jokes in too. My first run through I found 6 jokes and thought that was it, there's actually 22 to find! Good luck!

I've joined twitter...

So I've taken the plunge and joined twitter, but to my suprise as well as being a supreme time waster it's also quite useful; as long as you're following the right people ;) And if it hadn't been for Mr Guy Cockers twitter about Hori Sticks being in stock at amazon I may never have managed to snag one!

twitter logo

So feel free to follow me, I promise I'll try and put up something vaguely interesting when I tweet8)

And they say us Brits don't acheive anything...

Us Brits are typically quite an eccentric bunch, how else would we have come up with a character as mind numbingly irritating as Timmy Mallet?


Another very eccentric Brit has just broken the word record for "FASTEST GAMING RIG" which might not mean a lot to you, but essentially the guy (Ed China) put a desk on wheels, added some games consoles and then drove it around at 57mph whilst no doubt breaking several laws. Huzzah world record broken! They did however get Lara Croft model Alison Carroll to ride along with them atop the desk, so consider me jealous and heartbroken she didn't come to pose on my desk first. How could you Carroll, I thought we had something special...




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