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trapped in kirkwall

been playing Dragon Age 2 and i LOVE it :D

the PS2 games are slowly disappearing from the stores. :( and i haven't played all the good ones yet :(

thinking of upgrading my PSP. my current old one has a loose bit that rattles inside although it's still working pretty well.

meanwhile my DS charger has gone AWOL for months now.

so many games, so little time...


haven't been here in a while :lol:

just needed to check something on a game. only started seriously playing again the last few days. was busy quitting my old job and setting up my new one. now i work from home and can squeeze in more game time. now playing Resonance Of Fate. got a new iMac before i quit the old job. will probably install Windows soon so i can play never-ending Morrowind and Oblivion. can't wait for the next Dragon Age. and the next Elder Scrolls.

moving up

i have just been moved up to 3rd kyu in kendo. that means i am now allowed to join the seniors' practice every wedensday so i get to practice TWICE a week now instead of just once every saturday. :D

i am still in a state of half disbelief because i never imagined i would last this long and get this far :lol: i am still terrified of tournaments :lol:

the other kind of gaming

while i've been out the only gaming i've done is on Facebook. I've tried tons of games and after all that i realize i am mostly a FARMER :lol:


Farm Town

Lil Farm Life

Tiki Farm

Country Story

Cafe World

Zoo World


Pet Society

anyone who wants to be neighbors let me know! :lol:


After more than a year I have dusted off my PS3 and started playing again. I got Dragon Age and enjoying it immensely (I play a human rogue). My sister gave me Assasin's Creed 2 for Christmas so that's in line, but not before I have replayed and finished Assasin's Creed 1.

I have made plans to leave my current job and start off on my own. Wish me luck :D

I have also started on a small food business. Very small. I make really good blueberry cheesecakes and I've been getting orders from friends and their friends. :D I hope to expand my baking and dessert making skills and sell more items.

Anyone on PS3 please feel free to add me online, my username is rukimari.

sore thumbs

i planned to go home early yesterday from work but i got caught up in meetings, got to leave the office late, got caught in traffic and got home late. :(

still, i squeezed in some gametime and finally got to tray out my new PS3 games. now that i've gotten used to having a controller in my hands again i will restart new games later. :D

and it's quite funny that my current rank at level 24 is called "I Fell Asleep" because that's technically what happened to may gaming in the past months. but i'm at 95% now and will soon ascend to the next level! yay! hahahaha :lol:

meanwhile, a couple of friends and i are thinking of setting up our own business and getting out of being employed. we have set ourselves a one-year timetable to fix things. wish us luck! :) :D

resurrected PS3!

for the very last time. we (the dearest and i) brought my PS3 for repairs. i had the lens changed again, spending almost the same amount of money as the first time (about 1/5 of the total price of the latest PS3 models available in the stores now). so in total i have spent about half the cost of buying a new one. however i have decided that if it still breaks down, i am 100% buying a new one already.

so anyway, on the bright side, i found out (since i haven't been to the game stores for a loooooooooooong while) that PS3 games have dropped down on prices--- almost 30-40% i think! so with a newly repaired PS3, i suddenly found myself buying Little Big Planet and Fallout 3. :lol:

last night the PS3 worked fine. the new lens has a one month warranty so i'm going to play a lot to test it. i will restart my Assasin's Creed since i've forgotten most of the story already.

meanwhile i have this dangerous urge to visit the game stores again. i think i want Resident Evil 5 and Prototype... :P

playing house

i've been busy with work, but not as much as i have been busy with playing house :P

having my own place has been really really FUN. i've been cooking a lot, trying out recipes. it turns out i make a really good blueberry cheesecake. :D

i'm finally easing back into gaming. i've re-installed my Windows in my iMac and have started a new Morrowind game. next i will install Thief:Deadly Shadows. yeah, i'm playing the old games. i guess i suddenly got a bit nostalgic. i'm also planning to re-play the Shadow Hearts games in my PS2 soon (but right now the boyfriend is playing Metal Gear on it -- another cool thing about having your own place: we get to play until 5AM and no parents are trying to peek into the room wondering what you're doing :lol: )

we'll take the old PS3 one last time for repair and then i will really just buy a new one. it's just a bummer because i would rather really save up for something else (like an iPhone or the Palm Pre). oh well, we'll see. :P

what my kitchen is ALWAYS stocked with:


- ice cream

- canned soups

- potato chips (kettle-cooked)

- orange juice

- eggs

- bacon

see you around :D

the answer

so i leaped.

a week ago, to be exact.

and since then i've been quite busy dealing with the consequences.

thanks to all who encouraged me :)

and to put things in the proper context : i am now in a relationship. i am now somebody wonderful's girlfriend. me! me! me! :lol:

and i've never been happier ^________^