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Finally played SFIV

Street fighter IV finally arrived in my store Wednesday morning, and having the luck that I do, I had to work it. No school for kids last week meant more working, mixed in with being in the last two weeks of this quarter and my work load being fairly high kept me from jumping right into it as soon as I would've hoped. I made time for it Saturday and I was pretty impressed. I only played it for a few hours and only unlocked two characters, so I can't really say much in-depth. Thankfully I was able to acquire a Hori stick for my 360 making this and many other games playable, also finalizing my decision to get SF4 for the 360 instead of the PS3. This was the first time I really used the party feature of the NXE, talking with one of my co-workers during my playtime. We played some rounds together as well, which helped me re-teach myself on how to play SF games. Seth seems like a cheap boss, but there's a good chance it's really me just sucking. I like the idea of being able to accept challenges in arcade mode as it gives the classic arcade setting of taking on random people like over a decade ago, but in practice this is really annoying. In some cases I could play a few rounds before getting challenged, other times I would finish with someone and have another challenge come my way as I started. I kept it on long enough to get the achievement then turned it right off. I can't wait until finals are over so I can dive deeper into this game.

Still alive

A lot has happened since I made my last post here and now, as I'm sure anyone who cares to read can see nearly a year later. I'm not going to bore anyone with a giant catch-up post, however I will say that much needed focus on my life took place soon after that last post, and that I'm in a much better state overall.

So back to gaming, which is what this blog is for. I now own a PS3, giving me access to everything that this generation of gaming has to offer. It took longer for me to reach this completion point of sorts than normal, but the PS3 didn't offer me anything big enough convincing me to bite for its price when it came out. Between price drops, my employee discount working on used systems, employee appreciation weekend increasing that discount, and Little Big Planet, I finally had enough reason to pick one up. I've got to say, it's a very solid system. Easily the best that Sony has made thus far. It's kind of ironic how every Sony system prior to the PS3 has had issues on its launch until even a couple years after, has ended up being very successful. PS1 and PS2 were the leaders of their respective generations, but had multiple faulty systems and bugs at launch, where PS2 still had faulty systems a couple years later. The PSP didn't have as many flaws of its console counterparts at launch but still had some hardware issues, and it penetrated a decent chunk of the handheld market. The PS3 is the most solidly built system and it's trailing behind. Sure there was some resolution issues on HDTVs initially with it, but they were solved within days and fixed with firmware, meaning there was no reason to have to replace hardware like had been done with systems past. It was well worth the purchase, and I can't wait to bring it to its full potential with an HDTV hopefully sooner rather than later. The trophy setup seems pretty nifty, but I have to look a bit more into it to get a better understanding of them. One quip I have with Sony in general right now is the fact they stick to the old scratch-off method for pre-paid cards and promos. Thankfully my pre-paid cards haven't had any issues when scratching, but both promo cards I have brought home have. We had a whole bunch of LBP promo cards in my store, and I had to go through three of them before I had gotten one that I could read. I brought home one Killzone 2 demo card and can't make out the middle two letters. I'd have done the same thing as the LBP cards, but with the limited supply of these cards I didn't want to. I've never had problems with these scratch offs in the past, Sony really needs to consider a different approach.

Little Big Planet was the game that made me jump on it after two years, and it has been amazing thus far. I love the platforming genre and am happy to see that a game uses the classic style using the technology today to advance it, rather than throw the genre to the side which has been the norm. LBP and Braid have made me very happy in 2008 with this. I don't think I'll have time to make levels of my own, but I've played some fun levels made by users. I still need to finish up story mode, and I hope I can get some people together for multiplayer at some point.

I picked up Buzz the other day being a sucker for the game show games even though my knowledge can be lacking. I've gotta say I like it so far. It has a broad range of topics, DLC to expand it, and the ability for users to make and upload their own questions. Sadly my connection to PSN was on the fritz so I couldn't spend as much time as I wanted with these quizzes, but I gotta say, the ones I played were pretty good. I must sadly admit I was even stumped and/or tricked on some gaming trivia questions which made my respect for the authors of those quizzes go way up. I'm looking forward to when I can get some friends together for a real fun time.

I ordered a laptop using part of my tax refund which is pretty powerful for it's price, yay for newegg. I plan to build a new PC this year but decided for the laptop first since I like to go out and about rather than be home at the moment. I am definitely reactiviting my Game Tap account when it gets here, and I made an account on Steam in preparation as well. I've been considering reactivating my WoW account between having a bunch of people at work playing and owning a computer system that can play it well once it arrives. We'll see what happens with that, I'm kinda sketchy since I never played it much when I played for a few months four years ago, but with people to play with it might be worth it.

I guess I'll end it there for today. Even though I'm back in school, I actually have some more time for gaming, so hopefully I'll update this place with my thoughts on games as I go and even review some when I feel I have played a game for an adequate amount of time. My next day off is Monday because of the holiday (and I'm not going to tell work so I can keep it off) and right now I'm planning for a Lost Odyssey day. It's been far too long since I played it, I really need to finish up the backyard and side quests and then beat it. A friend of mine told me it was the most satisfying ending he had seen in many years, and I want to enjoy that ending.

Finally starting things up here

I've had an account here for a while but I haven't really done much with it. I caught up with my game collection over the summer on the site and kept up to date with it until Christmas season started where working both my jobs really took near-all of my time. Before that happened I wrote a couple reviews I was proud of which my friends liked and even caught the eyes of a couple users here, which I really didn't expect. I've been wanting to really make use of my account here and have finally decided to take the first steps of doing so.

To start and get this out of the way, my name is Dan and I've been an avid gamer my whole life. My nickname is Narsk but in various places online I'm known as MarioKnight. I apparently made this account before I started using my nickname online and it was already tied with my e-mail, hence why I'm still using my old name on here. My main job is at GameStop, which I know isn't exactly a favorable company in this community, which I completely understand. It was an EB when it opened in my mall two decades ago this October that got swallowed up by the merge. I like working for the industry and being around things I love as a job. Unlike from a lot of the GS stores I hear about everywhere online, the staff in my store is actually competent and has a good handle on what's going on in the industry for the most part. We get along great together and it's great to work with all of them. Working for the company itself can be grating at times, but I can get into more things as they happen. I also read up on the history of the industry, owning many books and am always looking to read more about everything that got video games to where they are today. As for what I play, generally I like it all and will give nearly every game a good chance. However I don't really play sports games or first person shooters that much but I do pick them up on occasion. I love the music games and am happy to see the genre really start to pick up in the country making it easier to get my DDR fix, I've been liking Rock Band and really wish that beatmania did better over here. I also really enjoy RPGs and adventure games, as well as puzzle and "casual" games.

I wanted to kick off my first blog post here with putting up my review of Brawl, but it doesn't look like that will happen today, possibly on Sunday since it's a day off between both my jobs. I will also have to update my collection list around then as well. After Brawl I have a couple games I've been meaning to review that I've gone through, and ultimately want to play through and review my entire collection.

So now for an actual blog-like segment with the intro out of the way, I've been working on a few games lately. When I have time to dedicate a good chunk of time to, I have been loving Lost Odyssey. I am about a third into disc three and it has been simply amazing. I really can't think of anything I don't like about the game. The story is compelling, the classic battle system is good to see again, and the soundtrack is very nice. Like most of the world, I've been playing some Brawl which has been pretty enjoyable. I'm not as big a fan of the game as most people, but it is a good game that deserves praise. However various aspects of the game are unimpressive which I will detail in my review. Rock Band has been great, I just wish that the friends I play it with and I live closer together so we can play more often. I'm looking forward to the upcoming patch to make the downloadable tracks easier to navigate, and for the new fan caps in world tour mode to make more of the game explorable. And finally, I've been addicted to Bleach for the DS lately. I've been enjoying the anime (seen up to episode 115) but was very disappointed with how the Wii game turned out. Well my boss accidentally left his DS at work a few days last week when he went to the Big East tournament, and Bleach was in it. While waiting for him to come in one day to see the schedule and give my availability for my other boss, I saw this and played it. He didn't make it to work that day because of a flat tire on his way back, and I ended up playing the game for five hours straight. It is a great game, adding new elements to the fighting genre with status effect cards and the ability to do special moves. I also like how it can support up to four players while still retaining the same feel of classic fighters. I was hooked after playing his game for hours and unlocking so much of it. Sadly we were sold out, but it got traded in the other day so I picked it up, clearing the cart so I can get stuff on my own, and am almost caught up to where I got his cart. I pwned his ass last night after work which was great. XD

So that's about where I am now with games. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with games and the industry with everyone. Hopefully y'all will enjoy the ride as time goes on here. ^_^