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ITs return

Thats right SON marioboyy333 has returned. How long has it been.A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!any way yeah.

Anyway my friend is having girl troble(unlike me;). Like he can talk to the girl he likes,but he doesn't know what to talk about. Well I have nothing,but i hope u guys have. So just give me topics on what my friend could talk tothe girl he likesgirl about

I am goin to leave GS+ a story

i am getting really bored of GS. So i am going to leave

all unions i am aleader in will go to the best officer

Anyway i have a stoey to tell

I changed for the girl who i like because the kid asked her out foe me 20 time. Now she does not talk to me.(thanks alot). So i changed to girls who kind of like me so i have a chance. This time i have a back up girl too. So yea that is my story.

I am going to keep this account,but never use it. I may come back or not . or i might delete it.

Well bye, Thanks for letting me have a good time i enjoyed everything, the tourneys everything.

Why does spring break end + new game

Tommorow i have to go to school. Why does it have to end:cry: O well. Plus i got a new game pikimin for the wii. I liked it alot fun. It kind of reminded me of Halo wars. since u have to make new pikimin execpt u have to collect parts.

So i guess i return to gamespot. I will post more

Is this kid an idiot?????

At school today something happened. This kid just walked out the side door, with no one seeing him. Is he an idiot or something. He could get expelled for that. He could be kidnapped. The police should be looking for him. Once they caught him he is dead. There is a high chace of him getting caught because the town i live in is very small. Alao he has to go somewhere. he can't just go home,them is parents will kill him. We can hide in the woods,but there is nothing there to let him survive. Anyway i just wanted to say this bye

it has been 1 year

it has been 1 year since this game,one of the best games everr came out. know what it isSuper Smash Bros. Brawl Boxshot

yep that is the game so happy anniversy ssbb

The Odd blog

I must warn u This blog will be WEIRD so if u don't want to here werid stuff do not read

Well here is the weird part. My legs keep getting thinner and then fatter DURING THE SAME DAY.It is really werid and sometimes the time it happens in a minute right before i look at it.I never see the process happen,but is this part of puberaty plz anwser

How is ur school life

I just bored so i will post my school life

Well after my suspension i have been doing good. I got 2 principals awards.For doing good in science and surpiseling spanish

The pricipal has benn really nice to me.My friends are trety me more good every since i got xbox.

The girl who i like well this is a story since i will tell u since ssbbfan seem to admit his relationship(i feel srry for him,read his blog to find out what i am talking about)

There seems to be more up and little downs.I asked her out once ,but she rejected me,but i found out she was going out with another person,and that person was my friend. then one day i heard him say that he will break up with her,and i saw him did.I was so happy.Well this is half good,half bad. My friend told me that she talked about me and said that she will not go out with me because... Now it may sound all bad,but here is there the good part she can't think of saying anything bad about me. Here is some good parts,i realied that she walks closer to me and looks at me more.Also she talks to me more and when we line up for class she gets closer to me.Also here is some history about her. when i was in 6th grade(when i didn't like her). We worked together in groups of 3 me her and this othe girl. The report was not due that day so i did not type it. So she does did the whole report and typed it. I was shocked that she did it ,i also learned about her that year. I wished i liked her back then if i did i maybe would of gone out with her

Well that is about is so how was urs. So i guess my schoo;l life is going good

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